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This would just piss me off. Besides, if its already on dvd there are other ways to get it.


For their purposes, that's smart. That said, how has it worked for Blockbuster?

Randy A

Anyone that has waited this long to see that movie won't have an issue with waiting another 28 days to get it from Netflix. In store the sales pests have been circling around the Blu-Ray area for some weeks making mention of this "advantage".

$11 a month for Netflix, $30 for a single Blu-Ray that I will likely only watch once or twice over my lifetime. Which should I pick?

Dan N

I always watch a movie before buying it. If I didn't watch it at the cinema, then I would have to have rented it. If I don't rent it the week it comes out, and buy it right away with the release week discount. Then it will be weeks or months until it's on sale, and it is less of an impulse buy. So in the end, I buy less.


And depending on your location you might have a Blockbuster licensed NCR Blockbuster Express kiosk that doesn't have the 28 day window that they've imposed upon Netflix/Redbox. I've made this comment a few times but it's true.


this does not in anyway make me buy more dvd's then I was before this 28 day window rental wait. I would just prefer to wait and rent a movie before I diecide if I want to buy it or not.


I honestly thought this would finally have an affect on me come Inception time, but after I added it to my que, I just forgot about it until I finally got it.

Enough films get this 28 day release window and suddenly you don't notice: you end up having a constant stream of new releases anyway, just pushed back.

I'm simply NOT going to buy a movie if I haven't seen it in some form, either it be rental or theater first.

Sandra Bellezza

I'm in total agreement with Randy A. While I use Netflix almost daily, I can wait months, even years for a movie. Some people are impulse buyer's, they then spend x amount of money on a movie they'll watch a few times then probably put on the shelf. I can rent it, watch it, and if I would like to see it again, I'll re-rent it. I can honestly say the 28 day delay hasn't swayed my purchasing habits of movies, simply because Netflix changed that ten years ago for me. Because of Netflix I'll rent the movie first, and if it really stuck, then I may purchase it.


I hate the delay with a passion, but in no way am I buying more dvds, bc then the studios win. and I'm stubborn lol I'll wait it out always, UNLESS it's a movie I intended to buy since seeing it in the theater or hearing about it.

The only exception to this rule was The Social Network....but I didn't buy it, I just rented it from a Redbox that didn't have a delay on it.

Anthony Hayes

This (in my eyes) only helps BB's competitors out. Naming your competition in your own ads just makes you look really desperate and like you have nothing of your own to offer. When I see that ad, to me it reads "Don't purchase this movie! Remember our competitor Netflix? It will be available there extremely soon. Just thought you'd like to know!"


I have not bought a movie in years! There is no need to. If I did not see it at the theater then waiting 28+ more days is not going to make a difference.


Entertainment is ubiquitous, it didn't use to be. Games, movies, tv shows, social media delivered to TV, Computer, game consoles, cell phones etc. The days of one company, Blockbuster, basically controlling the rental distribution of recorded entertainment is over. Its high rental costs, plus its punitive late fees often made owning DVDs no more expensive than renting. Buying a DVD made more sense when you knew you didn't have to return it and didn't have to worry about late fees. At a dollar a rental that all changed, whether it was redbox or Netflix. Couple that with up selling a $12.99 DVD to a $25.99 blu-ray and it becomes $1 redbox for Social Network or $25.99 blu-ray of Social Network. It just no longer makes economic sense. The studios seem to think that people own a copy of "Descent 2" because they love the film, when in reality, they bought it, watched it once and sold it at a yard sale in the spring.


Nope. Just biding my time until these idiots run out of money from buying the right to have a dvd out before netflix.


It is pretty nice of Best Buy to let their customers know when they can get the product at a lower price from a competitor. ie. Not very smart Best Buy.


I honestly didn't notice it in the ad but the stupid "28 days" commercials are, well, stupid.

I honestly also thought the whole "28 days" idea in the first place was just a bunch of board members trying to validate their paychecks by trying something stupid so for me the stupidity just continues.

Sure, some people probably dropped Netflix, and a couple of more people maybe bought the DVD, but not enough to notice or justify the effort.


Did you say "BUY"? Why on earth would I "buy" a new release DVD title if I can rent it, then re-rent or stream later to see again when it's no longer a new release?

I have a BB Total Access (or whatever it's called) - so I just rent from BB if I don't want to wait the 28 days for Netflix to release a rental. Also I can watch the Blu-ray version from BB without paying a premium, if I want that is.

I have this theory the whole Netflix 28 day thing is a Netflix scam to keep BB in business. By keeping your competitor alive, you keep the Antitrust officials from coming after you as a monopoly.


I agree with the other opinions here. I never did buy discs much anyway so waiting another 28 days for a rental isn't a big deal. Not gonna say I like it, but I can deal with it. The industry is simply trying any measure it can to hold on to a system that's passing them by. No different than the music industry experienced and like them they will get drug kicking and screaming into the new century whether they like it or not. It's inevitable.


I'm a sucker and gave in. Bought The Social Network. Couldnt' wait and it was under $20.


FUCK Those studios and FUCK Worst Buy. I will never buy another DVD, Blu-ray, etc. They have lost at least 50 to 75 sales a year from me. Hopefully, if they start losing enough of the people who are fed up with how they operate then maybe, just maybe, they'll take their heads out of their asses and change how they operate.


Opposite effect on me. Now when they finally do arrive as a "new release" it doesn't feel new anymore and I don't go to great length to rent it.


The 28-Day Delay is as funny to me as Disney's "buy now before the vault doors are locked again" campaign. Whatev's.


Smart. Netflix is doing what's best for its business and so is Best Buy. Doubtless Netflix will complain though...


They should add the following below it:

"* this is the same movie that was available for download on your favorite site two weeks ago."


The 28 day delay has no effect on my purchases because at best I only buy 1 DVD a year. Scratch that, I buy maybe 1 BD a year. The only way the studios can effect my purchasing decisions would be a total sales ban to ALL rental business. Which I do not see happening.

The studios will try to go to a 42-day embargo. When they try this things should get interesting.


Am I buying more DVDs because of the delay? No. It really hasn't changed my DVD buying habits. Because when I buy a DVD, it has to be a movie I like, obviously, but it also has to have some really good bonus features. So even now, it could be a year before I buy a DVD.


I'm glad that local video stores can actually gain from all this bs. It makes me sad that they'll soon be gone the way of the drive-in theater.
Best Buy is Cinema Now. That's why they're shucking Netflicks now, when they used to advertise them on their Insignia products.
To me, it seems what's good for Netflix is good for the entire business. The more popular Netflix is, the easier it will be for Amazon and Cinema Now to ride their coattails--like Burger King always builds next to a McDonald's.
The more Netflix makes, the more studios can charge, and the less torrent sharing will happen.
Physical dvds are going the way of physical cds. There's no more need to buy the packaging. The studios are fighting evolution. Time to get real!


The 28 day delay is not as annoying to me as the "Rental" versions. Once in a while I actually want to see the Bonus Scenes and Behind the Scenes and when they are not there it sucks. I still don't buy any more DVDs because of either of these inconveniences though. I will say waiting another 28 days after waiting 6 months from the theater release is a cake walk, hardly even notice anymore.

Jason Hansen

No. I use to buy DVD's a lot, but stopped. I don't need too. It was a waste of money for me. My cable company also advertises that VOD is available sooner than Netflix. http://www.buckeyecablesystem.com/vod/

20 to 30 dollars for a movie sight unseen? The rental window will not change my mind on whether to buy. If I've seen it and really like it that much, that's what determines whether I buy the movie.

All the studios are really doing is changing the ways in which people will rent first. Perhaps a little more business for Blockbuster's brick and mortar stores.

Most likely, it just funnels more business over towards the PPV market.

Yssup Tae

This is great free advertising for netflix "WAIT 28 DAYS AND SEE IT A LOT CHEAPER!"


netflix sucks with these delays. The windows and the limited streaming titles have made even paying $9 way to much for some old rerun movies and tv shows.


HELL YES! I'm buying more movies so I can see them when they come out. I'm also returning to video stores because Redbox sucks to.


Anyone that is going to buy a movie with Katherin Heigel deserves to get ripped off.


I actually buy less movies now that Netflix has instituted the 28 day policy - before, I would get the new release via Netflix the week of release and then go out and buy the movie at the new release price. Now it's month later when I buy the movie, and typically at less then new release prices - so it's a lose-lose.


Hell no this lame strategy is not making me buy DVD/BD, I want to rent it first to see if it's a keeper.



What's a video store?


Also if you wanna buy DVDs & Blu-Rays cheap. Check out www.dvdpricesearch.com much better than BestBuy.

r lemlin

Over the past 4 years my Netflix experience has deteriorated.
Harder to find movies, this aggravated by release delays and waiting weeks at a time for rental disks to become available.
I am consideing dropping Netflix and putting my money into instant viewing of better a much better selection of new movies with better sound (5.1) at Amazon and the like.
When I told friends I was cutting cable, they didn't believe me. 5 years later and still no cable.
We'll see what happens.


I used to be a person that would go to the movies at least once or twice a week. Let's see the cost of going to a movie for two people = $18.00 in tickets, and about $15.00 in concessions, total $33.00. To buy the movie on Blu-ray about $23.00 average, plus a bag of popcorn(about $.22) and a coke (about $.29) and I have spent about $23.51, saving about $9 1/2 bucks, and I own the movie to watch anytime. You save more if you buy the DVD instead of Blu-ray. Now I do shop around for the best price, so I usually pay only about $19.99 for new releases on Blu-ray by watching the sales or even eBay for new releases. So I rarely go to movies anymore, buy more Blu-rays of new releases (using money I would have spent going to the movies) and primarily use Netflix for titles not held 28 days or older movies I want to see again.

David W

I sincerely hope that Netflix doesn't bend to the will of the studios and retailers, they are doing fine. While the current 28 day wait is annoying, I can ALWAYS find something else in my queue thats available now, pop it at the top, then wait a day, and its at my door. Meanwhile, the NEW release sits at the bottom of my queue as a "saved" title, ready to be moved to the top whenever the embargo ends. I doubt I will many movies in the future, besides those cheap $5 BDs on black friday (some pretty good titles last year) just because some of those movies are pretty great, and are watched more than once.

Joost Schuur

The thing is, even with an extra 28 day offset, there's always a steady stream of new movies coming out. if I can't get the movie I really want not, there's the one I really wanted 21 days ago, 14 days ago and 7 days ago to chose from this week. After the initial 28 days delay passed _once_ there will still be just as much a stream of regular movies as there was before before.

This whole scheme counts on people not having the will power to wait for a particular movie and that they don't realize that this doesn't lessen the actual amount of quality content available.

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