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What, no Xbox? It's still missing the 1080p and DD5.1 of PS3, but it makes up for that with the best interface of the bunch.


XBox interface sucks.

Randy A

Apple TV 2. No doubt about it.


ps3 has the best video and audio quality currently so is the obvious choice


Xbox interface is great in my opinion. The worst, in my book, has to be the app for my Vizio LCD TV. I got it on Black Friday for a steal and got it hooked up to Netflix easily enough (along with 2 complete interface updates) but not once has the video synched up with the audio. I'm honestly not sure who to complain to about this-- Netflix, or Vizio? I didn't expect much from the TV's web apps, but they've been drastically updated twice since I purchased it and neither of them fixed the most obnoxious problem imaginable. I don't even use my Xbox to watch Netflix since the power supply whirs so loudly. It isn't even an option. I either watch things out of sync via the Vizia app or I watch stuff through my PC via HDMI even though damn near everything recent that has come out in HD recently is for set-top boxes only and not for PC viewing. I've been a big fan of Netflix but things are getting pretty convoluted for me lately.


PS3 was the best until they made the interface terrible today. Why did it change to the one with no categories? Why?

The Roku is the best device now.


Roku is the best. Always on, always ready to go, and has a nice nimble interface. Lots of other great channels besides Netflix too (like Hulu, Amazon, Pandora, etc).


Xbox 360, hands down. Great interface, awesome speeds (802.11n), and very convenient.

I've used my laptops, iPod, Blu-Ray player, Wii, and Roku to stream Netflix, and none of them really comes close to the Xbox 360 for me.


I have 2 Roku HD boxes and they just don't stream right at all ..so i classify them as A-1 junk


Roku - Never fails




ps3 was awesome. until some dips%$ decided to down grade me to a stupider interface. Its not usable for queing up movies any more.. . we add things to our instant que on the pc then just watch on the ps3. This seems like an ass backwards way. I have no clue why they would want to make it less friendly for browsing for movies.


PS3 would be the hands down winner if they could fix the interface. It had so much promise when they rolled out the disc less version but Netflix has yet to deliver an interface that looks anything like that they highlighted at the time it rolled out.


How do they not include the 360?! by far the best.


360... sucks that its only for Gold subscribers... but i love netflix on my 360


Roku. Simple and works. Thinking about getting another.

Sandra Bellezza

Personally in my humble opinion, I prefer the Xbox 360. I do own a Wii, PS3, as well, and use each device to stream, however, the Wii is pretty much obsolete to me and haven't used it for streaming in maybe six months. The PS3, I disgusted with for certain reasons, I also don't enjoy their online network. The 360 I'm happy with. I (when I do have time) play on live, my 360 is online every time I use it. Just personal preference, I'm not into the technicals, I just enjoy watching a good movie.


TiVo Premiere, works like a charm.

Before that I used my Samsung Blu-ray.


Roku HD. I own an old version and the new top model. Love them for all the different channels in the channel store.


Whoever wrote the following needs to look up the definition of 'Primary'.

"Personally I find myself using the Roku, iPad, PS3, Mac, iPhone, and Apple TV as my primary streaming"

Big Dan

I have the ATV2 and Roku XD|S. I like both but prefer the ATV2 for it's interface.


We have two Sony and one Samsung BR players all with NF. Each of them streams well when working. However each of them has buffering issues when streaming NF. Sometimes you can go days without a problem and then a show will become unwatchable due to buffer freezing. It happens during peak and off peak hours so that's not the issue. After many tweaks and fix attempts I think the issue is poor software in these devices. Not surprised they aren't even mentioned here.

I purchased one of the first Roku boxes when they came out a few years ago and really liked it. They did have issues during the whole migration to HD content, but they seemed to have gotten that fixed. I'd really like to buy another, but I've got too much invested in these BR players to just walk away. Still I'll prob break down and get another Roku one of these days.


Roku is the best by far.


I only have 3 of the devices that were tested: PS3, Roku, Wii

Roku for speed. I go from thinking about watching a video to actually watching a video the quickest using the Roku. Roku was my primary device until the PS3 blockade was lifted. Now Roku is hooked to secondary home entertainment system and is still the best $99 I spent on an electronics gizmo.

PS3 for superior video/audio experience. I haven't streamed Netflix in over a week but I find the comments by other PS3 people here a little more that disconcerting. Sony does have a history of f*#king things up.

Wii great for kids/young adults because I already do enough tech support for their electronic Internet-enabled devices and they really don't care about quality just as long as it works.

I too find it strange that XBox360 was not even invited to the party...


Anyone know any details on the typical BluRay player and any special hardware that they include in order to do streaming (NF, Pandora, etc) ? Personally, I think streaming is an after-thought on them... The sluggishness on them, I believe, is due to the lack of hardware or RAM.


Mostly the PS3, it starts the movies so fast, starting the interface is slow though. I have an original Roku on my second TV. I had the XBox for a year and it worked fine, but why pay for Gold Live just for Netflix when its free on all other systems. I have not tried it on the Wii, just because its not HD. The Windows Media Center has a good interface, but the picture is crappy due to the fact its going through Silverlight.


I love my Apple TV2. It's fantastic and I can't wait till they add some more apps.


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PS3 hands down. I would use Xbox, but after my 2nd unit got RROD, I gave up on that piece of shit altogether. The fact that Netflix is free on PS3 doesn't hurt either...


I use an HDMI cable from the PC to the TV and netflix.com.

Other options are so popular. I may be missing out on something but nothing I have read so far indicates what I might be missing.


I've been using my Wii which is ok but I finally got a computer hooked up to my living room TV and I prefer it over everything else I've tried.


Regarding Netflix requiring XBox Gold on the XBox 360, I'll go out on a limb and say that the vast majority of users already have Gold access and NF is a "freebie" then. I don't think many will add Gold just to get NF. That said, I think it's sad that MS requires this...


The interface on my ps3 is just fine, and it's the only device that does 5.1 audio and 1080p which is a HUGE advantage. Who knows how many versions of the ps3 app are in the wild though. I've personally seen at least 4.

Really I almost never use anything but the instant queue so interface is not big deal for me as long as it is usable and streams fast/reliably.


The PS3 I just bought last week featured a superior interface the first time I used it, then without me doing anything, it changed to another one that doesn't have the flexibility of the first. How can I rest it to get the first UI back? I can't find anything on the console indicating how to go back to the first. The 2nd UI really is that bad, search is gone, and with a large queue, you must now go one at a time in a straight line with only 4 dvd covers displayed and the 5th is partially obscured by the summary box.

Steven Hoober

I don't have all of these, but my surprising favorite is a ruggedized Windows Tablet PC I have as an extra computer (so I have a PC as well as a Mac) for work.

Detailed here: http://shoobe01.blogspot.com/2011/01/my-tablet.html

The reason is entirely the ruggedness. I have ended up playing the downfall-of-society man who cannot step away from his TV. I just keep watching my streaming shows when I make dinner or brush my teeth. I don't worry about knocking it off a counter or getting it wet.

Now, I want a Galaxy Tab size and weight device (I find iPad too big) that is also as trustworthy in such situations.


that sounds terrible!


I only have the Wii, but that works fine for me. At least it is 480p with the component video cable.

Franklin Peach

What? No Windows Media Center? I supposed becasue that interface Wins hands down, and this is simply a look a second place.


The Wii is nice for kids. So simple my 4 year old can navigate it.


I agree with the comments about the PS3 interface 'downgrade'. I had a very nice interface, just like the one in The Hub... screenshots until a few weeks ago. I have since stopped using the PS3 in favor of my old Roku player. The Roku is always on, always ready and it's quiet. The interface isn't great, but it works. Hopefully the Sony app will revert back to the other interface. As I understand it, they are testing at least three different interfaces.

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