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No they won't. Netflix knows what they are doing.

People are generally happy with what they have now.


Plus it's not that hard to get a new release in the mail with Netflix or Redbox, Amazon on demand, VUDU, etc, etc, etc. We have so many options in America.

So there is no problem with the Instant Selection.

New by the date it was released does not equal better movie anyways.

New should be something you haven't seen yet.

You don't judge a book by it's cover. Right?

So why judge a Movie by the date? Or a TV show?

Plus like I said there is so many options for any one persons entertainment needs.

Plus nothing wrong with having discs come in the mail. Instant titles come & go. Content on discs from Netflix tends to stay.



As a big fan of Korean revenge movies and foreign films in general (they even have The Host in HD) their IW titles work for me.
Don't know how much more I would pay for it but $7.99 w/o tax (living in NY I'm aware of tax, even moreso since the Amazon tax law went into effect) is almost a no brainer.



$19.99 if you want streaming and buy the shit out of some content.

I'd love it


If Netflix wants to switch people over to a streaming only company, than they really need to put more recent releases on streaming. Right now the selection is horrible.

Why do people want new releases? Because they've either seen the older stuff or have no interest in it.


Insert mandatory "Sure glad they cut that 28-day delay deal to 'beef up' the streaming catalog" comment here.

... and cue apologists in 3, 2, 1.

Joe Blow

I rather see Korean revenge movies than Hollywood BS Movies.


I'm going to comment on the CNNMoney video itself:
What do you get when a Senior Writer and a Reporter for a news media company get together for a casual conversation about a topic? This is what you get and it's nearly worthless. But it's not without its laughs & gawfs. We go from the Albania National flag to seeing a Jolly Roger flag outside someones cubical at a Netflix office. At the 3:23 timemark, just as Senior Writer is explaining why Netflix isn't about new content, the video goes to a screen shot of someone scrolling through the "New TV to watch instantly" for Starz. And contrary to what Senior Writer guys is talking about we see "Spartacus: Gods of the Arena" graphic with the blue "Play" button. Someone in the video editing bay for this webcast was laughing their ass of when they put it together.


NF could stream new releases next month if they wanted to go pay per view. Not sure I would want to watch a new release with their current streaming technology. I don't think that NF could raise their subscription rate high enough that the studios would let them stream new releases. At least not a rate that would allow the company to stay in business.


I happen to like Korean Revenge movies ... and classic European film, and Woody Allen movies, and old television (e.g. Hulu Plus) and that I don't have to pay big bucks for video entertainment.

WB/Universal is going to lose big customers if they get too greedy.


NF has either figured it out or just stumbled into it - but in any case they have found a previously untapped source of entertainment - old TV series.

Last night for example I watched the latest episode of "Royal Pains" on cable. It's a rather silly but pleasant fantasy with attractive people and settings - very light weight. I find it's better to watch it with a Martini in hand. The network has another new series "White Collar" which airs before it. They are struggling to find a series to follow it.

Rather than risk watching a new series which is likely to disappoint I just fired up my Roku and watched the first episode of "24". I saw it first about a decade ago. I don't remember much about it except that I had once liked it. I watched it again and was pleased - decent production values, good writing and the crazy plot lines.

I sometimes watch episodes from the first season of "The X-Files" or even "Peter Gunn".

At ten it's too late for me to start up a full movie but there are always hundreds of forgotten episodes from quality TV series to give me around an hour of entertainment.

Or I can risk one of the series that never quite made it. There are a lot of SyFy series like this.

We need a new service to help us with these new choices. There's just too much material. I would like a listing of the best episodes - not just the best series. For example, I don't care much for the series "Lost", certainly not enough to watch random episodes. But if I knew that the fourth episode of the third season was a winner, I might watch.


The point is made in this clip (as well as on this forum nearly every day) that NF doesn't offer a very good new release streaming selection. Many view this as a drawback or a negative. I guess I have a different take on it as I never considered the streaming service as a new release delivery system. I know that it could be but it would involve much higher subscription fees. I've enjoyed the streaming service for what it is: an extensive catalog of past and semi current content to browse through when I'm bored. And it's included at basically no extra charge. At 8, 12, 18 bucks per month I dont' expect much more. Plus you still have access to the disc service for all the new release and BluRay content. The 28 day delay sucks but other than that it's a win/win service.


And most of us agree with you. The only problem is that Netflix seems to be cuttng down on their DVD/Blu-Ray inventory in favor of crippled Streaming service. That is the main issue here. I couldn't care less about streaming - because 99% of it is old garbage. I just want my Blu-Ray's to arrive without delay, instead of waiting for weeks, because they don't have enough in stock.




The question is, how long until companies start their own streaming services.


I am the perfect Netflix streaming customer. I don't care about the new releases. I love being able to watch old movies that I never knew existed. If they never got another movie made after 1980, I'd be just fine with that. I would like to see them expand their collection of classics though.


@ Leon

"Describe in single words only the good things that come into your mind about... your mother."



I don't like current movies. Give me the old movies and (in particular) the old TV programs.


The best thing about Netflix streaming is that if you generally spend 10-15 minutes perusing the catalog, looking up reviews, etc.. - You can unearth some gems that you may never have watched.. EVER - As a horror movie fan, in the last three days I watched three movies that were completely off my radar and that I enjoyed immensely. I'd rather Netflix continue this route with older titles, rather then new ones. If I REALLY wanna see a new movie - It costs me a 1$ at Red-Box if I don't already have it sitting here on my 3 Per deal.


Over time, NF is going to limit the number of DVDs by mail we can get while at the same time, slowly improving what is available to watch via streaming.

NF makes more money if people watch 10 year old movies.

We will see more & longer delays and a few years from now, the current 28 days could well be 90 days. Bottom line is most of NF customers will deal with it.


I personaly wouldn't mind paying a little more to be able to stream more titles. (19.99 per month) Im not overly concerned with new releases. Thought there are a few I wouldn't mind seeing. my complaint is the lack of avaiable titles for streaming. namely television series. Who wants to watch a complete series dvd by dvd. with an average of 2 episodes per dvd. I'm a hugh LOST fan, and I enjoyed being able to watch an episode or 2 or 3 when ever I chose. but the buck stopped there. not a single series that i have looked for has been available for streaming. ie, the sopranos, dexter, the 4400,V(The new series),the prisoner, carnivale,I could go on and on. Now im wondering if NF is worth keeping.

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