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For new releases, if I don't get the disc right away (because I mailed back on Saturday) the vast majority of Blu-rays become Long or Very Long Waits. It's especially bad with horror titles (nine months to get The Children).


I would say the availability is not that good at all. New releases? Forget it. Even older titles are long waits. I wish they had better availability


I tend to ignore the waits. I get movies on Tuesdays/Wednesdays & Fridays/Saturdays. Sometimes it will say long wait then it will usually ship when I return the movies at Home for it next on the list. Sometimes I have to wait an extra week or so. However if I am in a hurry I know of some tricks that work.

I know Netflix wait system is automated based on how many titles in your Queue and rental habits and such....Some things I have noticed....

I went with streaming only for a Month and before that had several long waits and such on Blu-Rays/DVDs.

After the Month of Streaming only I upped back to two Blu-Rays and have like no waits at all.

Another trick I learned of is to simply make another profile for only long wait titles and put those titles that are on long wait and such in it. They should ship without any wait period. ;-)

Also keeping the disc queue small seems to help as well.

The bigger your disc queue the longer the waits on newer releases.

I hope these tips n tricks help.


I understand the wait times vary depending on your use, but I can't wrap my head around why I have such different hold times for Blu-ray and DVD.

Is their algorithm punishing me for watching too many Blu-rays?

If the algorithms are watching how much you watch of a certain format, then that suggests they don't want you to rent too many Blu-rays... even if you are paying them extra to get them.

I seem to remember Netflix claiming the hold times are roughly the same for both formats, so I'd like to hear whatever the explanation is now. Although I tend to think it's going to be "reply hazy try again later."

Kenny Johnson

I'm pretty slow on turn-arounds and I don't have many long waits. Here's some examples of no waits in my queue:

The Town
Nowhere Boy
Legend of the Guardians


I assume they are putting more time and money into streaming and less and less into Blu-Rays and even DVDs.
I would expect the DVD/Blu-Ray shipments to end in about 5 years.


What annoys me most is the things they simply don't have on Blu-ray, like Deadwood and Dollhouse Season 2. I think it would be more fair to have, say, a $1-per-disc surcharge when you actually get the Blu-rays, as opposed to a set amount per month for the mere *ability* to have them in your queue.


Worse than the wait is this:

List of available Region A (or Region Free) bluray titles for which Netflix lists no bluray availability:

Army of Shadows
Cell, The
Deep Red
Double Life of VĂ©ronique, The
Elephant Man, The
Exorcist, The
Hard Boiled
Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)
Maltese Falcon, The
Naked Kiss, The
Open Water
Others, The
Phantom of the Paradise
Santa Sangre
Shock Corridor
Sound of Music, The


Sherlock Holmes (latest UK series) is out on Blu Ray, but Netflix decided not to stock it. Grrrr.


I'm not having an problems at all. I guess I'm either trying to get them on release day or much later because I'm not in any hurry to see it.


Hard to say for the new stuff, as a "Heavy User", I get long and very long waits on practically everything new. I've also experienced "stealth waits", where there are no waits shown, but my queue mysteriously skips over a few of the top positions, for several weeks in a row. Netflix CS couldn't give me answer on that one. (Hello Redbox!)

Other than new releases, I haven't had a problem getting blu-rays. Roughly 80% of my discs are blu-ray. (Some of the older titles are not available on blu-ray)


I've found it hard to determine what the wait times really mean. I've grown to assume that it's not a literal "you will wait a long time," but more of a probability of what your chances might be of receiving a movie the next time a disk ships. Sometimes a movie says "Long Wait," but then ships to me immediately. In other cases, like for "Monsters" currently, it says "Very Long Wait" and it's been skipped over 5 or so times. I do agree though that the Blu-ray plans are too expensive. We don't see enough benefit to be paying that spiked price.


I hate to say this again, but Blockbuster has many more Blu rays than Netflix. I don't think they'll be around much longer, but I have had my NF account on hold for 6 months now, and am enjoying better Blu selection and better monthly prices. Check for yourself.


Netflix Blu-ray availability is terrible.

I had to sign up with Blockbuster to get these Blu-rays:
The Bridge on the River Kwai, Natural Born Killers, To Live and Die in L.A., Fantasia, Once Upon a Time in America, and many more.


It's absurd that the availability sucks AND they charge extra for it. Poor move, Netflix. But still....my setup demands for Blurays. ugh


The waits for Blu-ray have been bad. I've had Let Me In, Monsters and Enter the Void at the top of my queue for several weeks, and the keep getting skipped over.

But I agree with the other commenters that the larger issue is the lack of Blu-ray availability. Specifically Doctor Who: Season 5, and Family Guy: It's a Trap. It's not like these are obscure, non-mainstream releases.

Why do I pay extra in my subscription when these movies aren't even available?


I'd rather pay $4 extra per month for Blu-rays and actually get something for it. Really.

Chris B.

They must be making a fortune on that extra blu-ray charge seeing as they add a whopping 4 or 5 new blu-ray titles every week. Almost always from that fertile cinematic era known as the last 12 months.


very looooong :(

Larry Dallas

send movies back on Saturday and NEVER EVER EVER miss a new release


It's not bad, as long as you aren't aiming for new releases.


"Another trick I learned of is to simply make another profile for only long wait titles and put those titles that are on long wait and such in it. They should ship without any wait period. ;-)"

What he said. That's what I do, and it works like a charm.


Yeah I suggest trying my tips. Even if the titles say whatever wait while on the new profile. Just wait and they should ship. :D


I think BR availability sucks. They don't care about shipping discs anymore, all about the streaming - and those of us who want discs are screwed. It's embarrassing that some well established classics are not available on BR. I will eventually go back to BB, if they are still around.


I am quite disappointed on blu-ray lack of availability on TV series where the network makes the blu-ray available but Netflix has declined to buy them.

Why are we paying a premium for blu-ray when Netflix isn't stocking them?

Michael H.

I've had no problems getting BD versions of movies, but I watch things pretty slowly. (I suppose I should get "Inception" out the door.)


Just my opinion: I think it is funny the industry is trying to sell everyone on expensive Blu-Ray but what most customers really want isn't so much higher picture quality as it is value and variety from on-demand services.


The availability of blu-ray is awful. The top 15 in my queue are in Long Wait or Very Long Wait. I'm on 3 out at a time and am probably considered a heavy user. But still, I'm paying more for blu-ray and if I don't get it the Monday before its released, I get it 4-5 months later. Thats on top of the 28 day delay. Makes me sick. But Netflix is the new Time Warner, so.....nothing will change.


Bluray availability sucks.

I have had 7 titles in my list for over 2 weeks.
I just reduced my disk allocation from 3 to 2 and am waiting for another provider to show up.

I'll dump Netflix in a heartbeat to get better blu-ray service


What's the best Netflix alternative for discs by mail? Blockbuster is not any better really. Netflix is just not maintaining a library of discs. Is there a service out there that is committed to having all new releases available on disc (tv shows, etc.)?


Netflix is not shipping BD's anymore, and I am not paying for them anymore. Due to Netflix's poor service, their revenue for my account dropped by half when they did the price increases.


My luck with new releases has been horrible lately. I have 9 new titles with long or very long wait applied to them--I ended up with Devil as my last Blu Ray--the first one without a wait. I have somewhat given up with some of them and gone with Vudu, Apple TV, or Amazon Video on Demand for new titles to stream--then if I really like it, I'll buy the Blu Ray from Amazon.


I have been calling all that complained about the BR premium whiners. While I think the added fee was fair because of the added cost, I now think they have a case. Netflix has not upheld their part of the bargain and to my mind is lowering their image. BR users probably have somewhat higher income, at least they probably spend more on entertainment, I don't think they are people a company in their business would want to alienate.

I am getting concerned about the focus on streaming too. Disks are where most of the selection is. They also have set up a great infrastructure which makes them the leader in the market. They are reducing the value of their best product, the really bad thing is before they did this they cornered the market, now there is not a real alternative. Streaming is fine it just will be a long time before it is the total answer, maybe a real long time because of the studios.


For me it isn't the waits that bug me it's the titles they aren't stocking on Blu-Ray. For example, the latest seasons of Chuck, Dollhouse, Fringe, Supernatural, Futurama, Big Bang Theory, Justified are all not available on Blu, not to mention the UK version of Sherlock. Why not stock these titles as there has to be interest?

Why charge me $ per month for Blu-Ray titles if they aren't going to get the ones I want on the format?


I'll have to agree with those who say it's about the ability to get the title in blu-ray format at all... I'm not going to bother renting a title in DVD if I can get it in blu-ray. I'll go buy it on half.com, watch it and resell it. I was supremely pissed off when netflix stopped stocking all of the blu-ray versions of tv shows. I'm also ready to switch to a different service if they were to offer every available blu-ray for rent.


I'd like to add my voice to those who are greatly disappointed at Netflix continuing to pass over adding many great TV & older catalog titles. Over the holidays, I wanted to see the restoration work done to White Christmas...but of course Netflix decided not to carry the Blu-ray. I ended up purchasing the movie instead. I certainly cannot afford to do that with every movie, however.


Netflix needs to wake up. We can now rent a brand new released Blu-ray title from Redbox for $1.50 and they have them in stock sometimes within a couple blocks from my house. Also, why doesn't Netflix have the Blu-ray for Ben Hur, Ten Commandment and The sound of Music. When are they going to get them. The have been out for a while now?

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