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Will Dearborn

Infographics spam. http://techcrunch.com/2010/09/02/infographics-all-the-way-down/


Well....if Blockbuster started working like a public library system and allowed you to return movies to any Blockbuster store (kinda like Redbox, but without the Kiosk part...) AND/OR didn't charge $4.19 (with tax) for a new release for one night (what they charge/offer in my area) than I don't think Netflix would have crushed them so badly.

I don't think Netflix or Redbox killed Blockbuster per say (they have played a huge role) but I think a lot of it is Blockbuster's fault themselves.

Netflix and Redbox saw an untapped market for DVD rentals and jumped on it.

Blockbuster refused to believe that's what consumers were wanting. Then when they tried to enter the same market Netflix and Redbox now control, it was too late. The damage was done.

With crazy late fees, understaffed stores and overpriced rentals, Blockbuster did a lot of this to themselves.


I would agree Blockbuster brought their demise upon themselves, but remember until Netflix came along there was no competition other than a handful of mom and pop shops.

I am laughing at all the analysts, and bloggers that did not believe Netflix could compete.

I originally subscribed to Netflix because of the ridiculous late fees, and having to run out to the store at the last minute in order to avoid them.


You really need to see the corresponding Redbox graph. They were more directly responsible for the death of blockbuster than Netflix, but certainly Netflix was a significant contributer.


also on-demand, dvr/tivo. And Redbox as already stated above. Driving to the video store and having to pick from what they had on the shelf is so '90's ( and 80's!).

The big question is what will Amazon do to netflix? What will Comcast do to netflix, Amazon and Hulu?


Alls this shows is that a company like Netflix has turned a profitable industry (Entertainment) into a broke industry. Movie quality and quantity have gone downhill. Blockbuster releases like Avatar will be no more. Instead we will be getting streamlined b rank titles because the economics no longer work for the big budget films.


So, Netflix has had a steady income, but Blockbuster's suddenly dropped? I'm not sure that the two are entirely related, or at least, it's a very bad way to show the relation between the two.


The infographic creator has gotten one major piece of data wrong...BB *is* in bankruptcy (ie, debt restructuring) but *that doesn't* mean that their revenues are *zero*.

My guess is that BB's revenues are still in the hundreds of millions...

...this is a pretty major piece of data to foul up...

I love Netflix too - but putting garbage data out there is just wrong...

Danny DeMichele Entrepreneur

The revenue chart is wrong. Just because a firm is going through bankruptcy doesn't mean it has no revenue. In fact, its revenue was still higher in 2010 than Netflix. Profits on the other hand, not so much.


Anyone catch the egregious mistake on the infographic?? They called the Roku a DVR. They can at least get that right.

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