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Is the design only showing up for some people? I don't see it on mine, even on the Sarah Silverman page.

TSCC has been there for a while, they've apparently just rereleased to include all the episodes in one instead of separating it into the two seasons.


Same thing with Psych. I am in the middle of watching that show and they removed it from my queue, then I had to re-add the series in the single listing. And as the person above me stated, the Terminator show has been on there for awhile.


You're not alone screwdestiny, I don't see the new design either.


Pushing Daisies has been around for awhile, too. I do not see the new format yet, either


OK I see it now. I wish they would convert SNL -- taking up 36 spots in my queue!! converting to just 1 spot would be great!!


Finally! For years I have hated the why they show TV shows. I never understood my they couldn't just show on The Office link when you do a search and then from shows individual page, list all the seasons.


I'm seeing all the episodes from each season in 1 list without the tabs like in the picture above. Weird.


About f..king time they added Scrubs. They announced it 3 months ago... What sucks is that I wasted 3 months of my rentals to watch seasons 1-7. Oh well, at least I'll watch the last 2 via streaming.


As someone mentioned above, "Pushing Daisies" is not a "new" addition, however they have changed the format on the show's page. Instead of listing Season 1 and 2 separately, they are both together in one listing. I don't actually understand this move. Now I can't rate the 2 seasons individually. Was it that hard to have them as separate pages? Plenty of other shows are still listed that way. Was this really the ONLY way they could try to connect a multiple season show? Once again, Netflix has made a design choice that baffles me.


Question - how does this appear on Roku? Do you now see all seasons, or still, just the single season?

I guess they are doing this slowly, show by show?


The change is awful. It's counting my rating for one season of a show for seasons I haven't seen yet.


L:ike Brian, I want to know how this is handled on Wii and other consoles? Also on PC when viewing an episode.


The new TV layout is absolutely horrific. Are they hiring UI designers from the imdb, Twitter or Facebook? Hello, Netflix, are you even bothering to listen to your customers? How about beta-testing pages before launching them?

As for all of the new additions... I've had many of them saved in a Future Queue for a while now. And by many I mean hardly any. That's not Netflix's fault - I've watched most of the shows in syndication or via DVD or the likes recently. Of course, I also didn't add a lot of them because a significant majority of these new additions fucking suck. Trailer Park Boys, fucking seriously? Scrubs is nice, but offset by Kyle XY. I'm exciting by Carlos, but has anyone in history ever actually said "You know what, I don't feel like watching a good movie tonight, let's put on Jason X!"?

You dipshits lost the Criterion Collection for this gigantic unorganized clusterfuck of grabastic shit?


Wow, this sucks. I mean, adding Trailer Park Boys doesn't suck at all, but that's a great example of a show that was great in the beginning and dropped in quality pretty rapidly around the halfway point. I had seasons one-three rated 5 stars, four was 4 stars, and the rest were 3 stars. Dexter is the same way, 5 star first season, 3 star second, 2 star third, 3 star fourth, and back down probably to 1 or 2 stars until it slowly dies. The US Office had a 5 star second season and 4 star third / 3 star fourth and down to 1 star after that for me.

Netflix had tons of recommendations specifically because I liked The Office US season 2 and Trailer Park Boys 1&2 so much (I saw those more often than anything when browsing TV). I guess that'll go away.


I like it, if they convert all the seasons to be in one place, I'll have like 150 more slots in my instant queue.


I like that it saves space on the queue, but seriously, they had to delete the titles out of my instant list?


I think people will find this more annoying in the long run. For one thing it messes up the ratings system. Shows rarely remain consistent throughout their run and having the rate the last of Happy Days as equal to the first is going to confuse the system.

Secondly there are several shows where one season is available and others aren't. For example it told me to watch Degrassi. Well on the Roku it now has a giant list of disc only episodes for season 1 and 3-8. I have to scroll past them to get to the one season that is actually available.


Weird they didn't delete anything in my queue. That sucks for the other people.

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