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Great. Now woo Criterion back.


xBOX 360 please!!

Deaf Ex-Customer

@DeafPolitics on Twitter said it best some time ago: "If #Netflix captions 300 titles every 8 months and they stay at this rate, it'll take 38 years to caption 17,000 titles." According to instantwatcher.com, there are 11,554 titles. I guess I'll subscribe to Netflix in a few decades?


Amazon & Hulu Plus offers a lot of captions. So maybe that will get Netflix too?

Netflix still hasn't rolled out captions on the Roku and all the Blu-Ray players and such.

So who knows....


@Deaf Ex-Customer

Well most people on twitter are idiots.


@Joemaxhardman, I can totally understand why the deaf community wants subtitles, and I can understand why they feel they deserve subtitles. I am not deaf, but hard of hearing from working around planes for most of my career in the USAF. I have a hard time understanding the television at times (even with it loud) and find myself rewinding several times to hear it again. I always use subtitles b/c of that, and am highly disappointed that Netflix doesn't have them for the XBox 360 Instant Watch. Thankfully my TV can transcribe the words to text, but that is usually at least 15 - 30 seconds behind the real dialogue.


Uh, the link purporting to be about Netflix rolling out captioning to new devices is over 10 months old. The list of devices supporting Netflix captioning (Wii, PS3, Macs and PC's) hasn't changed in months, despite talk about how Roku, for example, would get captioning "in the first quarter of 2011."

What's taking so long?

Marshall K.

To me the worst part of it is that they haven't rolled it out to devices universally. What good are the subtitles if people can't access them on the device they own.


Your TV can transcribe the words to text? HUH? That's just closed captioning built into the TV, and is as up to date as it was captioned.


@Joemaxhardman.. so what's your Twitter account then?


Closed captioning has been discussed, and ruled out. The HDMI spec doesn't explicitly require it so many devices no longer support closed captioning. Netflix will have to find a way to make the devices handle the captions on their own. That's where having 200+ devices many of which have vastly different interfaces problematic.


I'm surprised (and disappointed) Roku isn't among the first to have gotten subtitles since it was the original device mostly keeps the most up-to-date.


J, I agree about Roku. It's especially frustrating because the Roku has captioning ability built in. I use the RoksBox channel to run a media server, and if I have .srt files set up with my video files, the Roku shows captions.

Given that the captioning is already set up in the device, I can't believe it would be that difficult to turn it on in the Netflix Channel for titles that already have subtitling available.



Someone asked Roku and they said they are waiting for Netflix to give them the go ahead....


After 60 minutes usually the Subtitles are Out of Sync with the Movie.




Your TV can transcribe the words to text? HUH? That's just closed captioning built into the TV, and is as up to date as it was captioned.

He's not talking about CC. He's talking about special TVs that can transcribe television that does not have closed captioning.


Totally unrelated to this article - but did anyone else have their Instant Queue disappear? It was OK last night (with like 200 titles) and this morning there's only two titles.


Come on Roku step up the game! I want my Subs. Its obviously not too difficult because Nowhereman's Unofficial Youtube Channel got Subtitles from Youtube up and working perfectly Months ago. You already have Subtitle support built-in to the Roku's firmware, you just have to add Subtitle retrieval to the Netflix Channel.

David W

Why don't they outsource this to MTurk? they could have all their streaming titles done in weeks, instead of years.

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Netflix Customer

All tv's display CC, it's the law.


Yes all TVs display CC. They don't all accept them through HDMI and not all devices send them. That's the problem as others have said above. The HDMI spec didn't require it and they can't guarantee an update will work on ALL the devices via software. Someone screwed the pooch on this one long ago.

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