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Chris Utley

And where's Camelot? No disc or anything


Netflix did similar (disk only) with some of the 'next day' episodes of the first Spartacus streaming via ROKU. However, the most current episodes did show up as 'available' via the Netflix web player.

John Mc

Netflix needs to talk to us a little more in general. How about an email when something comes in and is moved form our saved area into our queue. Or when something in my instant queue will be unavailable next week. They can have scripts do this kind of stuff.


This sounds like a minor software bug. They seem to be invoking the wrong graphic. Change the name and all should be well.


No, netflix and roku needs a 3.0 update easy and fast.

1. for people with 500 queue instant watch needs a cool design
2. the search needs to be the same will not effect the 500 queue instant watch.

Marc Schenker

And how about when a saved disc becomes available?


The show issue is problem they've had for a while. They had a deal with Nickelodean years ago that I had no idea about. Now they have a few shows that update but no one knows what. I know that the IT Crowd was on a delay. What other shows update?


Based on what I've read above I'm not sure what the question is, but here's my spin.

When a show I've put in my queue isn't available in either format (DVD or Steaming) it's automatically added to my queue when it is. It's available when it's available in either format. My only concern is when I spend 30 or 40 dollars downloading shows and then a month later there available on Netflix. I could have saved that money, but thats life and I get over it. Impatience is costly for anyone or anything to be wise.

I have, by paying attention, realized that new episodes from lets say STARZ become available once a week. That was very easy to figure out and required no hand holding or guidance by Netflix.

So, I've by paying attention realized that for every lazy, incompetent, or lack of effort others do in the end costs me more money. For new services that weren't needed to begin with, but changed by the masses. It's too bad that the ideals of wise propositions have been lost with time.

Conclusion: If you want more it will make someone pay more to do it. ME, and YOU, because nothings fee in life.

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