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It would be nice if they could hurry up and get it on my DroidX so I could stream through the HDMI to hotel TVs when I travel. I can get Crackle on my droidx already.


HDMI output on my EVO would be awesome. Was hoping that would be an option, but deep down didn't think it would happen. At 1500 Kbps it would rival the highest SD stream. At 3800kbps, which the EVO is capable of and probably other Droids, it would be equal quality to a PC. That is if they enable all streams.


So I'm reading more about this and it looks like this will only be available on upcoming phones with a new snapdragon processor, meaning existing Android phones are out of luck. That's ridiculous if it's true and there isn't another solution to the millions of phones already on the market.


Love my Android phone. Would love Netflix to be able to play on it.


@Jeff: The snapdragon processor is not new...it's in several Android phones that were released throughout 2010 in the US (and earlier in Europe). For instance the Nexus One which was released in January 2010 has the Snapdragon processor.



I think Jeff is correct. I also read somewhere that only never snap dragon processors will work with netflix as the one coming loaded in the HTC Thunderbolt coming soon. Which sucks cause I love my Droid Incredible.


@Niraj: I realize this. I have an EVO with a Snapdragon processor. It's the new ones with DRM built in that is required. It's been reported on a few sites. Here's one reference:


I think this is still unconfirmed or at least there is no word on a solution for older processors. I called Netflix today to inquire and complain if this was in fact the case. They couldn't tell me one way or the other.


Jeff, thanks for the clarification. I'm surprised the AP article didn't also point this out (it makes it sound like it'll work with existing Snapdragon phones).


I have been using Netflix for years and have been pretty satisfied. I have recently switched though, and found that I have been missing out on many features. I have since become a DISH Network subscriber/employee, and I use their Remote Access app to stream live TV, on demand content and all of my DVR recordings to my Android. Even after this long, I have no problem dropping Netflix.


I just bought a Motorola Atrix which uses Nvidia. I hope they sign a partnership with these companies.

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