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"CBS retains an option to extend the agreement for up to two additional years. Terms of the deal were not disclosed."

Notice that CBS gets an option for a contract extension, but Netflix doesn't. So if Netflix revenues plateau, CBS gets to whack Netflix with the option for another two years. Whereas if Netflix keeps going gangbusters, CBS can throw away the option and refuse to extend the contract without more money. All the leverage is on the CBS side.

I'm curious why this clause is in the contract. Has it been in the other streaming contracts?


Which version of Star Trek is it? The newer remastered ones, or the original effects versions?

And JUST the original Star Trek? There were six series total, I'd like to see them ALL up there, not just the first one.


Clause for CBS option is in probably for Netflix to get the deal done. I'm sure netflix has priced in the possibility of a plateau in their negotiations, but if this does good for both of them, maybe a new deal will serve up with newer-ish content as well (CBS is just getting its feet wet.....again).


I thought it was every season of all the Trek series?


I'm going to assume they mean only the original Star Trek


This phrase: 'as are episodes from all generations of the definitive sci-fi series, Star Trek' - meaning every series! Otherwise they would have stated just the original trek. This is EXCELLENT news!


"Notice that CBS gets an option for a contract extension, but Netflix doesn't."
Doesn't it sort of go without saying that Netflix would want to keep the CBS stuff after two years? This is very desirable programming and it's not like they can get these shows from someone else.


"Ah, Seven of Nine, we meet again. What's that about resistence? Oh, you naughty Borg, you. Just make sure Janeway knows she's the third in this party."


Yippee more usless tv shows that I could find on TV land at 3:30 Am in the morning. signing up for Amazon Prime baby!!!


Sweet, even more options from Netflix. Not like I was running out of content to watch.

Have fun with inferior video quality.


LOL, TV Land has long since abandoned the really good classic tv shows-at least during primetime, and mose certantly at 3am!




Glad to see "Family Ties" is back. I watched the first season via streaming a few years ago. Such a great cast with amazing chemistry.

"Twilight Zone" is always a fun watch, but I already own all of the episodes.


i hope "Melrose Place" & "I Love Lucy" will be streaming...;o)


put me down for Carol Burnett, please


I hope we get alot of newer shows: NCIS, CSIs, and the like. And others such as Dallas and Dukes of Hazzard.


There are Amazonian tribes who have never had ANY contact with any other humans and have never seen anything harder than a rock that are already sick of Twilight Zone, Cheers and Family Ties. I'll be excited as long as they offer something more rare. The hour-long Carol Burnett, Barnaby Jones, Sonny and Cher, Alice & The Equalizer would be a good start.


Uhm guys, it says right there "all generations" of Star Trek. I would assume that means every series, from the original to Enterprise.


Glad to see the twilite zone added. Timeless stuff rite there.

Nasty Nate

Where's the love for TWIN PEAKS in this chat??? That is a show that is what NETFLIX STREAMING is all about in that it's a cult classic you can't find anywhere that a whole new generation of people will get an opportunity to appreciate and behold!


I think One Step Beyond would be a a nice compliment to Twilight Zone.


How is it that shows like "Family Ties", "Cheers" and Frasier", which aired on NBC, are in CBS' library?


@Fraggle Rocker - Because CBS studios produced/made the shows, even though they originally showed on NBC.

A lot of TV programs are like that, oddly enough.

Matt Lafferty

@ Fraggle -- TV shows are owned by the studios that make them, not the networks that air them, just as your TV is a product of Sony even though you bought it from the distributor Best Buy. These shows are now under the CBS umbrella, though a number (Cheers, Fraiser, and the Trek) were made by Paramount... which is owned by Viacom, which owns CBS. (Adding to the fun, classic Trek WAS owned by Desilu, which was bought by Paramount, which was bought by Viacom....)

Perkins Cobb

This is a step backwards unless (like the Criterion/Hulu deal) it opens the vaults for content that won't realistically get a home video release.

Otherwise, why would you want to watch THE TWILIGHT ZONE and STAR TREK this way, instead of on Blu-ray, in 1080p, with copious extras?


Not much of interest to me here but very cool to see it expanding. People are far too inpatient

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@ Crow550 The same, I also thought it was every season of all the Trek series.


AWESOME! I was just hoping Cheers would show up.


Oh, and PRTV: Maybe you prefer "The Sonny and Cher show" to The Twilight Zone, but the rest of the planet doesn't.

I'm hoping it will be available in HD since those have been released on Blu!


Please oh please let Taxi come to instant streaming. The DVD method is becoming cumbersome.


Yeah more crap to have to sift through to find a quality movie to watch.


Reading further into this, it sounds like it's just "select episodes" of Star Trek. I don't want them if we aren't getting the full seasons. I'll want the DVDs anyway!


60 Minutes?


Real Trekkies have memorized all the dialog from every episode of the original series. We don't need that one broadcast.


According to a NY Times article CBS most popular recent shows are EXCLUDED from the deal

Importantly, the deal excludes all of CBS’s biggest shows, reiterating the network’s position that television comes first and the Web comes second for now.



To me, it would be alright to stream shows that have ended their run. Also, if a show is on for more than four years we should be able to stream at least the first couple seasons. Why can't networks syndicate their shows to netflix like they do for other networks?

InstaFlicka Podcast

I am very excited about Star Trek. I want to re-watch TNG and Voyager really bad. I also want to watch Twin Peaks for the first time.

Duke of Omnium

Something to replace the Criterion catalogue, I guess ... Trading La Règle du jeu for Family Ties is a bit of a let down, I suspect.


What's everybody forgetting is that Netflix is adding something, but what are the dropping(Fox shows)?

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