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Why not Israel. I lived there for thirty years. We're all wired there, we love media, and this model would work. A fairly young population of 7million people, and since it's a smaller country, plus an already existing infrastructure, I think it would be a successful venture.


Disney raises wholesale price on Redbox and Netflix



I would not have expected south america but it may be easier to expand there than versus other countries: less politics and less competition with a huge potential audience.


Yes, Netflix will be streaming in South America and Europe. It may be by the end of this year or early next year. A French call center will be opening in Canada and a Spanish/Portuguese one most likely in Brazil.


My money's on Greenland. Rumor has it that Netflix has been cornering the market on films in Greenlandic; further rumor has it that at launch, all these films will have subtitles in all three greenlandic dialects (East Greenlandic, West Greenlandic, and Polar Eskimo, of course).


The new nonwindow window

Chapek (Disney) disclosed Disney is upping rental unit prices to kiosks and by mail to full wholesale price on street date and $10 following a six-week 42 days (not 28-day) delay.

Reasoing for this I am assuming is because both Warner and Universal are expected to increase windows to 6 weeks.


This will fail very badly. A huge number of South Americans speak Spanish, netflix has such a low number of spanish movies (around 100-200)if movies can get translated (Streaming movies) into Spanish then maybe this could be potentially sucessful, otherwise they will feel ripped off.... unless you also offer movie deliveries to them, a lot of movies have Spanish included in them.

I think this is a good expansion though... although I do feel they should have gone for Mexico instead because of how close it is to the US, it would have been easier to set up distributing centers for people to be able to get their movies in the mail.


They won't be doing movies by mail. International content will be streaming only.


For South Americans it's not important the spanish audio of the movies, movies on cinemas are subtitled, just a few are dubbed into spanish. It's similar with US TV series. For Netflix would be imperative offer subtitles or CC if they wanna make the move to South America.

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Well untill then you can always use this trick to watch Netflix outside the US

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