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Wal-Mart is another partner rumor.

All rumors....I hope Redbox partners with no one and goes at this on there own. Better competeion.


Hulu is really the only posibility but even that I don't see.

Wal-Mart has been trying to make Vudu work. Yes they have a nice agreement with Redbox re: the kiosks but that's only because their rental by mail system failed so hard. If they can't make Vudu work (which they are years away from deciding even worst case) then they'll just partner with Netflix again.

Amazon already has deals in place to do what they want to.

Hulu wants more content and they seem intent on making a fair portion of that movies. Redbox has a strategy of current releases for a short time. If they partnered with Hulu for delivery and access control then both would gain. Logistically I'm not sure how it would work. Would Redbox sponser Hulu Plus? An extra fee?


My vote would be to partner with Amazon--I think they are headed in the right direction, and have the best chance of success in the future.


Way too late for this now Redcock. Don't even bother.


LOL @ vio and corporate cheerleading...

Did a Redbox executive steal you girlfriend/wife or something?


Nope. I just think they suck really f'ing hard with their "we don't charge late fees even though we really do" and their absolutely god awful selection of REALLY BAD new releases. Renting movies at a McDonald's via a vending machine has got to be the single lamest concept in the history of the video rental business. "Can I get fries with my copy of Night of the Living Dead 3D?" Why don't they just advertise all those terrible $1 B-movie rentals on McDonald's dollar menu along side the McDoubles and the Hot 'n Spicy McChickens? LOL!

Seriously though, they truly are the Walmart of movie rentals. But I suspect they'll go the way of Blockbuster soon enough, so it's all good.

Marshall K.

I'm not getting the hate. They don't have late fees. It's a dollar a night, no hidden fees at all. What do you expect for a dollar? Maybe they should just give you the movies. Their selection where I live is excellent also. All the new releases, family movies, and the b movie for those who want them. Seriously, it's entertainment for the masses. What's to hate?

Back on topic, I agree Amazon is a strong partner. The problem is they are too strong. They'll go it alone. Even if you could somehow coax them into a deal their relative strength would make it an unfavorable. You've got to think on business terms. Hulu needs to get their name out there, Redbox needs infrastructure, both will have to find the suitable content.

As far as the original article goes Redbox has made a potentially devastating move of waiting too long. Right now everyone is trying to get into the digital game including the box stores. Sony is ramping up their rental system, Sears has (god knows why) introduced one, Best Buy is forcing theirs onto devices, and Wal-Mart is re-investing in the previously stagnant Vudu. Redbox should have fast tracked this last year. Of the pack in the last sentence maybe one will prosper and maybe another will survive. How can Redbox compete against those odds?


Redbox is based on a really fantastic technology that was relevant from 2008 through 2010. Their automated DVD machines are clearly superior to standard brick and mortar video rental stores. Alas there are no more video rental stores.

InstaFlicka Podcast

Competition is good for the consumer... hopefully.


vio says...

"Renting movies at a McDonald's via a vending machine has got to be the single lamest concept in the history of the video rental business."

I say...

That's stupid. That's not their business model. Sure they may have started at just McDonald's but that's not indicative of why they've been so wildly successful despite having what you consider to be a lame concept. Their plan and execution is stinking brilliant. I don't like that they're helping to drive stores that exclusively rent media out of business but that's the only thing I don't like about them.

I don't know where you live, but where I live (San Antonio) they've managed to place kiosks at nearly every establishment that sells items that are considered to be essential for life in our culture: food, personal care and gasoline. The same goes for where I used to live (Orange County, CA) The fact that they are in these locations is what makes their plan re: physical rental so brilliant. The fact that disc based media will EVENTUALLY fade away is an issue. In the mean time, it looks like with even more Blockbusters closing, their kiosks will be even more so the only choice for many people when it comes to non-subscription options.

Furthermore, their selection of new releases and the timing of them IS EXACTLY THE SAME AS THAT OF NETFLIX.


Furthermore, their selection of new releases and the timing of them IS EXACTLY THE SAME AS THAT OF NETFLIX.

Not entirely true. They're still missing a number of new releases that Netflix stocks due to the physical limitations of stocking all of their DVDs in a vending machine. Not to mention that they of course do not stock any catalog titles what-so-ever. I realize this isn't something they can fix, but still, it's pretty crap IMO. I'd much rather pay a low monthly fee to Netflix and have access to thousands of catalog titles and all new releases, with the huge added plus of being able to stream many of those titles.


Well, of course Redbox doesn't stock every new release. If there's not enough demand for a particular title, that makes plenty of sense given their business model. I shouldn't have used the word "exactly."


i see Netflix just added some shows that were only streaming on Hulu/Hulu +..."Hot in Cleveland", "Eerie Indiana", & "Samantha Who" among others....if they get "Ally McBeal" & "Night Gallery" i might have 2 cancel Hulu + unless it gets some new(or old) shows soon!!


is it known how much redbox will charge for streaming titles? if its still 1 dollar and they get new releases even with 28 day delay wouldn't that still be cheaper than amazon vod, vudu, itunes, playstation store and several others.

Oh yes.

i think Redbox is teaming with Comcast. It will be integrated into your bill. You will receive a card to be able to go to a kiosk and rent a dvd for 'free'.

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