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I only buy DVDs if they aren't available on Netflix.
Let me amend that, I only put DVDs on my Amazon Wishlist (Xmas, birthday) if the DVDs aren't available on Netflix.
I'd sign up for ClassicFlix but my wife laid down the rule that I can only subscribe to 1 service (Hulu, AMZN Prime, Netflix, etc.)


I haven't bought a dvd in a very long time now that I watch so many movies from netflix either on dvd or streaming.

Matt Lafferty

When my el cheapo blu-ray player broke, I didn't replace it, what with Netflx and all.


I have purchased a total of three movies in the past five years. On Netflix, I have a streaming only account (which I love by the way) and obtain new releases from another source.


I'm still totally addicted to buying DVDs. At least one a week. My collection is getting out of hand.


Well wireless providers are effectively crippling Netflix over 3G with the outrageous data prices.

If you figure you have a iPad 3G, with a $25 for 2GB plan, you can only stream about 4 movies before you've reached your bandwidth limit. Essentially costing you over $6 per movie, not including the price of Netflix itself! If you want your movie watching on the go, it's still cheaper to rent through iTunes than it is to stream over 3G


I've bought A LOT fewer DVDs in the two years that I've been a Netflix subscriber. But their streaming business model is clear: for every good, relatively new movie, they offer at least 200 crappy ones.


The problem with having your own Music, or Movie library is the changing technology. I currently own roughly 300 DVD's, and have not bought a single one since Blu Ray was announced.

When i think of all the LP's, 8 tracks, cassettes I have thrown out over the years, and all of the CD's i have in a box out in the garage makes me ill. The last of my VHS tapes were donated to the library not that long ago, because the last of my VHS machines finally broke.

How long will it be before DVD's are obsolete?


I bought a few Blu-Rays earlier in the format but have not bought anything on media for almost 2 years now. Netflix through mail or streaming only. My kids have purchased a couple of movies on itunes, but that is it.

No reason to purchase we I can get it through these other ways.


Since Netflix, I can't remember watching a single DVD that I own, or buying new ones. As for Blu-Ray, it's enticing but I'm also not thrilled about having a bunch of discs in the house I'll never play at some point.


"Becoming"?, I though NF already was
iTunes for movies.


This makes me laugh. I think what they're really saying is:

"The studios are [desperately hoping] that eventually people will get bored with the service."

It's also clear that those execs in their ivory towers are really out of touch with what consumers want and what they don't want. What I don't want is a DVD collection that takes up a ton of room in my house, the incovenience of scratched discs, etc.


I still buy Blu-rays/DVDs regardless of having a Netflix description. If I really like the movie and plan on watching again, I buy it. Another reason is to get the special features. How else could I watch 15,000 hours of "Avatar" behind the scenes?!?!?!?


I haven't bought a DVD in forever, but I still buy quite a few blu-ray discs. I think it's pretty much established that blu-ray will be the last physical format that movies ever come on. I may be weird, but I enjoy owning physical copies of the movies. With streaming and ownership in the cloud, your content can be pulled at any time. Plus, if you shop around discs are cheap. I'm averaging $10-12/disc now.

Marshall Guthrie

There are very few movies I, and most people, watch more than once, so anyone buying discs is essentially paying $12 a rental to fill a bookshelf full of plastic as an homage to their wasteful spending.

Invest the money in your Home Theater equipment instead, and you'll be much happier.


So, from the linked webarticle, here is the reasons Hollywood is spooked by Netflix.
1) Netflix siphons off sales from other important areas, such as the airlines.
2) There is evidence that Netflix's streaming service discourages users from purchasing newly released DVDs.
3) People can watch any of the service's [Netflix] commercial-free films and shows anytime they want.

My response to these reasons:
1) Put down the crack pipe.
2) So, does this mean the 28-Day Delay Window for rental DVD can go away now?
3) Hmm, that's actually a valid reason for Hollywood to be spooked because it puts people (consumers) in the drivers seat. Control-freak-Hollywood would rather they be in charge of the relationship and over-charge for the pleasure.

Ultimately, this webarticle was about pushing the UltraViolet crap.


I am no fan of Itunes, but I do like the idea of being able to purchase one song off and album vs. having to buy the whole album. Is this a bad thing? At least there is an avenue to honestly buy what you want (and the studios make some money) vs. having to go the route of piracy. Now if Itunes would remove the encryption so that once i purchase what i want, i can play it on any device i want it might be a better bargain.

In the case of Netflix being the Itunes for Movies, they would have to actually try to sell us the movie. If you want to purchase a movie, Itunes is already the Itunes for movies.

One of these days these studio execs will stop living in the past and embrace companies of the future like Netflix. I remember when the studios fought Betamax, and VHS machines being sold for home use.
Even though it opened up a whole new world of revenue for them.

Edward R Murrow

I don't think fear has anything to do with it. Rather, the studios are looking for a new revenue stream.


I'm usually ahead of the curve when it comes to things like. I gave up "buying" any DVDs, Blu-rays, whatever, years ago. Obviously the DVD rental market has taken over currently, with the streaming market now just starting to start coming into force and taking ground from the rental market. The DVD purchase market is basically a "Dead Man Walking" which the Content Owners are trying to keep resuscitated, much like the music content owners fought digital downloads for years.

Fifteen million people can't be wrong when they believe the Netflix subscription rental and streaming service is the way to go.

I find the iTunes analogy faulty - iTunes is not a subscription service, but just another way to buy content, which works for music since music is a completely different medium than movies, where one repeatedly listens to the content. Generally one watches a movie once, then moves on. If you watch it again a year later, you rent it or stream it.


I still buy DVDs but I am definitely more selective than I was in the past.

I don't have a BR Player and don't plan to get one.


I have stopped buying DVD's. BD from here on out. But I probably average purchasing just 1 disc a year.

NF is now at 20 million subscribers. Let's assume that NF add (net) 10 million subscribers per year for the next 2 years. That will bring NF to 40 million subscribers. Can the movie studios afford (2 years from now) to thumb their collective noses at NF?

What got the studios worried (right now) is that BB goes Chapter 7 instead of Chapter 11. Although the way the creditors committee has ordered BB to stop paying the studios I'm not sure how popular BB will be with the studios if BB does end up doing a Chapter 11.

hypocrisy rules

Skim this thread and look at how many people have said that they stopped buying discs because Netflix provides them all the viewing experience they need. This is exactly why Hollywood hates Netflix. 20 million people subscribing to Netflix monthly will never earn Hollywood as much money as 20 million people faithfully buying 1-5 movies per week on disc.


Hmmmmm..... I wonder how much of the overall drop in DVD sales can be directly attributed to Blockbuster going out of business?

Hmmmm..... I wonder how many DVD's Netflix buys from the studio's.

I am sure the vast majority of people watching new release movies at home rent them vs. buying them.

I would bet that Netflix is one of the Studios biggest customers for NEW Releases.


Somebody already said it: I do not care to have a shelf full of discs in my living room or entertainment area. I much prefer having a library of content available to me over high speed lines. Much handier. I was a disc collector in the past...have 4 CD binders full of them. I didn't save the plastic cases so not much room is dedicated to storing them, but it's prob. been over a year since I watched anything.

It amazes me how the studios are going down the same road the music industry did a few years ago. They're saying all the same things, making all the same assumptions and repeating the same mistakes. How could they not have learned from something so recent? Boggles the mind.


The main thing to remain is that 99% of the people running the studios (and the record labels) are morons. They have HATED every new distribution method. They hated radio, they hated records, they hated "long-playing" records, they hated TV, they hated cassettes, they hated, hated VCR's and VHS/Beta, they hated CD's and they hate and hated the internet. They have been dragged and kicking to 'next' since the first impressario hated that OGG the singing caveman would travel around the valley to sing instead of making them coming to him ... :-)

So, what's the point of talking to idiots? Look at it this way - why doesn't Paramount create a WIKI site with one page to EVERY movie they own so you can always find info or links to it? Because they're morons. They see people linking to their page as "theft" of their IP - the studios are run by lawyers now who could care less about movies - to them, it's a product like Strawberry flavored cream cheese ... given a choice, they prefer you troop down to a locked room where they project the product to you and you sign an NDA agreeing to NEVER discuss talk about FAST & FURIOUS without paying them $5 ... so if you start from that, what's the point of talking to the North Korea of consumer goods?

They do not get the paradigm has shifted ... but until Netflix lets you keep movies for years or forever in the cloud, DVD's or buying will always exist (for instance, you cannot watch all three Clint Eastwood Sergio Leone's films on Netflix).


"If we find out that people won't collect feature films anymore," Garland said, "than the business as we know it is broken beyond repair."

I sure hope it has broken it. I hope that Netflix does to the movie studios what Napster did to the record companies. I personally haven't bought a DVD since I got Netflix.


The only time I buy a dvd is when I find a gem in the $5 bin or I get a good deal on a tv series box set. Other than that, I don't buy them anymore. Out of the DVD's I currently own, there's only a handful that I watch over and over again. I cut my cable last year. I rely on Netflix mostly and a few network websites for the few shows that I like.


I don't buy DVDs anymore I cut the cable a few years ago. A Roku for Netflix and TV.com, an HTPC for the TV shows I like is all I need, I watch what I want when I want, and I don't pay anymore to watch commercials. With the money I'm saving I can buy a new TV every year.


The only thing I'm getting bored of is how much Hollywood is underestimating Netflix.


I would like to see more movies available on the streaming netflix! I was disappointed that Braveheart nor Open Range was available on streaming. Does anybody know if netlix is anticipating expanding their streaming network?


I used to buy a 100 movies a year. Now I'm lucky if I buy a dozen. Even then, it's usually the big event movies.


"Netflix will be the Internet equivalent of a swap meet, where only the most dated and least popular titles are available."

Great, those are the ones I like.


I could not agree more @shthar.

The issue here is not New Releases and how quickly they may or may not be availalbe to stream. The issue is what is available and how much are we willing to pay for it. At $7.99 i don't expect to get the latest and greatest.

There is some great stuff on what i now call the Netflix channel that i would have never bought, rented, or watched on cable.

I am a subscriber to the 2 out plan and I don't mind waiting the extra 28 days for a new release at all. When you consider how long it takes for any of the subscription services on cable to get a new release 28 days is nothing.


I only tend to get boxsets and collector's editions and limited and such of movies I love.

However I haven't bought a DVD in a long time and Blu-Ray is too expensive still....

Plus I am debating if I am ready to re-buy my freaking collection....

Blu-Ray looks better but DVD doesn't look terrible....

Between a rock and a hard place with upgrading to Blu-Ray.

So sick of when studios release a bare disc then a few Months later a special edition! BS!

Plus Hollywood just seems to be releasing a lot more crap lately?

3D was just made to try and plant more asses in seats it seems. You never hear people rave about a new movie they seen in 3D.

When Wal-Mart has a $5 bin of Blu-Rays then I will look to purchase. ;-)


I have not personally purchased a DVD since I became a member of Netflix 5 years ago and anytime I receive a DVD as a gift I usually return it for something better. After I watch a movie once I usually never watch it again unless a friend hasn't seen it.

And why on Earth would you pay $15 + dollars for a new DVD you might watch one time, (I have seen people who have unopened DVD's still on there entertainment center with the plastic and price tag still on), when that 1 DVD purchase could get you a nice membership with Netflix.

I guess if you have a large disposable income then keep doing what your doing, but personally, I will never understand it.

InstaFlicka Podcast

I haven't bought a DVD since I signed up for Netflix three years ago. I have gotten a few via Christmas presents but that is it. No point anymore.


I still buy a ton of CDs, but videos, not so much. I still don't have a Blu-ray player.

Will I get bored with Netflix? Maybe. But there's ~500 DVDs/Streaming titles in my queue, so I'll let you know in another 5-10 years when I finally get through that what I think.

I *have* cancelled cable TV and stopped going to the movie theaters because I was bored though.

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