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Can someone tell me whats the big deal? Why doesnt netflix want to do this? This could help them.


It's good to hear that Netflix is pushing back. Really though, this wouldn't have bothered me. I would rather they put there engery into pushing back on the 28-day release window instead of this. Still, this does send a signal to the film studios that they don't have complete ownership of the industry.


This wouldn't have bothered me at all. As far as I'm concerned, they could have done this and taken advantage of the extra savings. I doubt I would have ever used it, but it wouldn't have caused me any grief, either. Missed opportunity. Netflix seems to be picking the wrong battles, lately.


They used to sell the old rental DVDs, it would not bother me to have it, I won't buy another DVD anyway.


@ nijaju:

I agree with you, about Netflix pushing back. Hopefully they are tired with the studios calling the shots. I know I am!


I don't understand why the heck Netflix would turn it down. It's free money! Like others, I doubt I would ever buy a DVD through Netflix, but it doesn't hurt me any for them to make a buy option available.


I don't see what's wrong with a Buy Now button. If the studios are willing to give more favorable licensing terms if this is on the site I say go for it.


2 downsides about buying movies from Netflix, IMHO.... Both due to the fact that they'd likely sell discs they've been renting... A.) They're probably going to be all scratched up. I'm rather picky with my discs & movies I bought when DVDs first came out still look as pristine as the day I bought them... And you know they're likely going to ship you older copies to get them out of circulation, not a newer copy they just bought. and B.) A lot of their titles are "RENTAL ONLY" copies - which just has the main movie & lack a lot of the bonus features (one method studios use to try to get you to buy the DVD). Granted, I don't usually watch them, but some may be nice to have.

As far as why they don't already do this... Its been run here before... They allegedly had some deal with Walmart so Walmart wouldn't try to launch their own online rental store & Netflix would stop selling movies (thus they'd stop competing with the others primary source of income)...


I would assume that NF would be responsible for fulfillment. Which means that they would have to set up at least one center to stock the inventory and everything else that would be involved in selling DVDs.

It does not appear from comments that NF subscribers are huge buyers of DVDs. Just no worth it for NF. For a while they were in the used DVD business and got out of it.


Unless they outsourced the purchase to semi-competitor Amazon, I don't see why they would do it. They would have to modify billing, shipping ect, this all costs money that they would need to spend to build out into a medium they see as slowly dieing. It would be a bad business decision.


This doesn't make sense to me. Why is a buy button a problem. I still buy movies, so it would just be a convenience feature. Do it Netflix!


I disagree with people saying it isn't a bad thing for Netflix to not add this feature. I think it is horrible that to get a better deal from Hollywood Netflix would be required to push into our faces a Buy Now option! There is a reason I don't buy DVD's anymore, the cost of them. And I personally don't care if you offer me a brand new copy or a used copy, I like to spend my money on items I plan on using a lot and a DVD I have already seen isn't my idea of a great buy. It blows me away that Hollywood doesn't understand this, most people don't enjoy watching a movie six or seven times unless its a cult classic, and that is a small number of movies compared to the amount being produced today. If anything, I think Hollywood should be figuring out to work with Netflix instead of blasting them because instant stream is the future of media.

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