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Good, the iPhone Netflix app is garbage anyway.

Matt Lafferty

Fine by me!


Stupid. Why? I don't carry an AppleTV with me when I travel, I carry my iPad. So when it comes to using Netflix on the road in a hotel or connected when I'm not at home, apparently I need to drag my laptop around because Netflix doesn't deem it worth of including in their app. *sigh*


The Netflix iphone app plays movies just fine. This is all about playing movies right? Or do you prefer to spend 3hrs managing your queues?


Note to comments above.

Netflix today already is available on BOTH the iPad and Apple TV.

There is no reason for Netflix to stream via AirPlay content from an iPad to Apple TV -- you can already get Netflix directly from Apple TV. Plus the UI and remote on Apple TV is a superior user experience than that of the iPhone/iPad application.

Streaming via AirPlay would be redundant and inferior. The signal would have to go first to the iPad and then be retransmitted to the AppleTV. Depending on your WiFi network (especially if in an apartment building), that would create extra wireless traffic when it is not needed (and possibly lead to signal degradation).

Be careful who your call "stupid" -- humility doesn't hurt when you are shooting from the hip.

I beg to differ with many of these comments...

There is indeed a very good reason to stream from Netflix via Airplay -- for those of us without cable or DSL in rural locations.

I can get Netflix movies via my iPhone 4 (unlimited data plan) here in the boondocks via a decent 3G signal. I cannot get hardwired broadband internet.

So if Airplay supports Netflix, I would be able to download movies and stream them wirelessly to, say, the TV in my gym, using the iPhone to control the playback. That is, if I can send the video in my phone to an Apple TV or the like.


If "wireless video streaming" of Netflix content via wifi is what you're looking for, I think the new Nintendo 3DS is looking to get in the game.


Parish Boy

RE: Boonies

If the only reason you would get broadband is for Netflix, and literally nothing else, I think you are in the minority. Most folks in your situation would probably opt for a 3G hotspot or similar. From there it's trivial to connect any Netflix streaming device (or your TV itself, for newer models) to the hotspot.


If you have an original Apple TV (like me), you would be able to use AirPlay to stream to your old Apple TV using the Remote HD app that you can install on an old Apple TV if you have installed ATV Flash on the device. Works great too!

I also have the Black Apple TV, but it is connected to a different TV in the house. I don't feel like moving it around the house every time that I want to watch a movie in a different location. I love the original Apple TV, because I have two external hard drives connected so that I can keep all my iTunes library on one and movies I have ripped from my collection on the other.

It makes sense for me to be able to AirPlay Netflix to my original Apple TV. There are others out there like myself that would love to do the same thing.


Yes Stupid. The best inet speed available at my house is not enough to watch movies on Netflix via appletv. It does work well enough on my iPhone. Would be nice to airplay. And kids already several times watching on phone in car get home and want to continue through airplay.

usenet for everyone

my $8/mo provides ACTUALLY as many movies as _I_ want from astraweb (including SSL)

I have packed more than one DVD into a no-bar-code envelope and watched netflix only see one movie, and report not receiving the other movie

that's the end of netflix and their throttling

usenet for everyone

I have 50 megabits/sec upload&download and expect a HELL OF A LOT more video quality than more any streaming offers..

usenet provides actual blueray quality with no queue limit


This can probably be done without Airplay streaming, but I would like to be able to search on my iPad for a NetFlix movie and then direct the NetFlix app on the Apple TV to begin streaming it. That way I don't have to search movies a character at a time using the character chooser interface with Apple TV remote.


Another reason to stream to iTV: I am listening to the audio track with BT headphones. I would like to stream the video to the TV while listening on the headset. I'm frankly surprised Netflix is so quick to dismiss the idea. It seems like many, though admittedly a minority, would like to do this.


There are a lot of situtions it would be useful. We have a motor home and I was looking at getting Apple TV and Netflix for just this purpose, so I could stream Netflix to my TV while on the road. It's the inability to see the possibilities that was the downfall or Blockbuster, sounds like Netflix will be headed the same way.


Agreed AirPlay to old appetv, which is superior to the new appltv (a hugh let down btw), would be great!!! I have 1 2nd gen and 3 1st gen appletv`s. i use the crappy 2nd gen for streaming music thru the house, my theater room has a 1st gen because i perfer, but want netflix to work on it. NetFlix is stupid to dismiss so easily, shows they are out of touch with reality.

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