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Totally going to use this now. We made the mistake of installing one of those smoke detectors where you can test it using an IR remote, and we installed it right next to the TV (actually vice-versa), so every time we point the Roku remote and push the up button, the smoke detector goes off. Good times.


A remote that costs more than the device it's controlling. Brilliant idea!


Is there a way to stream from my PC to my TV using a Roku channel? They are on the same wifi network. I know boxee and apple tv can do this.


The iTV app has a basic roku remote for free in the app. Also can control a TiVo.


The issue I have had with DVP Remote is that it works initially, but then when the iPhone goes to sleep I fire it up again and it takes a while to reacquire the Roku. I'll tap the controls on the iPhone and after several seconds it reconnects and performs a bunch of action, sometimes unwanted, suddenly.



Try the "Disable Screen Lock" setting for DVPRemote. You can find this in the DVPRemote section of the main settings screen of your iOS device. Also, using WPA or WPA2 for network security rather than WEP often helps. If you are still having issues, contact the developer at [email protected]

Sad Techy

The only thing I don't like about Android, iOS has the Best Roku remote. If Android had this my Nook Color would be the Ultimate Remote Control


Does it work on the Ipod touch??


linuxn00b, DVPRemote definitely works on the iPod touch.

John Lee

I assume that it would also work on my IPad as well? I have 2 Roku players and love the simple GUI's but it's too bad that their device is so simple that they can't have an app like Netflix does that allows me to use my IPad as a player. I will download the controller though.

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