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I could care less about Facebook. Bring back the old Friends features: lists, friends ratings,....


Agreed about Facebook, I couldn't care less. However, I do NOT want them getting any of my Netflix information considering what Facebook has been doing with people's personal information they already have access to.


I use Facebook, but I didn't like the previous Netflix Facebook interface. I don't necessarily want to share every movie I rate with Facebook. (This is especially true if I go in and rate a bunch of older movies in Netflix to improve my recommendations. I don't want 20 or 30 entries sent over to Facebook.) Having Facebook integration with Netflix isn't particularly important to me, but if it is available, you should be able to choose which movies you want to share. I would rather be able to share my entire queue (or part of my queue) with other Netflix members.


Why can't they simply add the Facebook "recommend" button to their movie pages?

What would that take? Ten minutes?

Netflix has way overthought their "social integration" strategy.


Echoing what all other loyal netflix customers are saying..please stop this integration, and bring back your in-house solution.


"How would you like Netflix to integrate with Facebook?"

I wouldn't.


Believe it or not, there are those of us in the world that do not have a Facebook account. Years ago, I pegged them as a huge security issue waiting to happen. Years later, I've seen it happen over and over again. But even beyond that, I just really don't want to know what happened to those people that I went to high school with. Seriously. There are about five people on the planet (not counting family members) that I care to keep up with, and they've all got my phone number and email address.

I'm sick of the endless Facebook hype. Why the hell would I want to watch movies there when there are, hmmm, movie sites for that. It's just not gonna happen for me, that's for sure.

In a few years, Facebook will be a MySpace, which is to say that people will be embarrassed to let other people know that they're still on it. On the other hand, Netflix will still be Netflix, the place that people go to watch streaming movies and/or get DVDs delivered by mail. It's good to focus on one thing, rather than trying to be everything to everybody.

And please, can't they pass a law about keeping Zuckerberg's face off of TV? I would really appreciate it.

ann onymouse

So... further integration with Facebook will help boost the Netflix sagging [well, plummeting] market cap?

This is a joke, right?
Is it already April 1st?


I would also prefer a "recommend" button or some other way to share specific things without opening it all up.

It would also be nice to be able to recommend specific titles to specific friends. It would make more sense that way. I wouldn't recommend a thriller to someone who prefers romantic comedies, nor would I want to recommend a period drama to someone who prefers action flicks.

However, I would also be worried that there would be no way to share even a single thing without Facebook getting its hands on all of your Netflix data. Zuckerman has always designed Facebook to entice users to share as much as possible. He wants everyone in the world to be a completely open book.

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This could be huge for the already popular netflix. Could really expand customers and allow access to the 500 million users on facebook.


How would you like Netflix to integrate with Facebook?

Not at all.


I am thoroughly sick of Facebook being everywhere, whether you like it or not. I don't WANT it integrated with everything, especially given how they blab your private info for everything. I really don't want them linked with anywhere I give money to for that reason


Only a few people in my friends list on facebook liked seeing what I rated titles. The rest ignored or otherwise didn't care or want to see them. What I want is social aspects within the netflix site not limited to facebook features integration. Linking certain features like sharing your ratings which just mirrors info from the netflix site is fine but don't make anything require facebook for customers to be able to use.

I really liked the friends feature that compared similarity based on ratings; allowed us to see others ratings, reviews, recently watched, etc; and make lists and view others lists. These were great ideas that may not have been designed the best they could have been. In addition to bringing those ideas back to the site a recommend to watch feature for friends would be nice. Which leads to the next suggestion better add friends feature. I'm not sure how many ever figured out that feature. Unless it was nothing more that being a fan of someone vs. being a friends list such as common to other social platforms even before facebook and myspace were an idea. People I'm interested in social activity related to netflix may not always be someone who I would want to know more intimately or want to know me more intimately so they would not be added to friend list on facebook. Only family and my close friends and some not so close friends I've known for a long time are part of my facebook friends list. To be honest though I don't know why I have a facebook account nobody uses it to "socialize".

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Who cares.

If netflix wants better Facebook integration good for them. If it doesn't cost me anything and I don't have to participate, then go for it.


I can only echo the response of many others to the question of how to integrate with Facebook; NOT AT ALL!!

Regardless, they are going to do it anyway. So all I ask is that they give their subscribers the benefit of being able to choose whether or not to integrate their two accounts. Please give us the option to choose NOT to share ANY of our data with Facebook in ANY capacity.

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