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1) The Netflix app frequently stops working on Vista Media Center. MSFT's fault not Netflix's but I am not willing to switch remotes.
2) Netflix's streaming collection is a nice bonus, but only about 10-20% of my 500 DVD queue is available via streaming.
3) I would expect my ISP to introduce bandwidth caps in the near future. The US mail has more bandwidth than my ISP.


I saw that apparently a number of people would sign up for Netflix if they'd revive the show Firefly. I believe that if Netflix were to pick up shows that are popular but not among mainstream audiences, but more technically savvy ones (Chuck, Party Down, etc) then they could increase nerd membership perhaps.



I would pay more, $14.99 - $19.99/month, for newer titles AND more HD/5.1 audio encoded movies. As it currently exists, $7.99/month is priced about right.

I am currently paying something in the high 20s to get disks with subtitles or cc and some with additional extras like running comments. If I could get the subtitles and cc on more streaming I might go into the high 20s and cut back on disks. I would have to see the product first.


Id pay 20 to stream ALL movies netflix offers on disc. For what they offer now im good at 7.99


Uh, nothing more. If they raise the price of streaming, they'll raise the price of people who get DVDs and a lot of the stuff I want to watch is on DVDs (and would still be gotten on DVDs even if they were streamed because Netflix likes to stream English whenever possible).


Well the agreement/contract I signed was for $7.99 a month for unlimited streaming. I intend to abide by this contract and I hope NF will also. If they want to break our current contract and then have me sign a new one, they would have to sweeten the pot. As I'm not going to agree to pay more than was originally agreed upon for the same service.

Jacob Neff

I don't care about the streaming. I want the Blu-Rays I'm paying extra for. All the Blu-Rays (TV Shows, catalog titles), not just the new release movies.

Blockbuster Online carries most of them, but their turnaround times are very slow.


$7.99 sounds good.

Of course, you have to add on the cost of HighSpeed Internet [typically, a minimum of $20-25 to get sufficient Mbps].

If streaming increases to the point of cutting in on cable TV, you can bet the cable companies will increase Internet fees to defray some of their cable TV losses.

Carlton Banksy

I want blu-ray catalog & TV! I have already dropped the disc # on my plan and opened one with BlockBuster to cover those titles. I didn't spend all my $$ on HDTV/Blu-Ray/Surround Sound to watch the terrible quaility that Netflix streaming offers. I know I don't speak for everyone but there are a number of film geeks like me that want to experience these films at the highest quality possible. Netflix used to be the company for us. Now, I'm not so sure.


As the saying goes, a sucker is born every minute. Just because someone is willing to pay a stupid amount more doesn't mean it should be that amount.

What people need to remember before they go gun ho back into paying a ridiculous amount is the reason netflix is doing so well is because people are fed up of paying to much.


I Don't really use their crapping streaming but If they raise rates again I may cancel. If they are going to keep raising rates for streaming they need to make serious changes to their plans. They don't need raise the rates of people who get Disc. I hope if they raise rates again they lose millions of subscribers. I'll be one of the first to cancel!


I am still waiting for the first company to allow in theater movies for a ONE TIME home viewing. I would pay $30 per movie for something like that....

By the time you factor in gas, two tickets, popcorn, and drink you already are paying that anyway. Plus you get the added advantage of not dealing with noisy / rude people of the theater, and I do not have to worry about finding a sitter for the kids.

The first company to offer anything close to this experience, I will jump all over. We have a wonderful media room with 61 screen with 1080 p blu ray and dvd player. I do not need the movie theater screen to enjoy the experience from home.


I would pay $50/month for:

- Streaming of everything*
- Highest quality available**
- Titles never become unavailable

*everything that is currently available on disc, broadcast or streaming
**I realize that some older stuff isn't available in HD, but there's no reason why Iron Man should be streamed in SD


How much would I pay for Netflix streaming? $7.99/mo. That's what it's worth to me. I'm glad Reisinger thinks it's a bargain. Spotty selection, mostly older movies I've already seen, lots of second-hand TV that wasn't all that good in first run, no closed caption, an occasional gem. It's like a decent second-hand store: clean, convenient, and, best of all, priced right.


Ben, the "contract" is month to month. Contract really isn't the issue. The contract I enter into with McDonald' when I buy a burger doesn't obligate either party to the price I contract with them next time


@Ben, you didn't sign a contract with Netflix. This isn't like s cell phone agreement. It's month-to-month. They can raise the prices and your only options will be to pay it or leave Netflix.


I would like the Blu-Ray price to be removed.

As for streaming. I always find something to watch. I also don't mind getting DVDs/Blu in the mail.

Some Months I do streaming only to get caught up on my Instant Queue.

I don't want everything streaming as that means no more discs which means it's harder to goto friends houses and bring a flick over to watch.

Plus if ISPs start capping us more. Since everyone seems to take it. No one has the guts or not enough people to quit there ISP to send a message that they are not gonna take being capped.

Caps are bad period. It's not streaming at fault either. Everything is going online.

More & more are doing online backups and other stuff. Besides torrents & file sharing which has been going on for years and online gamers.

So these caps just seem like another reason to nickel & dime us. What is worse is when they have caps and still advertise as Unlimited.

So Netflix is fine as is. The price is right. So is the streaming and discs.

Even though the streaming only plan wasn't needed as the 1 disc plan was just fine.

However they raised the disc prices to offer a steaming only plan because everyone complained about Canada getting a streaming only option.

As Netflix stands. It could loose the Blu-Ray added cost and get more Blu-Rays.

Streaming is doing just fine.

Well see what the future holds.

Wonder how that On-Live gaming service will do too?


i'm like the oil companies i want it all you hear everything .


Amen Carlton! Most of the streaming is low quality. Give me consistent blu-ray...and until that day comes, I'll stick with a disc.

Losing interest in Netflix

When I first started Netflix streaming I may have paid more, as it looked like there was a lot to watch.
As time has passed and I have become more familiar with Netflix selections I have become much less enthused, especially with a lack of surround sound, subtitles or close captioning and way too few HD titles. SD titles look like vhs on my big screen. I will do not watch movies on anything small enough to pick up.
Then figure in the cost of FIOS so that I can stream without problems, and even $7.99 isn't that attractive for Netflix.
So if Netflix raises their prices I will eventually look for other ways to get programming, perhaps Blockbuster or my local brick & mortar for disks, as Netflix' blu-ray selection and availibility/wait times have become unacceptable.
There may not be a lot of options right now...but they are coming.


With an increase in cost, I would want some guarantees on what would be available to stream. Right now shows appear and disappear without any warning.


Current $7.99 is fair value. But they need to find the problem and correct the 'load-reload', stop start, 4 dot down to 2. No it is not a Roku or ISP problem. Those two areas have already been elimininated.

If NF finally moves to strictly 'streaming', (which NF would prefer) and make 'new release' and older titles available...probably fair price would be $14.99.

They might consider separate plans: 'streaming' and a plan for home delivery on new release and BR, for those who have no desire for 'streaming'.

The marketplace for consumers is getting larger with many other options at comparable pricing. Netflix needs to stay #1, which is to offer a 'complete' library for 'streaming' at the best price.


Id pay a higher price (12-15/per month) IF they offered all their films on streaming and more Hi-Def titles.


Theres no way they will ever have every disc available on streaming. So I would say max price the way it is right now is 20 a month. Your able to watch a lot of catalog titles, TV episodes without comercials, and the ocassional title that is unavailable on DVD. If they could add some newer releases quicker then maybe 25 or 30 a month. Its still a better value then HBO or other pay tv channels.


I know quite a few people stuck with 1.5MBPS DSL.

I know for them they love there discs. LOL.

Which it really sucks in 2011 to be stuck with High Speed that slow.

Steven Hoober

I'd pay my current DVD rate to get full content streamed. I expect to do that, someday.

I also expect "someday" to be 20 years off, after the studios have gone through several rounds of stupid (exclusive deals, fragmentation) and that failed and they merge, get bought by third parties, fail entirely, etc.

Until then, I am planning for optical disk reader purchases. As annoyed as that makes me.


NF has to offer more content in HD and support 5.1 sound for all devices.


I second byteme's idea for streaming. That is actually the best idea I've ever read about on this entire blog. You rule, dude.

If Netflix has 10,000+ streaming titles available for $8, then for $50 they could logically stream 60,000 of them. Not their entire DVD catalog, mind you, but I bet if you projected the number of subscribers to such a plan you could easily argue that when you're pulling in those kinds of numbers you can easily play hard ball with studios and content creators to get whatever the Hell you want - such as a 100,000 title streaming catalog for the price of a 60,000 one. Remember, just a tad over 60% of America subscribes to cable/satellite, and at higher cost, too, and I bet each and every single one of those people would jump ship the moment they could for a superior service.

Again, seriously, byteme, that is the best idea I've ever read about here. And as to anyone who thinks it couldn't be done? You should go read up on Britain's streaming music war and how the tides have quickly turned in favor of a la carte subscription pricing.


Ben L

@ bonzo

Not sure I follow this logic. If the Netflix app is what stops working, and the media center is fine otherwise, that doesn't strike me as something that is the fault of MS. Seems the Netflix app or addon is bugged.


I will definitely pay more for more titles streaming. However I will need the entire contents of the disc available -- for example director's commentary.

If they double or triple their streaming titles, $20 with no caps is an bargain.


At this time, I rarely watch streaming titles. My viewing is split between new (or at least relatively new) releases and fairly obscure titles -- neither group is well-represented though instant watch releases.


Seriously? $0.00

I'm way happier with what Hulu offers for free than what Netflix charges for.

Common Sense

You guys are all delirious with your expectations of how you think your dollar should be stretched. You're smoking PCP if you think you can the full catalog of netflix titles over streaming for $15 dollars. You'd be hard pressed to stretch 8.00 dollars further then you can with what netflix has to offer. Its not going to have everything at your fingertips but for 1/15th of comcast cable, you can do a whole lot worse.

And for everyone complaining about quality, get a new ISP cause my titles come through great.


None. I don't care for streaming. I like DVDs. Plus, as I always bring up, no captioning means no watching for me.

I bought a Roku so my kids could stream when they're over, but they say the selection sucks (they can't ever seem to find anything to watch, anyway) so we usually RedBox when they're here.


i'd only be willing to pay more if all netflix employees got raises - i don't care about shareholders


Why the hell would I want to pay MORE!? For the current offerings (few new releases, few HD) $7.99 is accurately priced. Netflix needs to remove the Bluray charge though. It's complete BS that I have to pay MORE for it. In fact, I'd upgrade my plan if I didn't have to pay more for Bluray.


I signed up with Netflix to get DVDs by mail. There is nothing Netflix offers for streaming that I would not prefer to see on DVD (I can wait), or if streaming is the only way to watch something from Netflix then I can forgo watching it.

Streaming is ok, the few times I have watched a few minutes of it, but paying extra for the ability to "instantly watch" some "shiny new object" movie or TV show? Not one additional cent from this consumer.


I don't like to pay high price on streaming. I prefer $7.99.


I already pay more because I need to stream to 3 devices at the same time in our house (den and kids' rooms). I'd be worried that if the default rate went up, all the other plans would go up too and I wouldn't want to afford that.

Right now, I'm paying $19.99/mo for 3 DVDs at a time. But we really don't watch DVDs. It's just so we can do 3 devices at once. I wouldn't mind seeing a more a la carte service and paying a little more for more recent stuff.

Maybe they could do it tiered:

$7.99 Netflix Streaming Classic (you don't get new releases on instant)

$14.99 Netflix Streaming Plus (you get new releases)

$3.99 for each additional device you want to stream to

$3.99 for each physical disc you want to have out

Or something along those lines. Let people pay for just the things they want to use.

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