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What the heck does Java have to do with Netflix? There's no Java on the Netflix page at all. It's all HTML, CSS, Javascript (which *IS NOT JAVA!*), and Silverlight for playback. The only javascript on the login page is intended to prevent double-clicking the login button, and should not prevent you from logging into the page if your browser is ancient.


This is sort of like reading a blog dedicated to the latest car models and someone writes a post about how they start their hand cranked engine.

If you are going to post something like this go all the way, "Netflix On The Commodore 64".


thats funny made my day.


wow is that firefox running on win98? That seems like a bad combo for resources. You might be better off using IE.


Javascript is related to Java the same way carpets are related to cars.


Anyone have a workaround for Windows 3.1. I can't seem to get Netflix to fully load in the browser.


Anyone find a work around for OS/2?

Apex Predator

I'm still on an XP machine purchased in 2003 and get lag on the Netflix stream. I can't imagine that a Win98 machine is any better. I upgraded RAM and the graphics card and it still sucks so I'm buying a new machine soon.


win95 woo hoo


I'm running DOS 2.0!


My aging desktop with XP runs Netflix very well. I have updated the processor and bumped the RAM to 2gb.

I'm just waiting for Netflix to support linux for streaming for the media laptop I set up for my wife in the kitchen.

bob barker

Sometimes the saying "If it ain't broke don't fix it" does not apply. This is one of those times!


hmmm above comment is a advertisment

Michael R

"640K ought to be enough for anybody." - Bill Gates, 1981


[citation needed]

Provide proof he actually said that.


I have a tape in my back pocket with bill gates saying that, smartass

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