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Are you kidding me?
As much as I love Netflix it is missing TONS OF GREAT MOVIES!

I don't even want to begin listing movies...


Shy People (1988). It's not even on DVD, but it would be great for Netflix to stream it. Roger Ebert called it "one of the great visionary films of recent years." It's a great film!


Jurassic Park? Not available? Should be available and in Blu-Ray as far as I'm concerned. It's as if they're trying to get rid of their inventory.

I'm starting to see the day I'll be ready to leave Netflux. I'm just waiting for whatever's going to take it's place. If I feel that way, I'm sure there are other people as well. Maybe it'll end up like Blockbuster.

Perkins Cobb

RED SORGHUM was never released on DVD in the US, so that's a moot point. New Yorker's library has been a disaster of unavailability for most of the DVD era.

A streaming deal with Netflix would be terrific, but they're not going to have acceptable masters on a lot of titles. And actually a lot of the library got picked off by other distributors as New Yorker went downhill, so they might not have RED SORGHUM any more. In other words: Don't hold your breath.


The Cook, Thief, His Wife and Her Lover

Tired of her husband's boorish lifestyle and difficult attitude, the wife (Helen Mirren) of a barbaric crime boss (Michael Gambon) engages in a secret romance with a bookish patron (Alan Howard) between meals at her husband's restaurant, sneaking in liaisons while he and his thugs dine. Food, sex, murder, torture and cannibalism are the exotic fare in this beautifully filmed but brutally uncompromising modern fable


Big Bad Mama

Wake Up, Ron Burgundy


And sadly enough, I bet you could find a torrent to download Red Sorghum if you wanted.... You gotta love the irony.


How about a bunch of the recent Blu Ray releases of classic movies, since I already pay an extra fee for BR.

Once Upon a Time in America
Metropolis Restored
Kelly's Heros
Where Eagles Dare
Bridge on the River Kwai


All-American Girl!


Tron, the original one. It was removed before Tron:Legacy came out.


Back to the Future and The Twilight Zone Blu-rays


Two films have remained in my Saved section practically since the day I joined 4.5 years ago. One is The Cook, the Thief, His Wife, and Her Lover mentioned above. The other:

The Krays (1990)

Director Peter Medak's BAFTA-nominated drama depicts the real-life story of twins Reggie (Martin Kemp) and Ronald Kray (Gary Kemp), two notoriously vicious gangsters who would ultimately lead the criminal underworld of 1960s London. Raised in the city's working-class East End, the twins -- feared by everyone around them -- gained both power and respect, though eventually the brothers' horrific brutality turned even their own against them.


The Phantom Tollbooth


The Grey Fox


I wanna see "3 Idiots"

Bring it streaming, Netflix!


Quantum Hoops


Tiger Town and a lot of other Wonderful World of Disney movies from the 80's and 90's. I'd love to see those come to Instant Watch.

Walter Underwood

Brewster McCloud


saved by the bell season 1 - 5

half of old disney movies are not on dvd

Land Awes

I, Martin Short, Goes Hollywood

Land Awes

Fantasia, especially when I need to fall asleep.


Tron 1. Wtf?


"The Big Fix" (1978) starring Richard Dreyfuss, F. Murray Abraham, Bonnie Bedelia, and John Lithgow.


When was the last time Netflix added a movie or show released on blu-ray that came out in the 20th Century? I know they used to add them but they obviously stopped.

I just look at as a 4 dollar surcharge on the streaming service to get blu-rays and DVD's so it's worth it, but they're getting near Class Action territory with their refusal to add more than a token 3 or 4 blu-rays a week.


@ Bill
"Jurassic Park? Not available? Should be available and in Blu-Ray as far as I'm concerned. It's as if they're trying to get rid of their inventory."

It's not out on Blu-ray any where, so I don't know why you would expect Netflix to have it...


According my "saved" queue:
Black Sunday
Blow Out
Five Deadly Venoms
Rivers Edge
The Defiant Ones
The Harder They Fall
Man With the Golden Arm

Netflix turning to crap

how about the 49 titles in my Saved DVD list.


The Great Dictator. I guess it isn't in print, but they have all the other Chaplin films.


The most recent Shout Factory tv releases would be nice.


Blow out is being released on Criterion soon (April 26th) and I'm certain NFlix will carry that. Also The Man with the Golden Arm is instant watch, but be careful because there are two entries for that and you may have the other one in your saved queue.

As for Black Sunday, just get the Mario Bava movie. =P

For a lot of the out of print, or just not-purchased (but released on DVD) movies I have great luck with finding them at my library. Also I think NF deserves some credit for their recent departure into giving movies with no DVD release an instant watch release. They've actually posted up some things in great quality that have only been available so far in ugly 10th generation VHS rips online.

As for the whining about new movies, go to Red Box. Some of us have an interest in cinema that dates further back than "that commercial I saw".


They had these available at one time:

Game Show Moments Gone Bananas
Jackie Mason: The Ultimate Jew
Murder, Spies & Voting Lies
Tilt: The Battle to Save Pinball
The Shape of the World (series)
Destroyed in Seconds (series)
Trinity & Beyond: The Atomic Bomb Movie
Whale Mission

And these are all out in some format or another:
3 Idiots
Before Tomorrow
Ghost Bird
Idiots & Angels
Mesrine Part 2
Piranha (1978)


The Life of Reilly


Anonymouse: Perhaps it's because I wasn't aware that Jurassic Park was out of print. Why would I know? Should I spend all that extra time I don't have seeing WHY Netflix doesn't have it? Especially given that there are more "unavailable" movies in my Saved queue than new ones waiting for release.

Btw, thanks for the snotty response. That's why I love the Internet. It reminds me that so many people LIKE to behave like turds. You should get a job with Netflix. Or else spend all that extra time you clearly have learning some manners.

PS: Don't forget to call me an asshole. You know you want to.


A few from my saved queue

Love with the Proper Stranger - Steve McQueen flick I've never got to see

Cinematographer Style (2006)

Secrets and Lies (1996) -
never got around to seeing it and would like to

WR: Mysteries of the Organism
Looks wierd and interesting but not available to stream or on disc

Clear Cut: The Story of Philomath


Jurassic Park has never been released on bluray, although a quick google search indicates it should be released this year. No reason to complain about Netflix not having it when it doesn't even exist.


Let It Ride


anonymouse and me.yahoo.com both need to get over it. The Blu-Ray part was an afterthought. The point was they don't have Jurassic Park. Period. Of any sort. No reason to complain about me complaining about Netflix not having it when it doesn't exist just because I didn't know it doesn't exist... yet.

Or to paraphrase "anonymouse" I don't know why I would expect either one of these two to do anything but nitpick on person's comment about one simple detail. Not to mention that I qualified it with "as far as I'm concerned."

Internet meets bunched panties on anal-retentive types.

By all means: correct me if I'm wrong. You know you want to.

Key phrases ("as far as I'm concerned"): "I don't know why" & "no reason."

Anything else that I should be concerned about or needs correcting? Spelling? Punctuation? Grammar?

I hope the two of you don't go through all the other comments looking for movies that are, in fact, not at all available. But then on the other hand if you were, you'd be too busy to police other people's complaints.

File under: "What I hate about the Internet" and "What I hate about the human race."


mighty aphrodite and once and again seasons 1 and 3

not unpreposterous

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, released last year on dvd, still in my "saved" queue at Netflix.

All Tomorrow's Parties. California Split. Cat Soup. A bunch of Criterion titles and British tv and French cinema they've let drop out of inventory.

And I freakin' hate streaming.


The things on my list that are surprisingly unavailable: Five Deadly Venoms, Joysticks, King Kong Lives, Kingdom of the Spiders, Maniac Cop, Piranha II: The Spawning, Pontypool and Uncle Sam

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