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Michael M

If you have toddlers, the sheer volume of kids stuff on Netflix is worth a streaming subscription alone. We own zero kids DVDs. There's a ton of PBS shows and kids don't care that they're a decade old. When they added a ton of Sesame Street episodes, it got much much better.


I hope they eventually get every season on there, and Mr. Rogers.


discovered the Sesame Street a few weeks ago. Its been awesome. We don't miss cable.


My daughter will be thrilled!


o boy cookie monster


I've rented the discs from the "Old School" collection consisting of episodes from 1969 to 1979. I wish they would continue that DVD series into the early '80s.


Okay, this is a huge win! Good move NF!


This is awesome. It would be nice to see more PBS programming. PBS Newshour directly after it's broadcast OTA on PBS would be nice. I can't help but think this would be a win-win situation. PBS is a free broadcast anyway. Netflix could pay a small fee for this, PBS gets increased revenue and Netflix gets a relevant and timely news broadcast. PBS already offers this online right after it airs anyway.

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