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That's a bunch of crap, why don't we americans get the good stuff like Iron Man 2.

Bob E.

fan favorites like "Titanic" and "The Last Airbender,"

Calling Airbender a "fan favorite" is a bit of a stretch, but putting it in the same sentence with "Titanic", really?

Any chance Praamount made the deal b/c they know all the ISP strangling - excuse me, throttling - in Canada cuts down on video viewing anyway?

I downloaded over 15gig from Playstation alone last week, fortunately their battle with Verizon FIOS seems to be keeping Cablevison palatable these days.


That is great news for canada..


Iron Man 2 will be streaming in the U.S. in June.


According to Feedfliks, we get Iron Man on June 23rd and Airbender on July 7th. No dates for the others yet.


Very cool eh?


Maybe this is a little OT, but why does Netflix even have that column called "notes" in your IW queue if they are not going to use it? They used to list the expiry date for streaming titles in that column, but they rarely do that anymore.

I have almost 400 currently available titles saved to my IW queue and only a couple of them indicate they will be expiring at the end of the month. Meanwhile, titles keep moving into and out of availability regularly with no warning at all.

According to InstantWatcher there are dozens of titles that will be expiring on 4/1/11, including a bunch of Fox stuff -- many of which are in my IW queue -- yet Netflix doesn't bother to note this. InstantWatcher has listed these for weeks, yet Netflix can't give us a little forewarning?

Very annoying!


@Bob E: yes The Last Airbender is a really good movie ... Have you watched it ?

Personally, I can put Titanic and Last Airbender in the same my fav movies list, they're running in two really different categories of course, but they're both good.


who's this iron man ?


@Byteme Hopefully that just means that they're coming back right away in their new season grouping format.


fuck canada netflix you started here we have been paying you for years and you hook them up with first runs not us not cool

Austin Bonds

I'm happy for our Canada friends, but would certainly like to see these titles here in the U.S. These are some good films.

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