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Correction: Netflix, Google, and Hulu are in negotiations to license online distribution of the Miramax collection of more than 700 movies.

(As written it sounds like they are actually in negotiations for the library itself, but that would be a whole lot more money... and a whole different story if any of these companies were thinking about owning rather than licensing content...)

RH Macy

Miramax has some good movies, but overall, the company is way overrated. It became trendy to sing the praises of Miramax just like Paris Hilton became trendy.


@ Scott

Pedant pedantically pedants.

As written, on a website about Netflix, in an article about three streaming companies vying for the rights to a company's librar---OH GOD MY BRAIN OH GOD NO IT BURNS ALL ABILITY TO USE CONTEXT CLUES HAVE BEEN ERASED AAAAARRGGHHH NOW HOW WILL I EVER WIN AT CHARADES AGAIN !!!!!


BP, there was just a story about how Netflix is going back into the content owning business with the "House of Cards" series, having also put their toe in the water in the past with production of their own movie titles. It is not impossible that they may try to acquire content, nor is it impossible that Google or Hulu could ever consider such a thing.

Regardless, there's no reason to write something inaccurately when one could just as easily do it correctly.

InstaFlicka Podcast

Let's hope Netflix wins this one. They seem to be losing a bit lately.


@Sott: Actually the story turned out to be wrong - at least on that part. From the Netflix Blog: "while we aren’t producing the show and don’t own it, we are agreeing to license it before it is successfully produced." (my highlighting)


Many Godzilla fans are hoping this would include 1989's Godzilla vs Biollante. Miramax has the rights to it and released it on VHS and LD but it is not available on DVD.

Bob E.

That's who I have to blame? I have an 8 yr. old son who has seen every Godzilla movie except 1, that 1. (Well and that Matthew Broderick crime which I won't let him see.) We had to resort to MST3K to see vs. Megalon.

On the pedantic debate - I agree with Scott, I thought they were going to "buy" the library. What I was more confused about was I thought everybody was going in together as a group, not separately.


I hope this does not turn into a bidding war amongst NF, google, hulu, etc. It would be nice if this includes HD/5.1 sound and DVD extras.


I wish NetFlix would put an expiration date on all shows in my queue so I can sort by that. I am approaching more shows in my saved queue than in my regular queues!


You guys have some major logic center malfunctions if you came to the conclusion that Netflix were looking to buy the library out-right. I also question how one makes the logical leap of faith to assume that Netflix, Hulu and Google were going for the buy-in together.

As presented, Hacking Netflix's blurb might have been vague but it was neither inaccurate nor uninformative. Lacking in clarification is not an excuse to go off into wild speculative fantasy land.

Do you need to look up into the night sky to know that the moon is there?

@ Bob E

It might be hard to get a registration, just keep your eye on when they open, but Cinemageddon is worth it's, err, insert poorly chosen idiom here. You get the idea.

Godzilla vs Biollante three disc DVD set rip, including VHS rip with English subs (yeah I know, poor quality, but at least it's there) - http://cinemageddon.net/details.php?id=93320

Godzilla vs Megalon, high quality DVD rip with VHS international audio - http://cinemageddon.net/details.php?id=23412

Enjoy. :)


I they are not selling an exclusive. I want competition between these companies, not have to signup for all three to see everything I want. Similarly, I shouldn't have to signup for both cable, satellite, and fibre to get everything I want to see.


I agree with your sentiment completely, however, we will eventually move into a world of exclusives. Netflix versus Hulu versus Amazon is HBO versus Showtime versus Starz. If they didn't have exclusives then they wouldn't be able to differentiate themselves. The best cheapest user experience would win out. Great for consumers, not as good for companies. They wouldn't have the latitude to screw-up but keep your business because they have that one exclusive thing you want to see.

Grady Hendrix

Unfortunately Godzilla vs Biollante will probably not be in this package. This is the Miramax library, and that movie, along with a lot of other great foreign titles, are in the Dimension library. I think The Weinstein Company actually still owns the Dimension library.


That's the other problem with Dimension/Miramax titles: Netflix can only stream the sources they provide which are often cut, poorly dubbed and re-titled.

I wish Netflix would set up deals directly with foreign distributors for their libraries. With Indian, Korean and now Chinese distributors releasing movies directly into the American theatrical market, it'd be great to see them license their libraries directly to Netflix, Hulu or Amazon.


BP, re: "You guys have some major logic center malfunctions if you came to the conclusion that Netflix were looking to buy the library out-right. I also question how one makes the logical leap of faith to assume that Netflix, Hulu and Google were going for the buy-in together."

You're missing the point. At first read, it is easy to interpret the sentence to mean these things. Then when you stop and think about it, you can figure out what it really meant. But the first, literal interpretation of the text as written is ambiguous in multiple ways, which means it's a coin-toss as to how the brain first interprets it, much like one of those illusion graphics which look like something different depending on whether your brain focuses first on what the black part of the image implies or what the white part of the image implies. So it is not a "logical leap of faith" for Bob to have at first thought the three companies were teaming up... it's a reasonable interpretation of the sentence as written, a way it could hit your brain *before* logic kicks in and makes you realize that the ambiguously worded sentence doesn't mean what you thought it did. Quick reading just provides one simple understanding of the content; you stop and analyze the logic of what you read only if you subsequently realize that your understanding of what you read might be off. It is better to word something so that virtually everyone gets it right the first time, instead of wording something ambiguously so that people may have to stop and re-interpret what they've read.


Netflix, Google & Hulu Competing for 700 Movie Miramax Collection


The more I frequent this blog, the more I get the impression that your main objective is to harass everyone else on it.


Racket, with the world of exclusives, and many not wanting to sign up for 3 or 4 services, it leaves us with......DVD's by mail!! It seems like it is going to be the best, cheapest way to see what we want to see. Technology is biting us in the ass.


@ SuperScuba

Counting myself, fourteen unique people have posted in this thread. Of those fourteen, I have responded negatively to only one and posted a link to another to help him find two films his kid has never seen.

Don't let facts get in the way of your righteous indignation, however.



I wasn't just talking about this thread. I could go back to past ones and find other examples. I'm not saying you never make valid points nor am I saying you don't make constructive arguments. However, your statements often come off as negative or even angry. I rarely see you agree with other people and you often play devil's advocate. I don't know if this is just coincidence, obviously you're allowed to have whatever opinion you would like. I just think today was the best example of all. You basically ragged on @Scott merely because he posted a clarification. Was that clarification 100% necessary? That's debatable of course, however his intentions were honorable and he was trying to be a constructive member of this blog. You starting an argument over whether it was necessary is not a constructive contribution.

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