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Common Sense

Who really cares, nobody is listening to your opinion. I understand the angle of the post, but who really cares about how you rate a different season, i never make choices based off the ratings of other users or what netflixs best guess for me


@common sense - i care, now shut up

that being said, i always felt we should be able to rate each and every show separately - there's always at least one clunker in a tv show's season


@jjfromnyc - If I'm understanding you right, I completely agree.

I wish there was a way to rate individual episodes. Of course, I'd try to take it one step farther and try to use those individual ratings to find an average for the whole season.

Brad Toy

I don't like it not because I care about the rating but because I use ratings to know what I have already seen and have already run in to a case where I didn't know what season on a show I had gotten to,


Yes this does seem like laziness on Netflix part --- Seasons and even individual episodes should be separate. Hulu.com you can rate each episode separately -- why not Netflix!


Yeah, echoing what's already been said, I use star ratings as a simple reminder of what seasons I've already watched. I guess I'll have to figure out another system.


The new format is screwing up my ratings competition I'm having with my friends ;)


With combining seasons, 3rd Rock From the Sun is messed up on the Roku. When I watch an episode, it's supposed to advance to the next episode but it always advances to some episode in season 1. It's annoying having to select my episode from a huge list every time I go to watch something. It works just fine on the laptop so I'm thinking it's a Roku thing.

Is anyone else seeing this with other shows?


@Nijaju: the same thing has been happening to me!

@Common Sense: people do care, a lot of people read this blog, and I wouldn't be surprised if Netflix employees did too

@Hacking Netflix: I haven't worried about the individual ratings of seasons, because if I rate a season lower after a show jumps the shark, how's netflix going to know why I didn't like a certain season as much to customize my recommendations to fit? I guess they could reference it against other people who liked that show but didn't like that season, but really I don't think it will have a huge impact on my recommendations.


Not all seasons can have all the same ratings. There are some shows that later seasons are not as good. As for combining seasons, how are we suppose to know if a new season was added.

Netflix should give us the opportunity in advance to vote whether to change/add something to their service.


I actually love the change it drastically shrunk my instant queue so now I can fit more stuff in it for viewing on my roku. :)


I hate combining all seasons into one rating. I have seen a number of shows where the last season or two had dropped enough that it deserved a lower rating.

And, as others had mentioned, I also use the yellow stars as an indication that I had watched that particular season, and now Netflix is missing that up.

What Netflix used to do a long time ago was, if a title was one season of a multi-season show, the page would show "related titles" and show the other seasons and how I had rated them and, at the same time, I would be able to see if there are seasons I had not rated yet (and thus I had not watched yet).

Sorry, Netflix, but combining ratings for all seasons into just one rating is a definite step backwards.


Yeah, seasons or even episodes of a show vary, but so what? What's the real point of rating them separately?

I know if I'm in to a show I'm probably wacthing the later seasons no matter what other people rate them, and it's hard to image a show improving so much that I'd watch later seasons without seeing the earlier ones.


@marv, when I decide to watch the first season of a show, I want to see what the Netflix prediction will be for me to rate the first season, not the whole run of that show. For example, for the first few years of The X-Files, I would want to see what Netflix would predict for me fir the Chris Carter years, not for an average of when he was there and after he left. Similar story with Get Smart before and after the twins were born.

A lot of people loved the first couple seasons of Babylon 5 but then lost interest at about the third or fourth season because of the change of commanders and the original commander becoming ... well, a highly venerated, leader of two millennia ago.

These are examples of where people would watch the first few seasons and stop watching. But what is useful is what the first season is rated at so they can decide whether or not to watch, not the average of both the "good" and "bad" seasons for deciding to start watching the show.

I just got off the phone with Netflix and expressed my dislike with the new way they are doing things, using the example of Dexter.


I watch Netflix on my Xbox and if I stop a movie in the middle, where it lets me resume it, it shows what percentage of it I did watch.

Now, when I finish a movie or documentary, it doesn't show that watched it 100% to completion, but for TV shows it does. So it is very easy to keep track of what the last episode of a series I watched was.

I see others saying they use the star ratings to know what they have watched. Do all streaming devices not show you what percentage of a show/movie you have completed like it does on the 360?


The new UI changes are a very blatant push for people to use streaming instead of getting DVDs. The pages are extremely cluttered making it hard to get information about the title selection being displayed. The sole benefit of the new UI is now TV seasons are arranged on one page, but the layout of the page makes that "benefit" worse than the individual season pages as before.

Very uncool Netflix


Not so for me. My Friday Night Lights Seasons 1-4 still show a different rating for each season (including half stars), and still correctly shows Season 5 unwatched.


i HATE the fact that seasons r combined into one now...esp. on the Roku! Try watching "Married with Children"...262 ep's & u now have 2 search thru ALL of them 2 find the one u want!! HATE!

Hasan Diwan

I would like the ability to rate individual episodes of television shows. For example, I liked the Chicago Code episode from a couple of weeks back much much more than the latest one. I'll flesh this idea (and some implications of it) on my own weblog.


I totally hate the new system changes NetFlix pushed on us all. As an example: On trying to view Psych, any season, it automatically starts streaming from E1, so then none of my Watching History is getting updated and it picks right back up from S1E1, etc.

Then they've taken away the ability to rate individual seasons of certain shows that are grouped together. The grouping together completely throws me off and I'm sure the intent was to "streamline" everything. Uugh.


Yes, we should be able to rate seasons differently (and it seems we still can on the search page, right)?

That said, I love the new single view page for series. It makes it much easier to see all the available seasons. And the biggest advantage is that a whole show only takes up one slot in your instant queue instead of a slot for each season. For those with a continually full queue, this is great.

Now, if they would only let me group my queue into folders I'd be a happy camper.


This bothers me a lot; I mentioned it in a reply to a netflix blog entry, since they don't seem to have any other feedback mechanism. (Sigh.)

Can you explain about still being able to rate individual seasons by searching?

I agree with several of the above comments saying it'd be nice if we could rate individual episodes. That would make it easier for me to find episodes to re-watch later; and knowing which episodes were highest-rated by other viewers would be helpful when checking out a series I haven't seen before.


My opinion is similar to Walter's. I think grouping seasons together is a good thing because it makes it easier to move from one season to the next, especially since many times the next season of a program doesn't pop into a recommendations row. On the other hand, if I had to choose between less clutter and ratings for individual seasons, I'd choose the latter.

Based on previous comments, it seems that many don't get much use from ratings. I don't decide to watch something or not just based on ratings, but it does help me prioritize my viewing. If I feel like trying something new, but don't have a lot of time, I will usually watch something with a higher rating.

Ultimately, I trust NetFlix will figure out how to evolve the menus better. Either they will reinstate ratings for individual seasons, while grouping series under one slot. Or they could integrate a suggestion pop-out to all streaming content which would then allow you to link directly to other seasons of series. Alternately, maybe populate a row with "Additional Seasons of TV Series You've Watched".


I like to keep track of which seasons I liked and which were not so great, as well as keep track of the ones I haven't seen yet. I watch mostly TV shows on Netflix so I was greatly disappointed with this change and hope they READ THIS. Change it back! I agree with whoever said it's lazy of them. Indeed.

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