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I'm confused. Neflix isn't owning this or producing it, just licensing the "streaming" rights?

If it isn't on tv, how is it a tv show? - "the much-anticipated television series".

If this "program" is solely on NF and stars Kevin Spacey I still think it's worth $100 mil, but good luck convincing people this isn't a series of "webisodes". Might cost more to promote it than to pay for it.


The creators will also have the rights to shop its second run syndication all over television, HBO wanted it for television, I will watch i ton Netflix through my television.... I think it is a television show. Netflix has first run rights, that's the deal.

Netflix critic

"If HBO won't license shows to Netflix, it looks like Netflix will start competing with HBO"

You must be kidding.

HBO has a stellar track record of creating outstanding programming for what, 20 years.

Come back in 10 years and we'll see.


@ rjejr
You are thinking the old way media worked. All that matter is that netflix has first run exclusive rights of the original programming. That is big, as long as its a quality program.

@ Netflix critic
Your precious HBO is shaking as netflix outbid them.

foreskinned is forewarned

if this isn't broadcast on tv, then it's the equiv of a podcast.


An interesting thought I just had is that it would be quite a bit harder for scene groups to release episode rips of this, since there has never been demand for hacking a Netflix stream.


so if the show gets canceled early what happens? Or do they have to produce all the shows even if not that many people are watching it and the ratings aren't very good?


it will probably be on itunes since itunes doesn't do streaming.


This is what it is based on warning WIKI link has detail spoiler information from the original BBC PBS series. Should be good if they keep it a British Politician to an American one -- even if they don't. I want to see what Kevin Spacey does with his character version.


I'll be watching to see what they do with the remake version.


More spoilers....

"The modern version of 'The House Of Cards' will be based on US electoral politics, with Kevin Spacey starring as an "ambitious politician."

Matt Lafferty

Can't believe other posters on here--presumably heavy users of Netflx streaming--are complaining! Time shifted tv shows are the future, and for a lot of us, the present. In my house, we watch too much tv (if you're reading this, you probably do to!). Of that, two shows are must-see at their broadcast: Survivor (me) and Grey's Anatomy (her). Otherwise, it's Netflix. Heck, our cable consumption has decreased too.

As for the people saying Netflix can't be HBO, well it's got to start somewhere! Oz was the first HBO drama; I'm sure there were doubters on HackingHBO.com back in the day. ;-)


its hilarious how many people cant get a grip on the new technology ! Netflix and companies like them are the future network television is dieing


They spent $100 million on one show that they don't own?!

This is a waste of money IMHO.


This is a shot over the bow. NF will air this program, see how well it's received, see if it draws in new subscribers and then decide whether they should do it again. Some critical praise will go a long way towards helping that decision I imagine. I hope it works out well; I'd like to see more of this.

I very much enjoy British TV but for some reason I couldn't get into HOC. I hope this new version is the right choice for NF maiden voyage.


Better way to gauge viewing for it will all be downloading not just via Nielson ratings TV. It capture all 20 million viewers on all devices cell phones, ipads, DVD/blueray, Roku, TV to PC, and PC internet viewing. Not just the night it airs for ratings. Hope it works like to see new Science Fiction shows picked up by Netflix in this way. They will have a much better life expectancy -- I think!!!! :-)

foreskinned is forewarned

we know what's potentially in the deal for netflix, but what's in it for kevin spacey? have the movie offers dried up making him desperate for a serialized tv show? tv is definitely the minor leagues compared to the major leagues of starring in a movie.


For the record "I" get new media. I also get that for many people when you tell them a new "tv" show isn't on tv they're going to look at you weird and not watch it, unless NF advertises it A LOT.

Here's the dilemma - people watch NF b/c they don't WANT a schedule or commercials. Yet NF will be releasing a new series on a schedule. Will anybody watch ep. 2 (after checking out #1) before the next 25 have been put on the net?

I still think it's a worthwhile investment, but they are going to have to spend a lot on advertising to get new subscribers to watch this. And make no mistake, this is an investment towards growth, not a gift for the previously converted.


@ rjejr
I think you are thinking way too hard on this. NF can just show new episodes each week, while keeping past episodes online, like they do with Spartacus, which the latest episode is shown a day after Starz. I don't see NF having to advertise this series too much. The usual radio ads and DVD shipment envelop ad should be more than sufficient. Besides this program won't "air" until fall 2012, so they have plenty of time to promote.

Steve A

I'm wondering if Netflix is going to ultimately give Starz the rights to this show as part of a streaming deal. Why not? Let Starz air it on their networks and let NF subscribers stream the show like the rest of the Starz content.

They could also shop to other networks - Showtime & HBO come to mind. However, what about TMC, TBS, or others?

Either way, I think this is a SMART move for Netflix.

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