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Showtime and HBO are digging their graves, Netflix type service is the future, they should be embracing it.


Well I guess I'm not going to see Dexter seasons 3, 4, & 5. . . oh well.


But hey, we get tons of episodes of Cheers and Frasier. Who doesn't love that?

najem avtodoma

Anyway I never liked Dexter and Califonication.

Justin Case

But I will still be able to get Dexter and Califonication DVDs from Netflix.
Showtime's decision to stop streaming these shows makes no sense.


My DVD player still works if its a good enough show.


this is a new market that is still figuring itself out. I am sure we'll be seeing a lot of odd decisions in the future as this plays out.


That's funny. I was just telling someone the other day that I was considering subscribing to Showtime so I could go ahead and see season 5. If it weren't for the first two seasons of streaming on Netflix I would have never watched the show. To me I see that as a potential loss in revenue.


As long as HBO/Showtime continue to market DVD/Blu-ray seasonal boxsets of their original programming I continue to not be compelled to subscribe to their TV-pay offering. That is as long as Netflix/Blockbuster doesn't sign some stupid agreement to never buy mass qualities of the discs.


Not a surprise. I see this happening more and more in the future, which is why I stay on the three disc plan with blu-ray access.

I subscribe to both HBO and Showtime, so there continued stubbornness with Netflix doesn't affect me at all.


Not to burst everyone's bubble, but Dexter had seasons 1-2 for streaming (seasons 1-4 on disc, 5-6 coming) and Californication only had season 1 streaming (1-3 on disc, 4 on the way). I like Dexter, but I've already watched seasons 3 & 4... on Netflix Blu-Ray discs. This is just Showtime taking away something that only got you halfway caught up anyway. What are they risking in putting it on Netflix, making some money, and getting people hooked on season 1?


they only have the 1st season of Californication so i don't see the big deal and only 1 and 2 for Dexter. I agree that they are digging their own grave. If you catch a current show on tv and want to catch up there is no way to do it so why would i want to jump in the middle of a series. There are so many shows out there now to occupy your time so it is their loss no ours

Steve A

Yes, this move baffles. Get people hooked with early seasons, and then maybe you'll gain subscribers. I wonder how many Netflix subscribers added Starz after watching Spartacus and similar...


You have to have an awful lot of time on your hands to catch up with past seasons of anything. I have been watching the past seasons of That 70's Show and it seems to be taking forever, and it is only 22min per episode.

I cannot imagine how long it would take to catch up watching 40 minute episodes of any past series.


Come to think of it, I wonder if Showtime will be pulling the plug on TVGuideNetwork showing past seasons of Weeds. That's still a "current" show.


Apparently they have no problem letting Comcast stream their shows. What they dont realize is Comcast, already a very powerful company, now also a content producer (NBC), is going to become the most powerful player in the media business and definitely they WILL STOP streaming and push everyone their OnDemand service for which you WILL NEED THEIR TV, THEIR CABLE AND THEIR SERVICE ONLY.

Heck, till couple of months ago, they didnt even let anyone without THEIR INTERNET have access to managing the DVR.

Right now, they are only playing nice to beat netflix and as soon as they gain dominant position, they will screw everyone else as well. And then everyone will come running back to Netflix.

I do not like this new but I dont care. netflix has so many other things, I can keep myself entertained. I am not going to go subscribe to
individually to see programming.

We all watch too much TV anyway. They are only making it easier for me to reduce my tv time. If its not there, I wont watch it. I am not going to sweat about it and cry like a baby or whip out my wallet to sign up on their sites.


Also, comment to web masters, please switch to reCAPTCHA instead of your home grown bot detector.


BTW, in all this, hulu.com is the one thats going to get obliterated by studios that helped create it and by xfinity.tv or fancast or whatever the heck new name comcast wants to market and confuse people with.

Big Dave

You gotta remember a coupla things; This is all new territory. There are bound to be some execs shooting themselves in the foot. And, network execs, cable execs, and distribution execs are the retarded offspring of music execs. They only know what mom & dad tell them. Is it any wonder they still can't feed themselves at 45 years of age?


same here Jeff If it weren't for the first two seasons of streaming on Netflix I would have never watched the show, i was planning pay for showtime to watch new seasons after I finish season 1,2,3... but now forget it... they are not going to see my money in their pockets, I don't like tha kind of attitude, this people think that they have absolute control, but that's not truth at all, I have my money right here next to me... Now I make my mind, I will be with NETFLIX for life just and I will advice my friends, family and every body with a speak not to pay for cable and premium channels and switch to NETFLIX there are so many shows and movies that we have to be 24 hours to watch all of them, but anyway when I like a show next season this companies cancel it and let you on the limbo, not end...


Netflix Just need to buy more DVDs for this kind of shows or do what this company does Zediva.com you can read the report here http://www.nytimes.com/2011/03/17/technology/personaltech/17pogue.html?_r=1&ref=technology


You can still get the DVD from Netflix. Not having it on streaming isn't that big of a deal.


I'm amazed the cable channels gave Netflix as much as they did in the past.

Should be interesting to see how it all plays out in the future...


I watched the first couple seasons of Dexter and enjoyed it. Then I was in the middle of the first episode of a recent season and I was suddenly struck by the depravity of the whole thing. I guess I somehow began to take it seriously. When I did that it turned my stomach.

Dexter is sicko.

When I realized that I began to think about the plot premises and whatever believability the show once had flew right out the window.

If I were to surreptiously murder people by subduing them with an injection I would just immediately dispose of the body. Getting an empty room or building, covering it with plastic, tying the victim to a table and then cutting him up is a sure way to get caught. It's too elaborate. It takes too long. It involves extra transportation of a comatose person and then transportation of the resulting bloody body parts.

If you live on the Florida coast and have a boat all you need to do is to inject your victim and drive them to your boat. Attach a big rock to the unconscious person and drop them in the Gulf Stream. There would be very little risk of ever being caught.

Of course it would be lousy TV. But the TV Dexter indulges in a series of ridiculously elaborate murders just to satisfy the blood lust of the audience. Once you understand it that way it's very hard to continue to watch.





Because there's nothing more we love than OLDER SHOWS.

Jesus Christ, I'm getting so sick of Netflix. Will someone else please offer NEW shows and movies with no bullshit delay? Like, now?


Funny part is, I'm happy to wait for it to come out later :)

Keep digging your own graves!


Losangeles: You might want to try this new invention for new shows. It's called a television.


Eh. Big whoop.

Just rent em on disc. Life will go on.

Netflix is a rental company they rent out content. Disc and streaming shouldn't be different.


So season 1 of Dexter is going to be sitting on a shelf somewhere instead of generating revenue...just like the Sopranos or Deadwood or Rome. Don't actors and writers get residuals off of these shows? Don't the Wall Street money men want a return on their investment?

Artificial scarcity breeds black market economies, welcome to the land of increased piracy.


i think it's about the cable and satellite companies not wanting to loose more customers


Good the last seasons of those shows suck anyway. Good riddance. Thanks for ruining a great show Julia Stiles.


Weeds is a Lionsgate production and is part of the Epix deal, for anyone who is interested, even though the show is on Showtime.


Showtime needs to find a way to let people pay to watch specific shows. I love Dexter, but I'm not going to subscribe to their channel for 1 program.

Either let Netflix stream it or maybe have their own streaming setup, but if neither of those are an option I will just download it.

Sorry, but that's the truth.

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