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I think they are acquiring less, the last 5 tv shows I wanted to rent were unavailable from Netflix (and still are unavailable as well) and I ended up renting them through my local library.

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definitely think they might be acquiring less or acquiring them later. I can think of two shows right off the bat I looked for this week that are available for purchase, but not available for rental on netflix. I don't care if they are streaming or not - but I'd at least like access to them since I know they are available. I too plan to start getting on the wait list at the library for some titles.


Either they're getting less titles or less titles are being released overall. I've been acutely aware of this over the last several years.

March 14, 2006 - 84 releases (http://www.hackingnetflix.com/new_releases/newreleases031406.html)

March 15, 2011 - 11 releases


I watched parking lot on netflix instant 3 or 4 weeks ago. pretty interesting doc, btw


I think there has been a dearth of decent new release movies over the past couple years. A few years ago my queue was loaded up with a steady stream of new flicks week after week. Now it can go weeks or months with no new releases worth having at the top of the queue. Currently I've had the same disc sitting on the shelf for two weeks...there's not much I care to trade it in for. Of course there's plenty of good older discs out there; I'm only referring to the lack of good new releases. This is a Hollywood problem, not a NF problem.


They're definitely picking up less. Anyone interested in renting new DVD's or BD's of movies that didn't come out in the last two years knows this.


They're buying less. My wife pointed out to me there is a new Barbie title coming out Tuesday (Barbie Fairy secret) but it's not on the list today.

If you look for some older tv shows they used to carry, many of them are not available any more (magnum pi season 1 and some others from the 80s that are not obscure).

Show me the discs

This is stage two of Netflix's plan to completely phase out disc rentals over the next few years. The first was to greatly increase the quantity of streaming titles available. (notice: quantity...not quality)

Now, in the second stage, they quietly decrease the titles they purchase each week to acclimate users into expecting less discs and look more toward streaming.

Very soon, less popular titles that used to be available on disc will start disappearing from the service at an accelerated rate.

Eventually, in a couple of years, Netflix will officially announce a discontinuation of disc mailing. But, hey! Stick around! Look at all of the (b-movie / SD quality) streaming titles we have available!

Fortunately for us, someone else will have stepped up to take over the reigns as a low-priced supplier of disc-by-mail rentals. (Redbox?...someone new?)


Unfortunately, I think they're acquiring less, which is very disappointing. While I love the streaming availability, the ebb and flow of the titles makes the steady dvd availability important. When a title disappears from streaming, at least I can count on the dvd. Not anymore.


Why would redbox take over? They already obviously have a lower selection than netflix.


This is so disappointing. Netflix has an agenda to move more and more to streaming. All I ever wanted was discs sent by mail.

Every month, a greater percentage of my subscription fee is directed towards a service I don't want. Not only am I getting less bang for my buck, now I will be getting a more limited selection as well.

If there were a viable competitor focused on discs by mail only, I would switch in a heartbeat.


try blockbuster they have more discs to choose from. Just give it a try and see!

Netflix deteriorating- bring on the competition

Certainly fewer titles, especially in blu-ray.

I am considering cancelling my Netflix account and spending my money at Amazon.
No blu-rays for rent but they stream HD in 5.1.
Sure Netflix CAN be cheaper, but not if they WON'T deliver the disks.

I am sick of seeing LONG WAIT on my selections



Here is a list of all the titles coming out this week. Barbie got pushed to this week, but it is from Universal so not for another 28 days.

Netflix turning to crap

11 releases as mentioned earlier.

3, that's right THREE blu-ray releases.

There were 14 released per blu-ray.com



I find it interesting how they are stocking less DVDs/blu-ray titles, and on April 1st the fox streaming content goes away, which looks to be about 181 titles. If you think about it, loosing 2% of your streaming titles in one day is a big deal.


If I'm reading these post correctly, I'm not in the minority when I say I'm starting to lose interest in NF. My first gripe is of the poor quality of streaming, secondly it would have to be the waiting. I do agree with part of the problem being the lack of quality material coming from Hollyweird, which only exasperates the problem of not having titles available for mail.


According to Instantwatcher, it looks like way over half my IW queue will be expiring over the next 2-3 weeks. Netflix giveth and Netflix taketh away.

This is exactly what made me hesitant about streaming in the first place. Content that is available today can evaporate tomorrow.

And, yes, I realize this all has to do with licensing from the studios and other content providers. They all need to get their heads out of their collective bums and stop holding their content for ransom.


Netflix is getting bad as far as rentals. I had Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 in my queue forever at 'very long wait'. I removed it from my queue after I recorded it on my Tivo from ABC Family this past Sunday.


I will cancel my subscription when titles are harder and harder to get. I have a huge list of "unavailable" discs that were available easily in the past. I have Netflix for discs that I want to see and not stream, and for the convenience of them coming to me (I have a Redbox acct but have yet to rent one movie). Not having to remember to send something back right away is a nice luxury, especially when work gets busy.

With many broadband carriers capping the amount of data used, I don't think Netflix is going to be able to rely on the subscriber's streaming capabilities for long.


How do we complain to Netflix without calling? I see no email address listed for them for customer service. I think if their customers complained or reduced what they're paying might bring some attention??


New to NF, and I love the streaming, but why is the list of available titles so short. Even "old stuff", like Spin City and Operation Pacific aren't available on streaming. Hard to imagine that titles that old are licensing issues

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