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I would click for the credit if they would send me the email. I did experience it 1st hand too, but how could they know that?


I took it and think of it as symbolic. They fessed up to the problem and offered a small discount. No business can stay in business offering huge discounts every time they screw up. For the most part, day in and day out Netflix just flat out works. Really, really well. So, as a poster above noted, 3% is roughly a one day discount. Acceptable in my opinion.


3% isn't really anything, but then again what other service acknowledges when something happens on their service or even dares to offer a credit unless you ask for it. I was still able to use my Roku and use hub-d-pub and Crackle so it wasn't a total loss. It's still is a great value and think Netflix is better than cable any day.


Considering how Netflix would know if I was trying to watch a video last night, somehow I doubt they'd give it to me if I clicked and wasn't actually trying to watch one last night. Call it a hunch.


Did not get an email, even though tried to access Netflix with three different devices, and two different browsers (before bothering to come here and see the announcement of the outage).

Chris B.

Didn't get an email either. Not sure how giving out such a small amount to only a portion of their customers make sense, but what do I know. Not like I'm going to drop them over this.


Nope. Didn't try and use streaming recently. I'm surprised I got the email.


Hey what the hell a quarter is a quarter.


I did not receive a discount.

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