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I didn't get an email even though I tried to access it from three different sources last night. Should I contact them and find out what's up? I've gotten the credit before... I know it's not much, but at least recognize that I didn't get to watch The Office last night.


i am not getting anything on Roku right now. Wed nite! Grrrr


I was watching a long movie on my Roku, and I paused it several time in the middle, and it continued to play even though the web site was down. So, no - besides the fact that 3% is only about 27 cents.

BTW, I liked how the web site last night had a little "Get Unlimited Streaming" ad at the top then said "Sorry, streaming isn't working" below.


I can't click on it. my workplace is blocking it.


this is a crock - i get these discount e-mails every other time (i track this by news of them on hackingnetflix) - the two times i did receive the e-mail, clicked on the link, etc., within the due period, never got a discount - and i had tried to stream when the period reflected and was unable to do so - don't really care, but i think it's a joke - has anyone else had this problem? - anyone else actually get the discount?


I would if I got the email, which I haven't even though it was busted on my PS3, just so I can not get the discount just like I didn't get it last time even though I clicked the link within 7 days.


I got the e-mail and got the 3% credit, but it should be more. I have had problems with Netflix all week!


No email here, either. Unfortunate because it really hampered the day I allotted to watching! :/ Oh well. Netflix is still very great with their customer-centric approach.


I didn't get an email... however I was able to stream through the WII so technically I wasn't frozen out completely.

Zachary Aletheia

No e-mail here and i was going to watch something last night and couldn't. I am on a roku.


I am a new enrollee. Got an email for one additional day in my trial period. So a tad more than the 3% discount.


No e-mail here, I wonder why. I also was on my roku and kept clicking on netflix and getting bounced out, at least 4-5 times. I wonder what determines it. Maybe its cause I am using a Netflix gift card?


NOT ENOUGH! I am sick and tired of these "technical issues." We pay for a service and it's our right for them to provide us this service. They take our money and still screw us. F*CK NETFLIX!


I have gotten the e-mail every time, clicked the link, yet never received the credit.


Just got the email here. Relax, it may still be on its way for your 23 cent discount.


don't you think this should be an automatic discount for everyone? or at least not make us click on a link in an e-mail? not really all that paranoid, but there are a lot of fake e-mails with virus-infested links, are there not? why can't we be notified when we log onto netflix?


hehehe - i just got the e-mail, but my version has this verbiage: "The credit will be 3% of our $7.99 a month plan that lets our members instantly watch unlimited TV episodes and movies. Credit can only be applied once." - so that leaves me out as i am a 1-out plan member - i find it funny is all i'm sayin'


Got the email but didn't click the link as I didn't try to stream yesterday. But in the past I have always received the discount in timely manner.

bob barker

Sweeeet! I'm gonna take my 23 cents and buy a...um...er...well...hmmm...nm


Just got my email, too. Not much of a discount, but hey. :)




Got the email, but wasn't streaming during the outage, so didn't feel justified in taking the credit.


3% of no refund comes out to what?


3% is a day's worth of service. Pay a monthly bill, most months are 30 days long, so 3 percent is pretty much a full day of watching movies for free. Fair enough, they were only down for like 12 hours.


As many times as my ISP has gone down, and my cable gone out, I have never been offered a discount of any kind. I doubt i will take it... but I sure as hell appreciate the acknowledgement of the error, and the offer.


I haven't been happy with my Netflix service through Roku lately, but I'll say this about Netflix: It still beats the hell out of that ghetto Crackle app. What a piece of garbage.


I received the e-mail, but I didn't try to stream anything in the evening, so I won't be taking the discount. I've gotten the e-mail in the past when they've offered it and have received the discount on the next month's bill. It's not much, but I do appreciate the offer.


If you have another plan, they aren't giving you a credit based on your plan (I have the 2 at a time plan), but rather on the $7.99 plan, so a 23 cent credit. I took it, why not? I wasn't able to watch X-Files on my friend's Wii yesterday morning so....


I wonder how they determine who they should send the e-mail to. I was streaming and had no problem but I got the e-mail. In the past, I've had trouble streaming and have gotten no e-mail. I'll be taking the credit this time to make up for past problems.

Mr. Rogers

Meh, not worth it as it's cents on the dollar. My biggest problem isn't the outage, but the way they are going about the credit, via email? As someone else already mentioned, with all the phishing and malware attacks via email these days, not wise to re-enforce the idea of clicking a link in an email. Why not do it right after you login to your account? Guessing because a lot of people don't do that very often?

Anyway, little off topic, but in relation to many who indicate problems streaming; how many are using wireless versus a hard wired connection? I recently bought a Sony Blu-Ray player with built-in wireless. It streamed ok (Netflix, Crackle, Youtube, Slacker, etc.), but I found the wirelss signal would fluctuate quite a bit so I hardwired instead and streaming has been rock solid! There are just too many things that can affect wireless for it to be reliable for bandwidth type activities such as streaming. Besides, how many other devices are people using at the same time on their wireless network that could be affecting the quality of their wireless network (or overall Internet) connection? Hardwire is the way to go! I also wonder if the physical device matters as well as many on Roku always seem to have a problem?


I had literally just signed up for Netflix an hour before the outage. I had activated my roku and blueray player and had gotten the all systems are go okay. I then sat down to watch and ... nothing! It kept saying activating. I figured something was wrong on my end and spent the next two hours rebooting my router, modem etc. When I finally got the message on their site saying THEY were down I couldn't help but laugh. What timing I have. Oh another reason I joined Netflix was so as to catch Dexter episodes. I got the Dexter cancellation news 3 hours after signing up. Don't worry, I'm used to it, it's a family curse. Anyone know any Gypsys who remove curses?

PS Got email and clicked it. Netflix seems to be a pretty stand up company not like my cable company.


If you did not get a discount, then call merely them. I feel they have one of the most accommodating customer support services around. Try getting a break from a cable company or utility. Now that's a joke.


I got the email and yes, I clicked it to get the credit, sure it's not much but this is the reason I like Netflix, they care about their service. Last year I also had trouble streaming and at one time my DVDs were not arriving on time and both times they gave me a credit...
The credit works, it's just that you don't see it right away...


I never receive these e-mail offers of credit but I do occasionally get an e-mail telling me they have sent me an addition disk because of some technical problem.


I got the email, but was unaffected by the outage. I'm not going to click the link, not because of some sort of moral superiority: it's just that I really appreciate Netflix's customer service with things like this and in a "voting with my wallet" sort of way want to encourage it.

Elizabeth Ann

Didn't get the email and couldn't even log into my account during the outage. Was planning on watching a movie. Would definitely take the 3% credit over the absolutely nothing that I am getting.


A class act from Netflix. Yet another reason why I love them.


you can do alot with 27 cents ...kinda


Yes I did click for a discount!

Gomer Pile

Your Roku (and mine) not working was not a Netflix issue since my Apple tv worked just fine. I agree that the simple fact that they acknowledge it is worth way more than a days service and still the best value out there. hello its on the Internet shit happens. Still very happy with my service.

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