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Hate to break it to you, but the ad is coming from cdm.oppnd.com or something (cant quite make it out) and then has the URL of foodnetwork later on, meaning its tracking where the ad pops up on your machine. I went to foodnetwork.com and get no popups at all.


You know that you have a feature to block pop-up windows in Safari right ? So use it ...
I don't see what's bad with ads, Netflix is a commercial company...

I really don't see the point or the interested in that news ... Sorry.


and in Firefox too...


I also am very annoyed with these. I have my pop-up blocker set so that I hardly ever get pop-ups or -unders, but somehow the Netflix ones always slip through. Since everyone I know already has an account, it makes me wonder why they're still marketing their services so aggressively. Are they going for total world domination?


adblock for firefox works for me


My computer has pop up blockes on my browsers, and they block everything, except Netflix ads. I don't mind it, but I find it funny that Netflix ads seem to be the only ones able to foil my pop up blockers.

Anthony Hayes

there is one simple reason companies still use this kind of advertising... it works and it works amazingly well. as annoying as it may seem, so many people click them that it makes it worthwhile for orgs like Nflix to keep a line in their ad budget for this. if people stopped clicking on pop-unders, they would disappear in months. they will probably be with us as long as we interact with the net in a "clickable" way.


I would favor a law to prohibit all advertising on the internet!


"I know it's the websites and not Netflix that is responsible for the annoying ads, but Netflix should prohibit these ads."

AFAIK Netflix could easily ban any affiliate or advertising network that displays their ads in such a fashion. Given Netflix's long and frequent use of pop-unders, they clearly are part of the company's advertising strategy.

Pop-unders for Netflix are the 21st century version of the AOL CD mailers that used to blanket the country.


i just wish netflix would have foodnetwork streaming shows lol.

Jumpin Jack

Netflix is popular enough where they probably don't needs these popups anymore. Those Netflix popups seem too old school now.


It's totally Netflix's responsibility. Website don't show ads that advertisers don't buy.

That is to say, Netflix pays specifically for sites to display their pop-up.


I don't like any of the pop-up or pop-under ads and, for the most part, have been able to block them.

The thing I really detest is the box that opens when you try to close a window. In the box it usually ask you if you are sure you want to leave the site. I'm not talking about "shady" sites either. I know that if I click on continue or cancel or something like that the window will close but it is still annoying. I now take a different approach than simply closing the window. When this happens now, and if there is a way to chat, I let them know they have lost a potential customer by doing what they did. I am not kind in how I tell them either.

Marshall K.

I too am seeing them. I remember when ad blockers weren't as smart so you simply had to turn off ALL pop-ups. I miss that because while the smarter system in Firefox generally works it just doesn't seem to catch enough ads. It also seems to block a fair portion of useful pop-ups also. I have ad block but it doesn't seem to work for me. At best I get an empty pop-up.


MLB.Com also keeps using this ad & it's annoying their is no reason for this popup at this point


I agree with most this is the only popup I get & it's F**** Annoying!


I would have probably got Netflix sooner if not for these ads. It wasn't until a couple of co-workers got Netflix and showed me that I decided to get it in spite of the ads.

In my case the ads were effective at first. But in the wrong way. I wonder how often that was the case with other potential customers.


I agree 100%.

It creates BADWILL !

Its time for them to stop paying referals anyway. If someone hasnt heard of NF by now, they've been in a coma !


If they could just keep em from popping up on people that already HAVE netflix.


"If they could just keep em from popping up on people that already HAVE netflix."

How are they supposed to know the person has Netflix?


I have Firefox with AdBlock, and the only ads I ever see are these damned Netflix pop-unders. I'm sure I could figure out how to block them if I took the time, but I guess I don't seem them often enough to get too cranky. It's not that bad compared to using someone's computer that only has IE installed...it's about one banner ad per 15 seconds.

Screw the ads, Netflix should go with a referral system. If an existing customer recommends a new customer and they actually continue after the free trial, reward the existing customer with two free weeks of service.

It's a win-win...Netflix gets lots of new customers, their existing customers get some free service and nobody has to put up with the damn pop-under ads. Dish Network does (or used to do) this, giving away a month of free service for a referral. That sure made me a happy customer.

Fed up with Netlix hacking

Safari is powerless to block Netflix no matter what. This is called trespassing on private property in my book. It is also HACKING of my computer, and shouldn't that be very bad for customer relations?

Plan B:
Just BOYCOTT Netflix (and write to them and tell them why you are boycotting them) and eventually maybe these ads will go away.

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