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Hopefully Netflix will thoroughly explain this integration before throwing the choice out there to all Netflix subscribers out of the clear blue. There are still Facebook holdouts, like me, that are concerned with privacy issues, but may be interested in finally relenting and joining, should the Netlix integration appear useful and well thought out.


I have no desire to join Facebook, but I REALLY want the Friends features back...ugh...


@CJ. If it's optional, you can continue to be a holdout, right? I don't see anywhere that Netflix is forcing anybody to join facebook.


Lol, the last thing I want to do is integrate my fb account with Netflix.

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I guess I was hoping they would come up with something more inventive than the same thing they had before that nobody wanted to use.


friends will be able to see that you’re a Netflix member as well as what you’ve watched, rated, what’s in your queue and other information about your use of the Netflix service

$%&*[email protected]#$ Netflix, just add a Facebook "recommend" button to your movie pages.

Nobody wants to share their entire movie viewing life with their friends.

Does anyone at Netflix really think this is what their customers want?


I liked the netflix friends that was discontinued but I have NO interest in sharing my viewing history and/or ratings with my facebook friends... Do not waste time on this "feature..."


NF "integrating" with Facebook makes no difference to me. I may be a cranky old curmudgeon to those who know me, but at the least most got that understanding in person, not some virtual unreality.


Never had a Facebook account and never will. It's a silo site for voyeurs. Busybodies that need to get a life.


sigh...bring the friends feature back. Enough said.

not unpreposterous

Rehashing the old "Facebook Connect" looks like busy work for some corporate Netflix "team players" looking to justify their salaries without doing anything productive or useful for subscribers. SOP for the "new Netflix."


Like others I have no interest in everyone in my facebook friends list knowing everything about me from netflix history etc. Really all some of them would be interested in would be some recommendations. However friend I have that have netflix we would be interested in the higher level of detail that we could have I'd netflix had friends features integrated into the netflix site similar to how it was before.


First they yank their own social features, then they yank their Facebook Connect thingy after admitting it was broken beyond repair - and now they start it all over again? Sigh.


Like everyone above me, I have no interest and everyone of my Fb friends seeing my movies. But, it does say that you can control what you share, so maybe there is some way to share with only people that have Netflix, only share a few things, share nothing, etc. Also, it says that Netflix will have some of its own social features, so that will be interesting


I liked the old Friends feature. I do not like FB at all. They have serious security issues. Always remember, FB is like MySpace once was, remember when everybody was a member of AOL.

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The bad thing about this is, even though you may be able to restrict what the public or your friends get to see, Facebook will still be able to see it all. And it is widely speculated that Facebook shares EVERYTHING it knows about you with all of their partners, app developers, advertisers, etc. Sure they force these companies and groups to sign NDAs, but how many of them truly live up to the agreement? How much do you trust Facebook?


just bring the friends feature back. what was so bad about having your friend star ratings on movie pages.

If my friends geoff and dave loved a movie it was guaranteed tat I would love it too.

Sure I can talk to them in person about movies and I do, but we don't always talk about movies and we certainly don't remember everything we watched

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