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pretty sweet cool. but i am kinda sad about march 29

Matt Lafferty

The original version definitely was crud... Netflix is way overdue for the major app overhaul.

It does seem sparse, but I'd imagine that it will get the job done nicely!


@noor - what is happening March 29?


Hate it, we loved the app for adding DVDs to our que and bouncing our restrictions on and off for the weekends (young kids at home).

Steven Hoober

Yeah, NF doesn't get this space yet. Why no account access? Why no reviews? Mobile should not be limited, but specialized. And NF is all about control and reaction. So why limit that?

I guess more time on the website. Weak.


Was disappointed when I saw the change. Have to go to the site now to add to the DVD queue. I don't use it for watching much.


I'm disappointed. The interface looks more suited to the iPhone than the iPad -- it doesn't take advantage of the space. On the iPad, there's no excuse for not providing reviews, account settings, and ways to manipulate the queues. We knew that access to the DVD queue was being eliminated, and that's unfortunate. We often add things to the queue from our iPad while we're watching the previews at the beginning of the DVD, and now we'll have to bypass the app and log into the website.

Netflix is known for its customer service and its emphasis on usability, but I think they've missed the boat on this one.


Who cares? On the iPad it's just as easy to use the site as an app. The first app was so sluggish I quit using it and went to the site anyway.


Where's android damnit!!!!


I preferred the look and overall feel of the app before the upgrade, however, I rarely added movies (if at all) to my queue from my iPad. I stream all the time on it though.


Without a DVD queue sorting, it's frustrating. I have to go to a computer now to add anything to DVD queue. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Shows a lack of understanding of how people use their devices for convenience.


I can still use the site through safari to play and do everything I could on the old interface. I like the new interface better though.

Basically the iPad has two interfaces (one for the app, one for Safari), unlike everything else that you can use netflix on, so I figure it's a win-win.


Hey, now it looks just as terrible as on the iPhone!


I much preferred the old interface as I read tons of movie reviews, as well as watched instantly and updated my queue. I see that I can access the old interface through safari on my iPad, so I guess it will be ok, but it seems to me like they fixed something that wasn't broken.


i've read numerous times that netflix does a ton of A/B testing before rolling out a change. I doubt it was any different with this while it may take a bit to get used to, their testing probably showed better results with this change

I like this change and I think it is way better than how it was before... also as people have said, you can always just use safari and get the old interface if you like it more


For those of you wishing you could update your DVD queue on your iPad still, we just released a free app for that. http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/whichflicks/id391431884?mt=8


I'd like to know why there are only 12 entries in the Genres list in the app when there are 20 on the website...

Ben hasset

Hate, hate, HATE it!!!! It got rid of so many features I regularly used. way more of a DOWNgrade than an upgrade or improvement. Big mistake. I will solely use the regular Netflix web page now and not the app. What a stupid waste.


I do not like the new interface for most of the reasons already listed. I thought something was wrong. it is wrong that I can't access my DVD queue from my iPad.


IT is useless to me now that I moved to PR and Netflix does not stream here. There should be a discount if they do not stream to your location.
I have to go to the website to manage my account which doesn't scroll nor let me rate on the iPad anyway. Very disappointed at all of the above.


?? What update? Last updated dec 21.

They better fix how it sets the wrong aspect ratio, some movies play on iPad w/squashed people and huge black bars top & bottom, WTF?!!!


I do not like the new version! I could navigate, sort, and generally find what I was looking for with the old one. This new version feels like a big step backwards.


Netflix relies on A/B testing as well as tracking per clicks. So Netflix would have only made this move if they saw the majority of iPad users never add DVDs to their queue, looked at member reviews and so forth. They do the exact same tracking for other apps like the PS3, boxee and google tv. So just like they saw with the friends feature, a very minamal amount of users were taking advantage of that feature and decided to cut it, save some money and re-allocate engineers to other projects, like android devices, Facebook integration and so on....


WTF? I didn't update Netflix app, but it's all different, like a chintzy iPhone app... I just searched for a movie, it states it's available in DVD only, but NO OPTION TO ADD TO MY DVD QUEUE!! F**K Netflix!

Where can I go tell them what to do with this app??

Also, is there a forum or some way to contact them? I have had issues w/movies (as I stated above) that isn't available in their stupid list of options I can check.

Obviously Netflix knows nothing about customer service, they better improve or they will lose business as soon as a competitor comes in with service and better UI!


Time for a iPad specific app to add more functionality. This version mirrors the Xbox 360 app which is nearly useless as well.


I downloaded cinetap lite free app...now that's more like it! ...why can't Netflix do this kind of app themselves?!?


Interesting that they updated the app without an update from the Appstore... I guess that's why there app was basically a web page.

But I have been using in the past MovieBuddy for Netflix on my iPad. It's a native app where you can manage your queue, start streaming movie -through the NF app-, and add movie in your DVD queue so since I still have DVD plan I am still going to use MovieBuddy (http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/moviebuddy-for-netflix/id369822268?mt=8)


No DVD queue management = fail.

Wizened one

Everything you guys are saying you want to do from your iPad, you still can - just use Safari instead of the app.

Mark Lnu

I hate it. No reviews--seriously? The genres are limited--no lgbt. Hard to believe a company this big and so successful whirred so badly. PLEASE BRING BACK THE FEATURES OF THE OLD SITE. what the co clearly doesn't get is that many folks use the iPad in lieu of a laptop. Bottom line: the new app sucks big time.

@Mark Lnu

Did you read the other posts? You can still get it by just using Safari (you know, that built in browser on your iPad), and get the old interface and still be able to playback (yes, you can playback movies from Safari).


Something occurred to me after i left that last comment. My 5yo son uses my iPad and he loved getting onto Netflix and was able to add movies to our queue (resulting in the exciting arrival of Jungle Book in our mailbox), and with the new interface, this type of thing doesn't happen. Seems like there's really not a problem since if you can access netflix on your device, can't you access Safari as well to get to the website?


I really dislike it for the reduced features/functionality. There is no reason I should have to leave the app in order to manage my DVD queue or read reviews, features that were available in the previous version. I have a hard time understanding the thinking behind, "Hey, let's make this do less!" If Netflix were to make the streaming selection match the DVD selection, maybe I wouldn't need the queue - while that's not the case, they should bring it back - along with account options and reviews.

Bailey Editorial

HATE the new interface. One of the main reasons I bought my iPad was so that I could watch movies on it and I was a MAJOR Netflix user. (Could that be the issue? They want to annoy us out of using the streaming service too often?)

While the old interface was a little clunky and occassionally not as responsive as I would have liked, it allowed me to search for content. For example, I love BBCA, and found tons of content I'd never have known existed were it not for the ability to search "TV," then "British TV."

Now, unless I know the title of the content I'm looking for, I'm sh*t out of luck. I couldn't care less about Netflix's recommendations--I want to browse on my own!

I also really miss being able to check out other users' reviews.

Luckily, I can still launch content the old fashioned way through Safari, but I agree with everyone who called the new launch a downgrade.

BOOO Netflix! Give us a better app! After all, we're paying you for the privilege!


Hate it!! Please bring back the old app. It provided so much more!


Why can I add DVDs to my que from my iPad huge miss for Netflix


I don't like it. I'd like to be able to add to my DVD Queue and sort that list as well.

Also, this lacks the Critics & User reviews.


Great updated to the Netflix iPad app. Now it does just what I need it to.

F. Bolt

I do NOT like this new version at all! Reduction of functionality is NOT an improvement. No help buttons, no contact capabilities, reduced movie information, no viewer's comments... The list goes on. I won't be using the iPad version until NetFlix gets a fully functional version back. Did the executives who OK'ed this previously work at Coke or BP?


I don't get the complaints about not having account access... YOU'RE ON AN IPAD! You have a web browser on the same device. Just go to Netflix.com and adjust your account and queue to your heart's content, and then pop back to the Netflix App.

Why would you want account browsing and tweaking integrated in the app, making the app bigger and bulkier and taking up more space in your iPad when you have Safari right there..?

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