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I would. I'm just afraid they'll only do it if you pay yet another 2 dollar fee.


Not interested in 3D! Gimmick that won't last. The next HDDVD or Betamax.


No, that is a gimmick. NF should focus on more HD streaming!


3D is the worst thing ever.


Only if they involve a lot of nakedness.


The studios/hardware manufacturers keep on pushing for it. Eventually it'll be the defacto way to watch movies/TV. Personally, I think it's stupid and they're just wasting their money. I will only buy a 3D TV when I'm forced to and you don't have to wear those stupid glasses


No. As it has already has been stated, 3d = GIMMICK!

Laura Conrad

They're still not doing surround sound on streaming -- essentially all movies have that, and it's still only a small number of 3D movies a year.

So they should get the normal DVD experience on streaming (including surround sound and subtitles) before they even think about 3D.


I truly hope 3D is just a gimmick that will go away. But I think the industry is getting very nervous with the new technology that makes movies more affordable to the end users. They have to find some way to keep making money since it's getting more and more difficult to justify gouging the average viewer without offering some new viewing enhancement.


3D is a Gimmick.

However, anyone with a 3D TV will rent from whoever offers 3D content. If I found out I could rent 3D movies from a store that is 30 minute away? I'd drive there. There simply is very little content available, aside from buying overpriced Blu-Rays that you will only watch maybe one or twice with company.

The thing to keep in mind about the 3D gimmick, is that it's a cool gimmick. Lots of people also have access to it, not because they wanted 3D, but because the current best high-end HDTV options offer it anyway. So it comes along for the ride. My top of the line Plasma(Panasonic) is no exception. So while gimmicky, I'd be lying if I said I didn't want access to the odd 3D movie here and there....


3D is a gimmick that will not last. It is hard enough to sit through a 3D movie at the theater, and most of the time they are still full of the cheap 3D effects.

As for all of this talk about Blu Ray content being available for streaming.... even if it were available, i doubt your ISP or your home network could handle it.

I would like to know where all you people that complain about CC, Surround Sound, Blu Ray, 3D, and New Releases are finding all of this content available, and how much are you paying for it?

Relax people!! Streaming is a new technology, and Netflix is way ahead of everyone delivering it to us at a reasonable price.


I don't care about 3d, and certainly won't pay extra for it.


I won't be getting a 3D television unless absolutely forced. I have yet to see one TV and have seen three in the theater, all animated. If they did add 3D Blu-Rays they'd more than like add a surcharge for the convenience.


3D in the in 50's was alot better


NetFlix should give be digital 5.1 audio on streaming before considering anything like this.


There are several other things I'd like Netflix to do first, but 3D doesn't interest me in the slightest. I hate the idea of having to wear goggles to watch a movie. Especially if you're doing it with others, do you know how silly you look!


Netflix should definitely keep this low on their list of priorities. Just stick with getting good and lesser known movies available to stream and I'll be completely happy.


I'm not interested in 3D. I'm kinda hoping it will go away. However, if people want to see it then Netflix should offer it.


If the discs are available, and mainstream, then NF should offer them. The IW selection is so limited anyway I very much doubt NF is even streaming 1 that is in 3D.


3D is crap. What next, asking if they can stock HD-DVD, VHS, and LaserDisc?


Not interested. Even when I have a 3D TV because all of the new ones come with it, I won't be buying the glasses because I'm not interested.

Ryan Finley

Why shouldn't they offer it? It's not like it would require any changes to how discs are shipped or whatnot, they're just Blu-rays anyhow. I can understand the sentiment in the comments that 3D is lame, but there are folks out there who happen to like that particular gimmick. I recently jumped on the 3D bandwagon, but only because I got a great deal on a 3D set that is also a phenomenal regular old 2D set.

Bring the 3D Blu-rays on, Netflix!


I think one of the things people are missing, is that Netflix is a business. People WILL pay extra for the option to rent 3D movies. *I* would pay extra, just as I pay extra for Blu-Ray.

3D isn't something I cared about, or even wanted in a television. However, since I own a 3D set, and with a lot of movies coming out in theaters that were made with 3D in mind.. (Avatar being the big one of course, but also Saw 3D, some other horror movies I forget) I'd prefer to watch those films as accurate to the original directors vision as possible. Which means in 3D. In this regard it's similar to to very old Widescreen Vrs Pan and Scan argument.

The reality for Netflix however isn't that some people could care less. It's that a lot of people DO care, and would pay extra for the option.


If Netflix is looking for a way to drive loyal customers to other services, this is the way to do it. 3D is a joke and gives me a headache. 5.1 surround is what they should be offering.


Television s a gimmick! Color tv? Who needs it! It only distracts from the story! This 3d stuff is ridiculous... Who wants to have to think and use TWO eyes! It's ridiculous... I think all those 3d haters should switch to brail for a more pleasurable experience :) prob the same people who get off on hating apple products ;) the iPhone will never last! The iPad? That's been done! Tablets never will work!

People really are resistant to technology advances they don't understand.


3D?! How's about some freaking HD! Direct TV is pulling the same crap. Talking about 3D yet they have so little HD on. Where the heck is all the HD? Come on Netflix, lets get HD to be the common and not the exception before looking at 3D.


3D hasn't really taken off yet full steam and maybe never will. If it does of course NF should offer 3D discs. They are a movie rental business and should offer whatever is available regardless of medium. To address a couple points: Avatar looked great in 3D so done properly it's a viable effect. Also glasses-free 3D TV's are being developed as we speak. Time will tell if it takes hold in the marketplace and NF should be right at the forefront if it does.


Would that 3D were just a gimmick - for awhile. Content providers cheapen their product to exploit new technologies - early sound movies had ridiculous sounds and some still do. Early color was occasionally interesting but not necessarily good. We can do without 3D until after I am dead.


I'd love it if Netflix added 3D Blu-rays to there Service. I have a 42" Panny 3DTV with a PS3.

I don't care what all the 3D haters are saying but I think 3D is awesome and they can all stick to Black & white SD movies. It's funny how people always hate on new tech when it comes out until they actually own it then think it's the greatest thing ever. See color TV and HD TV as a good example. They were both called gimmicks too.


i prefer hd over 3d


The problem is that Netflix streaming potentiates projection based Home Theater - the future. Whereas to date 3D projectors are just too expensive. About the only way to see 3D at home is on a flat screen.

This will no doubt change, but for now I can watch almost any 2D film ever made on my nine foot diagonal screen or I can watch a couple 3D kiddie films on a tiny 3D set.


um 3d is a fad much like the laser disc it will be here for a minute and then disappear so why would netflix implement them unless there is a real value?


This whole 3D thing pops up every decade or so. Seems like the 3D uber-fans may not have been alive long enough to remember all those 3D movies in the 80s. It seems like every run of sequels that made it to part 3 were 3D. Jaws 3D, Nightmare on Elm St. 3D, etc. Every was saying then that 3D was the future, pretty soon everything will be 3D. Rinse, Lather, Repeat. Heard all before.

Siefer Kutherland

Guess I'm the minority. I have a 3d tv and love it. I would pay for a 3d premium charge in a second.


I have a sony 60inch 3d tv i would pay more for a 3D blu-ray plan come on Netflix I can't stand streaming it looks like the old Vhs days redeem yourself with 3d!


@Brainphreak "People really are resistant to technology advances they don't understand."

No, people are resistant to (or just ignore) technology advances that do not add enjoyment or ease to their lives. How long have we been hearing about video phones? Probably since TV became mainstream. If people cared it would have happened by the end of the 80s I'm sure. But here we are with iChat, Facetime, Skype, etc. and hardly anyone bothers. It's just for special occasions -- and that's what 3D is good for: the occasional action movie in a theater.

I suppose Smell-o-vision is next? We must advance!

Netflix Customer... for now.

3d looks like crap- those who can't see that are blessed - ignorance is bliss.


I'm hoping this will at least be something that they will offer to anyone who has Netflix on the Nintendo 3DS.

I normally wouldn't care otherwise, but if I can watch one without the need for glasses, I wouldn't mind giving it a shot!

Mike F

Yes, I am interested in renting 3d. Not interested in going to best buy and spending $44.99 on Despicable me though.

3D- Dark, Dull & Dizzying

I don't get 3D.

It darkens & softens the picture and adds zero to the story. What's the point?

Netflix, get us more HD, 5.1 sound, subtitles & CC and more bluray disks first.

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