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The Roku has had a "secret" bitrate setting for a long time. From the home screen, press Home Home Home Home Home Rewind Rewind Rewind FastForward FastForward [that's 5 Homes, 3 Rewinds (<<<), 2 FastForwards (>>>)] to bring up the screen to manually select the bitrate you want.



Do people even watch NF on their PC's anymore?

Wii, Xbox360, PS3, Roku, iPad, internet ready tvs and blu-ray players

I'll admit I still have a PC hooked up to my tv for the occasional Hulu viewing but can't even remember the last time I used it (still searching for V).


I watch Netflix off the computer with RCA cables to my Television sets.

I also called Netflix customer service a few months ago when they mentioned about the Canada members using a fixed streaming amount.

I have DSL lite and it works well for me with Hulu at 288p. Hulu has the main settings 288p, 360p, and 480p for users to select from to use.

I would like it if Netflix would do this with different Internet speeds. In that way, my shows would not kick off and I be working with my bandwidth better now that AT&T is capping my usage.

Yes, it would for members like myself that watch Streaming via the computer. Yes, for the Colleges: Universities that are restricting access to their students.


I really like this idea. Also, I really hate this idea.

I like the idea of end-users being able to set bitrate options on their Netflix streams. I know one of the things I find really nice with Hulu Plus on my PS3 is that I can set it to only show me SD streams. Seriously, I don't need Michael Scott in HD. And this way, I save up some bandwidth so I can do other things (likely so my wife can stream whatever she's streaming at the time from Netflix). That idea, I like. A lot.

I think the idea that Network owners could then do that for all of their users is a -- pardon my language -- fracking terrible idea. Not just from a troubleshooting perspective ("I, the customer, have a 20Mbit connection! What the hell's wrong with Netflix that they won't let me have an HD stream?") but also from my NetLiberal perspective -- if you tell me you're giving me a 20Mbit pipe and then play games with the pipe on the back-end (especially as you try to sell me on your expensive On-Demand options), you're screwing me in a bad and, more importantly, non-transparent way to me. That's bad.

(As always, of course, I don't speak for my employer)


I played with these hidden options and it looks like I can reduce my buffer rate but not my display rate. I would like to keep the buffer rate high but consume at a slower rate so the buffer last longer or ask for a larger buffer. Many times, at different times of the day, I get the readjusting screen. Often it hangs in the screen for way to long and I refresh or restart the feed to get it back. I think my RoadRunner account gets some fairly long near zero bandwidth notches that average out to still be a reasonable rate but if NFs buffer empties in that glitch I have problems. I often get web pages not loading at about the time NFs goes red screen on me. Double or tripple the buffer size and/or being able to cut the display bit rate would help.



Does anyone know if there is way to get the Silverlight player for Netflix to zoom full screen or zoom like a DVD for PC users viewers? That also would be a nice feature....

I did try the hacks and it helps somewhat with my DSL lite but not as much as Hulu site does with 288p.


CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-M doesn't seem to work for me.


Absolutely love this idea. I know this sounds crazy in this day and age but I don't have a single HD tv in my house so there is no reason I need an HD stream of any show. It would be nice to restrict what gets served up from Netflix


For many of the shows I watch, I find 1.2 mbps sufficient (on Roku) , even on a Hi Def TV.


capping bandwidth is going to netflix's downfall .i am now paying 10.00 a month more for more bandwidth and it still can't keep up with the streaming .getting a little upset already we enjoy netflix but may just have to end up cancelling it..seems the more people who watch the worse and slower it gets


What they really need to do is allow more buffering for those of us on slow connections. They say it'll play on anything over 500k, but if you barely clear that, it'll buffer for 5 minutes, play for 2 minutes, and then buffer for another 5 minutes. Just let me buffer for a half an hour's worth of movie before I hit play and then buffer the rest as I watch. Right now I can't use streaming at all period because it won't let me buffer more than a couple minutes worth of a film ahead.


I realy do need to know which streaming movies have english subtitles because of my poor hearing. There should be an easy way to find out before starting to watch.


If I try to stream anything on Netflix, it gives me the highest quality bandwidth, nearly HD resolution, then plays for ten seconds and freezes, then crashes the blu-ray player. The fact they don't offer this service makes Netflix useless to me. I called tech support and they had nothing but apologies and told me to 'hope for the future'. Great way to run a company guys. I'd email them about it but you can't even email them. What absolute bullshit.

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