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better off ted.

witty. underrated. awesome.


Dollhouse and Pushing Daisies.


Invasion, the show just got started and then cut!

Matt Lafferty

The problem with Sieger's numbers is that IF Firefly hypothetially brought Netflix $4 mil/month, that's not much to run a TV show on. Star Trek:TNG cost $1.5 mil an episode in late 80s/early 90s money. It all could happen, but the numbers aren't quite there.


I would love to see Netflix save shows but I can't see what's in it for them.

Siegler's numbers are of course silly. He's imagining Netflix getting a 3 percent gain in customers from adding a show like Firefly. For that kind of one-time gain I'm sure Reed Hastings would revive Hello Larry if he could.


Hacking Netflix's Mike, don't take this the wrong way, but you know TechCrunch are just about the worst tech rag around, right? I mean, they just make shit up as they go along. Facts optional; clickthroughs not.

Regardless, no, I don't want to see Netflix revive TV shows. In fact, I don't even want to see Netflix in the content creation business. I want Netflix to stay a dumb CDN, nothing else. Any other way lies madness, and by madness I mean a conflict of interest that puts the customer's best interests on the backburner.





Fringe, if it really is as doomed as people are sugggesting.


You had me at Firefly.


Flash forward

Bryan Irrera

Firefly for sure, but also Better Off Ted and Party Down (all three of which I discovered thanks to Netflix). Pushing Daisies would be very high up on my list of shows that went away extremely too soon (they were primarily hurt by the writer's strike which took place in the middle of their first season).


Arrested Development.


Legend of the Seeker!


I want Netflix to resurrect all my favorite shows.

I also want a pony.



It's way too late for Firefly.


If NF did bring back Firefly, I just might have to cancel. Sorry fanboys, it was a terrible acted, two dimensional, terribly filmed series.


Stargate Universe is supposed to be canceled, it would be a good choice.

The real problem with most resurrected shows is that they don't come back the same. Jericho was a good example, great first season, got canceled, fans protested and got another season, second season just did not have the same greatness as the first, hence canceled again.

You might liken it to a friend that died and became a zombie, just not quite the same.


Terminator, chronicles of Sarah Connor.


His numbers assume that all the people who watched FireFly do not currently subscribe to Netflix. There is surely overlap in these 2 groups.


Part of me would LOVE to have seen many of the mentioned items saved and then some. That being said, my initial reaction would be hell yeah save em.

But I don't believe saving series based upon possible new subscribers for netflix is the way to go, basically the problem is you most of the shows you want to save have a similar fan base, and those fans I'd bet more then 80% already have netflx.

Lastly it changes netflix from a distribution group to a producer, once we go down that road, its only a matter of time before they raise prices and become just like the cable companies we despise.

I for one am extreamly happy I've finally reduced my television/movie costs to 1/15th of what I use to spend and do not want this to change.


It would be nice many of the Sci Fi shows mentioned were my favorites too. I think they were not accurately gauged on the old useless Nielson ratings on the night they air viewing only.

More people are watching via Internet or DVR that are not being counted. If they were -- I am sure many of the shows canceled or soon to be canceled would have very high number ratings! Think of the missed revenue from DVD sales or selling to other countries for Seasons not made that are being lost on these shows!!!


I'll be willing to pay a extra fee for more Firefly or SGU!!!


The problem with all of the potential changes Netflix could make is balance.

I like Netflix for wide variety and low pricing.

I also like that they've made themselves pretty ubiquitous. I can get to my Netflix streaming in a pretty large number of places.

While i would like to see some shows come back (Arrested Development, Carnivale, Deadwood), I wouldn't want to sacrifice everything else i already like about Netflix to see that happen.

It would be really amazing if it could happen, but who's to say it would come back with the original cast, crew, and inspiration?

Random Netflixer

Stargate Universe would be my pick... Someone has to save that gem from demise at the hand of the WWE


This discussion has been had on and off in other threads. Whether NF should stay the same or evolve and get more creative. They've already shown they want to get into the original content business with this House of Cards deal. I think this move shows they want to be a real competitor to the likes of Showtime, HBO, Starz, whomever. Heck they may even have their sites set on Comcast, Cox, DTV etc. If HOC is successful for them I think we will see them more involved in producing content. Down the road I could even see them going after sports deals and so on. Might seem wild, but they've been shaking things up in the industry for years now. They make bold and ballsy decisions. What this does to pricing, customer loyalty etc. is anybodys guess. All total speculation on my part obviously but none of it will surprise me if it happens.


Firefly, Jericho, Terminator: SCC, Carpoolers, Deadwood, Arrested Development, The Tudors.


Farscape and Sanctuary


"If NF did bring back Firefly, I just might have to cancel. Sorry fanboys, it was a terrible acted, two dimensional, terribly filmed series."

Please stop posting here. You just threw all your credibility out the window.






I agree with ts. I feel we should base comments on what they are probably going to do because we won't be able to stop them on not doing it. Although, I see the concerns for I have them too, in increasing prices to the subscribers members to do all Netflix are wanting to do in creativeness and having less choices and variety in DVDs and other online content.

If Netflix becomes less economical and too pricey for members such as myself, I'd would switch to another Online Video On Demand site such as Amazon.com or/and Hulu.com plus.


Jericho or Fringe FOR SURE.... HELP THEM

Crow T. Robot

Something less expensive, yet way more awesome, would be to sign on Joel or Mike from Mystery Science Theater 3000 and have them do a run 5-10 new shows. I mean, they have a lot of the MST3K catalog on Watch Instantly already. But, I would suspect that there aren't too many people out there that like MST3K and don't have Netflix already.


farscape yes. firefly no. anything from j.j. abrams (like fringe) no. and pgato8, sanctuary hasn't been canceled. according to syfy.com season 3 is coming back in april.


Firefly, Wonderfalls, Pushing Daisies, Farscape, Profit

BUT, it will never happen.


You'll cancel your Netflix subscription if they somehow resurrect Firefly? Isn't that a bit extreme? You're of course entitled to your opinion, but don't be buzzkill just because you hate what we're obsessed with.


i would like to see the bee bumble and the stingers show

InstaFlicka Podcast

Yes please.


Till Death!


"Firefly" was a hodgepodge of characters with terrible plot lines. I have no idea why so many people love that show. I've watched the entire series twice and the film and can not, for the life of me, get into it. There are so many characters that none of them are fully fleshed out or used to their potential. The story lines in each episode are lazy at best, and the film tries to be something it is not: an action adventure sci-fi.


Fringe, if they are cancelled.

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