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Matt Lafferty

On the one hand, that's beat. On the other hand, I don't mind canceling Starz on cable to save a few bucks. If I have to wait 90 days, oh well.


"It'll be interesting to see if Netflix renews the Starz deal at the end of the year." Not sure why this would negatively impact negotiations, the EPIX deal has the same window and that was a stipulation from their side from the get-go.


Ugh lame!


sounds also like newtflix would have had to agree to this change (you'd think) so maybe this is a littel pre-negotiation.


I'm not surprised. I was stunned that sparticus was on the next day after every episode.


Netflix has been great, but with all of these "deals" that basically delay new releases and limit content are signs of the end for Netflix. Once another competitor comes along that can strike some deals to get content sooner and at a reasonable price, Netflix is going to find it difficult to be competitive.

Before I joined Netflix, many years ago, I wondered if the content was limited and my friend say, "No. If it is on DVD they have it." Well, now there are 4 week delays for new releases from most studios, some studios are considering longer delays now, and some content providers, like Starz and HBO are deciding that they would rather have a larger piece of the pie so they want to host their own content through their own subscription service or delay the content even longer than they had before.

Netflix is still a good deal, and the best of the subscription choices, but for how long remains to be seen. IMO, many customers are on the verge of trying something new. Once there is a "real" competitor, Netflix is going to have to push harder for better "deals" with providers rather than getting rolled over and accepting "catalog" titles for streaming (i.e. old titles no one has heard of nor wants to watch).

Steve A

@ Tim, Netflix likely has hard data (and large subscriber increases to back up that data) that shows subscribers are content to hold off on viewing from new releases. They've gone to 20 million subscribers WITHOUT new content -- not bad.

I, for one, have changed my viewing habits since I've cut the cable cord two years ago. If I ABSOLUTELY have to watch a new release in a crunch, I can always spend the $4 to rent it from Amazon.


I was looking forward to seeing Torchwood in July, now it will be October before I can see it. By then there will be many illegal copies of each episode already distributed.


@Steve I agree. It's about the adjustment. The cost savings are huge if you do this. If more people start doing this, the value of the content will dramatically lower much like music has.

I also agree about paying $4 to see something now. The funny thing is I never end up doing that. If I want to see something immediately I'll pay for the movie experience, otherwise I'll wait for it to be available on Redbox or Netflix.


I've changed my viewing habits as well thanks to the 30 day windows... I have so much TV to catch up on that 90 days will more than likely be okay with me... i didnt even know about Camelot, so now im a little excited to see it...

TBH, i thought it was a treat to see Spartacus show up immediately on NF. So, as long as the new season shows up at all, i'll be happy. If it doeesnt, sad panda



The only problem is that NOBODY has the power that these studios and networks have, not even Apple. Until a company with some power over the content producers comes along, everyone will eventually be stuck with these new terms.

With that said, Netflix still provides the best value around for entertainment. For less than the price of Starz, or HBO, or Showtime, or even one night at the movies, I can have at least one DVD a week, and all the streaming I can take. I get access to movies (even with the delay from the studios) MONTHS before they show up on any of the premium networks, and 90% or more of the time if it's released on DVD, Netflix makes it available to me.

With cable costs continuing to rise, and content providers asking for even more of the pie, I'm personally GLAD that Netflix is drawing the line in the sand and saying "rather than raise our rates every year, we are negotiating deals that keep our costs low".

Sure, Netflix could get around these deals if they really wanted to. But, their costs would go up TREMENDOUSLY, and we'd end up footing that bill.

Thank you Netflix, for protecting my value.

Big Dave

Sorry, I don’t get the crowd who see delayed viewing as the “end of Netflix”. Oh, doom and gloom! You poor babies have to wait to see something. If you see a show/movie the day it comes out, or you see it 90 days later, it’s still new to you, isn’t it? Or is it that your mommy never said NO to you and you are just too precious to have to wait.
Eventually, the networks/studios will screw themselves completely out of the secondary market. Remember, the buyer (That’s Netflix and us, their customers) always have the power over the seller. They need us way more than we need them.
Network/studio execs are almost as stupid as music execs. They all want to rant and fight against the tsunami that is the internet. Good luck with that. The smart execs will continue to make favorable deals with Netflix and other online distributors.


To me it depends on the apples and oranges you are comparing against. I used to pay a bundle of money to have the availability to watch movies almost a year old on a 1 or 2 new choices a week basis over 'premium' cable/satellite. By the time you pay for transportation to and from the movie theater, popcorn/pop/candy and the price of a ticket or 2 just about any other option was a cost savings. Since I was already seeing these offerings delayed and on someone elses time table going to a Netflix type of program was a no brainer.
So for me a delayed access to fairly recent shows is still a much better deal and one that I am pretty much conditioned too.
That said, nothing remains the same. It is all in a state of flux so who is to say what tomorrow will bring.
As always in most things those who need instant gratification the minute it is available will pay a premium in some form to have it.
Personally the amount of 'worthwhile' content that I have seen being released in recent years seems to be diminishing rather than increasing making the whole point less and less relevant anyhow.


If you want the content sooner, then pay for it, either on Amazon, or getting Starz. I like Netflix cutting these deals. It keeps their costs down, which keep subscription costs down as well. Would you want streaming to jump to 50 bucks a month to have the content sooner? Not likely. If they did that, then they would be the same as cable.

They have clearly looked at the numbers and seen that their subscribers don't mind the delay. They want to pay less and are willing to wait. Seems like Netflix is making the right move for their subscibers. A small minority won't like it, but Netflix doesn't market to the minority...


90 day delay! You have to be kidding! Starz can shove their shows up the wazoo! Enough Said on this from me.


@ John...no wait! Please more!


So the romance with Starz is nearly over but Netflix paid dearly for it's replacement movie-wife, Epix. Here's to hoping $1B gets us something worth watching...


I don't think this is the end of NF either. In fact they are just getting started. This is simply another reaction to the news the NF will be producing it's own content and has such a huge subscriber base. NF is becoming a true competitor to these other providers and they are attempting to protect their cash cows. They are certainly w/in their rights to do so, but I seriously doubt NF hasn't prepared for this. They have big plans and time will tell whether they pan out. I wouldn't bet against them just yet.


I wont wait the 90 days if i want to see something i will just use playon and the tvlinks plugin to watch it the studios can kiss my ass.


At least with Amazon you get free shipping. I can find better stuff to watch on Network TV then Netflix


With more than a century of great stuff in the vault, people who clamor for the newest movies baffle me -- especially with everything now a remake or a sequel or an "homage" anyway. It's like going to McDonalds every night when a banquet can be had for the same price.


People who want to watch a new movie they just have to pay up and go to the movie theater. As for tv and original movies from network television, they again just have to pay up.

People, today, have lost their ability to delay their grafication. From computers to Iphones with thousands of Apps, we want everything NOW, NOW, NOW.

When was the last time you wrote a letter with pen and paper? Not email nor texting.


The biggest problem is the mindset of the content owners. Starz, HBO, Showtime, etc...they all want to price their licenses as if every subscriber is watching only their content 24/7. That's simply not the case. Most of us may watch a few titles from that particular content provider this month, then not watch anything from them for next next 2 or 3 months. We may be watching more titles from other providers.

They all want to get the biggest piece of the pie that they can, but consumers do not want to have to get multiple subscriptions to gain access to content. Streaming music services would not work if you had to get a separate subscriptions for Universal vs. Warner vs. Sony. It's the same with movies and shows. Who wants to have to think about who made what? We want a single service that provides access to everything.

With cable, in the old days, there was no way for the cable companies to keep track of what viewers watched, so there was no way to accurately divide compensation between content providers. Netflix already tracks each and every thing we watch on IW. The best way to license content is to create a pool of subscriber money and pay the content providers based upon the amount of views their content gets each month.

Of course, we all know the content providers won't go for this, because it will likely mean that they will get less for their content, so they push for unrealistic licensing fees. And the development of streaming services continues to be stunted.

Oh, well.


I've been counting the days for Camelot and they go and do this. Argh!


I think this is a bit of a bad news. Netflix is fast becoming a collection of old movies. So many partners falling off ... but thats what it needs to be to have access to content and keep everyone happy. I cant expect Spartacus / xyz be available at Blockbuster the day after it airs. If the show is available on IW as when it is available on disc, should be fine.

PS3 fanobi

Starz doesn't want me to get their content from Netflix, so I'll just download it from torrents...


Netflix is old movies? What? Some people are so dramatic! A delay of 90 days means there is nothing to watch now? Hardly!


Damn, I was looking forward to Torchwood. Well, can't afford to add Starz to my cable lineup, so I guess I will have to see Torchwood though other means.


All these delays are starting to get disheartening. I don't pay for Starz, nor do I care that much now that Party Down is dead. But seriously...Starz, studios...what's next!?


I agree with Dan (from the previous page) - if I want to pay more to see current episodes of premium channel shows I'll subscribe. Same thing goes for movies, really - someone on the first page said Netflix is becoming a collection of old movies. Well, sorry, you're just not ever going to be able to stream everything as soon as the DVD is available for $9 a month.


Premium channels are still stuck in a mind set from the Dark Ages of TV. With 400+ movies/TV shows in my queues I'll be fine with waiting 30-90 days. Those who arent but don't want to pay will just download from torrents. But I'll never go back to cable, subscribe to their channel, or buy the DVD set. My library does an excellent job of getting in series sets, then I have 2-3 weeks to watch it at my own pace if I don't want to wait for it to be available through NF. Premium channel execs need to wake up and face the future.

InstaFlicka Podcast

Dammit. I have become a fan of the Starz content on Netflix. This is a huge blow to me and really devalues the Netflix service. Dammit. Can't we all just get along... content providers?


Message to HBO, Starz, Showtime, etc.....
Whatever Netflix pays you for content, it is found money that you did not have in the past.

I can understand where Starz is coming from delaying their programs and movies. Why subscribe when you are getting it on Netflix at the same time. Beware... taking it off Netflix does not mean i will subscribe to Starz.

What do you do with the content after it is 90 days old? Why not sell it to Netflix for a few extra bucks?

Message to Netflix.... stick to your guns! I would not go too far out on a limb for to pay for anything any of these companies have. I can't remember the last time I watched anything on Showtime, and Since the Sopranos stopped running on HBO, I haven't watched anything outside of a movie or two.

If it weren't because I get both HBO and Showtime as part of the cable package for free, I would have absolutely no use for either one of them.


"Netflix is old movies? What? Some people are so dramatic! A delay of 90 days means there is nothing to watch now? Hardly!"

Yeah but what's next?
120 days, 180 days, 365 days.
Once they start down this road there's no stopping it, if Starz does this then the rest will follow.

Another trend I see is the studios are charging more for their content and Netflix is eager to pay it:
$100 million for House of Cards.
$1 billion for Epix content.

Speaking of Epix, where's all the blockbuster movies from Paramount that they promised(besides Star Trek)?

The future is looking grim for Netflix streaming.


On the plus side, it looks like Netflix will be getting the entire Miramax film library sometime fairly soon.



Shawn, EPIX deal doesn't kick in until Sept. 1st I believe. From what I've read Indy Jones series and Star Trek series will be first additions... after that Iron Man 2, KickAss, Expendables, Dinner for Schmucks. Also don't forget the Netflix-Relativity deal, which means movies like The Figher and Season of the Witch will be streaming soon. Still seem Grim?


"The movie studio Miramax and Netflix are close to signing a $100 million, five-year deal to stream all of its movie titles, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal today. Miramax has more than 700 movies in its library." --- FRICKIN amazing bargain


KickAss will be streaming in May and Iron Man 2 in June. So think the Exix deal has already kicked in. Just FYI.


@ Shawn
What do you expect for only $8 per month?!?! Even with the delay, netflix still is a great deal. If you want more then add a disc to your streaming only plan.

@ SmithCommaJohn
Yeah I read that. Miramax content will be a huge plus for NF streaming. Hopefully all of their content is always available and in HD/5.1 unlike Epix.


wah wah wahhhhhhhhhh.

I can't watch crappy tv shows instantly!

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