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@not Paranoid

NF is not the culprit here. The USPS has been shutting down their post offices right and left to save money and have been talking for a few years about getting rid of the Saturday mail to cut cost more. Time will tell if they take that leap or not.


The USPS delivers a letter across the country for $0.44, UPS charges $12 to deliver that same envelope across the country (UPS Ground service) to a home just outside a metro area. Someone is charging too much or too little. Developed countries must have first class low priced mail delivery to all addresses. Could someone else take that on?

The CoffeeMan

First off, I'm a pretty non-political, uninformed douchebag. However, I've always been under the impression that our oil comes namely from somewhere in the americas (N & S), especially Canada. I honestly couldn't tell you what the wars in the middle east are for at this point if someone asked me, but I could say that I know they used to be because some terrorists flew our own airplanes into our own buildings, and that's somewhat embarrassing. Like Ellin Woods beating Tiger Woods with his own golf clubs because yes, he did nail the 18th hole. If it is about oil, though, try this: end the war in the middle east. Cuts HUGE government spending. "Well what about the huge loss of oil?" you say? Since we're not spending a F***load of money on a war anymore, and the military doesn't need a f***load of oil to run their wars anymore, while the base price of oil could go up, the government taxes on the price of gas could go down dramatically, leaving us with a decent price on oil still.

Meanwhile, I have always heard that the USPS contributes towards the deficit, however, the price does seem menial in the big picture, and I do somewhat agree with BP that we should attack the issues of the largest government spending headon, rather than trimming shit off the sides that's not going to matter much in the long run. (However, I do think that his radical form of attacking the general population and calling us all uninformed beligerant idiots could use a bit more discretion). Additionally, DIR made a wonderful point: deliver junk mail one day a week (trash day to be exact ;)) sort better, and create additional nominal charges for delivery on certain days (like his tuesday/thursday example) so that items like netflix and subpoenas can be mailed in a timely fashion if needed.

Anyhow, I'll admit to being uninformed and slightly impressionable, but some of the people on here have some nice persuasive writing techniques and good points. Awesome debate!

P.S. - Sorry about all the run-on sentences, I just can't help it!

The CoffeeMan

Additionally, if we're talking about cutting government spending by reducing the usage of the US military on other countries, the middle east isn't the only place we could shut down bases. According to multiple sources on the internet (one of the more credible ones listed below) the united states has "officially" as of 2007, over SEVEN HUNDRED FOREIGN BASES in 192 different countries. Most articles (including the one listed) go on the say that a more accurate count (again, as of 2007, it's probably gone up since then, but all the info seems to be from'07?) is probably upwards of over 1000.



The postal service just had a release stating the savings were over inflated and not true figure that! So they have killed the no mail on Saturday issue.

Abert Alexandre

The Post Office needs a complete overhaul since in the last 4 years, we have had mail lost and our automobile stickers showed up on a stolen car that was involved in a crime one time. The postal workers are typical government workers who are slow and lazy. They need to be operated by a private company.


No way, it takes long enough for my movies to get here without Sunday delivery.

It's not our fault the US postal service is losing so much money, why should we suffer for their actions. I find it funny that my mail delivery guy drives a gas guzzling truck every day to deliver my mail. Shouldn't they spend some money on fuel efficient vehicles instead?

Confident Magician

Why don't they cut schedules and raise a prices by the cents instead?

Actually, let me be more extreme about this. Why don't they file Chapter 11? Seriously. I can guarantee you that if they di--oh wait, it's the owned by the feds.......

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