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1. Mrmanmac, you're an idiot.

2. "The also started charging more for blu-rays, which they can't deliver in a timely mannner." - You were being too nice! I'm a 'heavy user' and it takes 3-5 months to get blu-rays. I pay extra for the option and now I pay more for my plan, yet Netflix still fails to povide the service they promise. I'm paying for the POSSIBILITY of getting something I want - RIDICULOUS!


Like others here, the Very Long Waits for months at a time have compelled me to run over to Redbox. It's only happened a few times, but Netflix has gotten on my nerves lately due to long waits for Blu-Ray and DVD. I've been with Netflix awhile...I'm a movie nut and writer, so I depend upon getting new movies, documentaries or shows I want to watch for research and inspiration. And I want to get it in a timely fashion, not necessarily overnight, mind you, but within two months--is that unreasonable? I like the streaming, but I also hope it improves. For effects-heavy movies or films praised for cinematic beauty, I still want to see them on Blu-Ray or DVD, as the streaming has not quite hit DVD quality--it's usually feels like a VHS experience. For run of the mill shows or movies, I think streaming is good enough. Anyway, my main point is that I still really like Netflix, but I've fallen out of love with it due to lackluster streaming quality, increased prices and decreased ability to receive the DVD's/Blu-Rays. I hope they continue to succeed and improve services, but I lament the fact that disc rentals are going the way of VHS rentals. Now, if streaming quality improves, then many of my gripes will become non-issues.


I completely agree with Hank...the DVD suplly has dwindled and the quality of new ones is very poor. The last four I got were unplayable even though they were new. They kept replaying the first five min over and over or on a 3 part series the first part only played for all three. This has happened on the last 4 in a row. The quality is lapsing in their DVD's and they aren't replacing the ones that are bad so you have to wait til they go to streaming which I rarely use. I would gladly pay a couple dollars more for a better and more complete supply. Streaming has been spotty for me and I am on a 25kb fiber optic network. Too many users at one time. The networks in place cannot supply the bandwith for all these people at once.

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