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Once a year I rent something off of PS3 or Amazon digitally, and am reminded why I stick with Netflix. Amazon downloads look like downloads, and PS3 rentals cost too much for HD. I'd rather have it all be included in my subscription price than have to pay out constantly.

No one has had the magic formula that NFLX has, and I don't think anyone ever will.


@MattChance: "I'd rather have it all be included in my subscription price than have to pay out constantly."

The survey is premised on Amazon now having a subscription service and Red Box's intention to start one. Plus Amazon streams look great, especially in HD.


I would absolutely quite Netflix for another service - if that service were better than Netflix. What people tend to forget when discussing Netflix' streaming offerings is that I can still get anything they don't have over streaming through the mail. That is a service no one can beat right now. Amazon would essentially have to offer new releases and more for me to drop Netfilx, and that isn't going to happen soon.


Very Long Waits for New Releases lure me to a Redbox on occasion. But not often.


There is no way i will drop my netflix subscription for any of these services. I may however consider multiple memberships as an avenue for cutting the cord with cable.

As of right now... Netflix is a nice compliment to cable TV.


Love Netflix....I use Redbox, BB Express, and Amazon only when I have a free or discount code to use.

Sandra Bellezza

I don't mean to sound insulting, but I don't allow movies to run my life. I have a rather large selection of movies in queue, and as they come in, I watch them and send them out on my own time. As for long and very long waits, that doesn't bother me one bit. Especially if they're new releases. The movies aren't going anywhere, I know I'll eventually view them, and I highly doubt I need to see them as soon as they're released because they'll leave some sort of life long lasting impact on me.
I'm very happy with Netflix, I'm on an 8 at-a-time plan. I know after a long day at work I can come home and pop something into the TV, or if nothing is there, I can stream it.


I would only drop Netflix if another company offered something better. So far that has not happened. I can get most of what I want from Netflix.

Although I am upset that Netflix is losing the Criterion streaming titles to Hulu+. If there was going to be a switch over that is the only possibility because I love the Criterion titles. But Netflix still offers much more than Hulu+


I use Redbox only because they send me free codes. I'll never pay for a Redbox rental though as long as I have a Netflix subscription. I can wait for the "Very Long Wait" status to disappear.


I dabble with other services for titles that Netflix doesn't have available right away, but Netflix is still my main rental source. I don't see myself dropping Netflix completely. I'm actually buying more movies than I have before. I guess the 28-day window is working on me.


Why does one have to be mutually exclusive of another. With all the services, we can watch more.


The library!


In relation to the "stock taking a beating" issue, it's only logical the stock would go down as more competitors arrive on the scene. NF can easily be #1 with it's customers while it's stockholders lose some confidence with that #1 standing dropping from nearly 100% of the current subscription streaming market.


Competition just means that we as consumers get more choice. I'll be sticking with which ever services work best for me, not the brand slapped on top of it.


"What people tend to forget when discussing Netflix' streaming offerings is that I can still get anything they don't have over streaming through the mail."

Exactly. The media gets in a twitter about streaming because it's the new, shiny thing. But discs are going to be around longer everyone seems to think.


I am happy with Netflix so long as they continue to offer old stuff with subtitles. Netflix may leave me but I've not thought of leaving them.


I use Redbox for the new stuff. I got tired of waiting weeks for new releases from Netflix.



You're on an 8 at a time plan and movies don't run your life? ok, whatever.


I would drop Netflix right now if this streaming gets any worse. IT'S CRAP and getting CRAPPIER!!!

Yssup Tae

Would drop netflix in a second if there was a better option. netflix jacks up the price of blu-ray and the selection gets worse. jacks up the price on the normal service to fund the streaming and streaming selection is still mediocre at best.


Forget crappy streams. I'll use whichever offers the best selection & value for Blu-Rays. Right now that's Blockbuster Online. I dropped to 1 at-a-time from Netflix and upped BB to 3 at-a-time.


@Mark My thoughts exactly.


Amazon's $0.99 daily rental deals have gotten me a few times.


I like choice and the more the better. Not so sure I would ever warm up to a Facebook movie service but I love Amazon and use it quite a bit as well as Apple TV--and now that Apple has pushed out Netflix 5.1, ATV will be my streamer of choice for Netflix.


Unless I return movies on Saturday, I won't get a new release from Netflix for a few weeks. I use Redbox if I don't return on Sat. Streaming is just OK. Quality is hit or miss, selection is not great, but I guess it's OK for what it is. My biggest concern is what seems to be a dwindling DVD inventory. Take a look at your shipping or rating history with Netflix. I checked mine and there are way too many movies that are no longer available. And I'm not necessarily talking about obscure titles, but some classic 80's and 90's stuff. It almost seems like a zero sum game - as Netflix spends more money on streaming deals, there is less to spend on physical discs. I know we keep hearing about rate increases improving inventory, but I'm just not seeing it. Is it just me?


"Netflix may leave me but I've not thought of leaving them." @aka

I feel the same way but in some ways I already feel that Netflix is leaving me because I won't play the Blu-ray Access Fee game and with the new subscription rate increase, I've dropped my 3-Out plan that I've had 7+ years to 1-Out as Netflix continues to push the "we're now a primary streaming video company" agenda. Streaming is nice, convenient and Netflix has the tech basics down sweet but I've built my home entertainment system around the true and Full Hi-Definition qualities that the disc based media can bring to me.


if I really want a new release on the first day then I will hit the Redbox to get it, usually with a code to get it free.

Anyone on an 8 out plan that thinks movies don't run their life needs professional help.


I actually supplement Netflix by occasionally using the Amazon rental service, but the content for Prime streaming pales in comparison to Netflix


So far, I've watched two movies via Amazon Prime. Unfortunately for me, my Sony Blu-ray player has decided that there will be two lines down the middle of the screen when I watch a movie there. Not so on my Roku in the Bedroom where it works just fine, nor does Sony do it on the Netflix streaming.

As for my choice, the only reason I use Prime is the combination of Amazon Prime plus Movies and whether I renew in a year depends on how much better the service gets. But I won't be giving up Netflix unless they start to do some kind of a downward slide for some reason.


Hank, you're lucky - if I don't return on a Saturday to get a new release, it takes literal MONTHS to get them. I'm talking 3-5 MONTHS to get something. I'm also on blu-ray, which I pay more for but don't get the benefit of having the discs actually available. I'm basically being charged more for the sheer possibility of blu-ray, and being charged by netflix for the sheer possibility of getting a title I want. God, I hate Netflix. If Redbox offers instant with no 28 day wait, or any wait, I'm signing up in a heartbeat. Netflix is a joke for new releases, even though they readily advertise them as being available on commercials, pop unders, pop ups, etc.


I'm fairly new to Netflix... about 6 mo. My 66 year old Mother got me a subscription for my birthday. (I know) But honestly I can not figure out what all the hype is about.

The NF streaming has been glitchy at times (found this site when trying to fix it). But in general it's just OK. I do like the DVDs in the mail, though I'm peeved that some of the ones I put in my queue a few months ago now seem to be no longer available as DVDs.

But I've been an Amazon Prime user for years... pays for itself just with Christmas shipping.

So to me the new free streaming library is a like a cool extra perk!

Sure, the free content (~5K titles) on A/P seems less than NF ....for now. But A/P seems to be my new first choice....I can find more than enough to last me a while! And I have already fallen twice for $0.99 movies rather than to bother to switch over to NF see if I can get a title as part of my subscription.

Bottom line: I guess when this gift N/F sub is up, I see no need to renew.


I think Netflix has squandered most of their good will with loyal customers.

Netflix's executives are fond of saying that readers on sites like these are a minority of their customers and that's true. Except that the great majority of their customers would drop Netflix without a second thought. In about three seconds the moment something better comes along. So since the customers at Netflix are now treated as a commodity so Netflix is seen as utterly replaceable by most people.


@Seth... I have been a loyal customer of Netflix's for quite awhile, and haven't had a single issue with the service they provide. In fact what started out as simply a DVD rental subscription which i found to be far more economical and even more convenient than going to Blockbuster, has turned me into a loyal customer for a very long time.

For me the Streaming service has been an added bonus to my original subscription, on top of my subscription price actually going down since i first signed up.

How many companies out there strive to provide better and better service, and at the same time lower the price?


Well, Mrmanmac, you've been advocating for Netflix here for awhile and I think you're astroturfing.

Be that as it may, when Netflix gets it right, I call it that way and when they get it wrong, I call it that way.

In fact, I recently wrote to the owner of this blog commenting that Netflix's small and intimate board of directors - without any so-called executive superstars - is very similar to the way Amazon does things. And I wondered if perhaps this is a model that has contributed to the tremendous success of those two companies, respectively.

I also think that Reed Hastings is very taken with his image in the media and as the press is wildly enamored with Netflix as it is, Hastings feels no drive or need to push the company forward. This is a mistake on two levels. One is the media is fickle and disloyal and will turn on companies in five seconds flat. Two is that other companies are coming up in the rear view mirror fast.


I think this type of competition is great. It keeps customer service on their toes. If someone doesn't like the service, they can find an alternative. If the others offer bigger and better service, I'd switch. But so far, no one else offers what Netflix does.

I'm not a huge fan of streaming, because I use my computer for business constantly. If I'm somewhere without strong internet, streaming is next to impossible. I love being able to have the dvd's on standby when streaming is either not an option or my computer is being used.


I drop service in the summer because I don't watch many movies. In the fall, I will pickup the service that meets my needs the best. For the past many years, this has been Netflix. Additionally, it looks like I will be cutting the cable this summer.


I like to mix & match services depending on my mood & how busy or free some Months are.

It all depends on which service has the right content and price.

I have no plans to leave Netflix forever though. However you never know....It all depends....

I still like getting DVD & Blu-Rays though.

Netflix deteriorating- bring on the competition

"How many companies out there strive to provide better and better service, and at the same time lower the price?"

Lower the price?

What planet do you live on?
Netflix just raised their prices.

The also started charging more for blu-rays, which they can't deliver in a timely mannner.

Sell your Netflix stock while it's inflated.


Bottom line 85% of the ones who answered, said they don't change Netflix. Hold yours stocks it's a safe bet.


@seth, and the other guy with a name too long to retype.

I originally signed up for a 3 out plan, at 19.99 back in 2005, which i thought was a very good deal. my thinking at the time was 3 a week x 4 weeks came out to roughly 12 movies a month for 20 bucks, and i didnt have to worry about late fees.

Since then... Netflix opened a distrubution center much closer to my location which allowed me to turn my 3 a week to 6 a week.
(I am not that driven... I still turn them around once a week or so.)

My original subscription price was reduced to 17.99 for awhile....(granted it was recently raised)

AND.... the streaming service which did not exist at the time i originaly signed up was added for NO extra charge.

YES... I am a biased, huge Netflix Fan, and if my guess is right.... I speak for the Majority of Netflix subscribers.

As for Blu Ray's..... What the heck do you expect? It cost Netflix more to buy them so they charge more for you to rent them. I suppose you want new releases, and 3D available on streaming for $7.99 as well.

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