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If I could make that a bigger font I would.


Nope, but I'm a cinephile. There's enough content to keep me happy. I'd pay more for Criterion, but not Starz. Not a chance.


Hell no. The tiered pricing for bad content is cable's rap.


If its $2 per month for all of starz OP (original programming), same day as cable/sat showing, including prior seasons, I don't have a problem with that. Hopefully with the fee, starz has more OP and the budget and quality are improved. I have enjoyed spartacus and pillars of the earth. Altho the premise of their upcoming OP, torchwood, sounds pretty dumb.

Bottom line is I'd rather have tiered pricing than increasing the price for all subscribers.

Scott Bermingham



Not without HD, no.


No, I'd pay more for something good though.


No. No! NO!

Just another confirmation that streaming is the new cable. Or, at least, that's what old media is intent on turning it into, and I seriously doubt the new media players have enough integrity to ignore the giant bags of old media tells them they're capable of taking home if only they'd see it their way.

Weak sauce if this go through.


Money. Giant bags of money. Crap.

Also, I guess people like FearNo1 and Jake prove it's not just old media that want to turn streaming into the new cable - it's the users, too.

It's going to be so great when we end up paying $30/month for streaming and $30 a month for 3 dvds at a time, isn't it? Boy howdy I can't wait!



I already pay extra for Blu-ray and Netflix has seemingly decided that they like the extra dough... but supplying the Blu-rays, not so much.

Matt Lafferty

Yes, yes, yes! Paying for a Starz tier is another step towards buying what YOU want from content providers, not the catch-all of cable. Starz on cable is, I think, $10/month. Give me an amazing package for $5/month on Netflix, and I'll consider it.


I'm very interested in the Starz/Netflix deal right now because of the upcoming season of Torchwood. If they'd offer the Starz service at half the price or less of what it would cost me to add the channel to my cable, I'd be willing to pay that, at least as long as Torchwood is on the air.


No..but I'd pay more for Starz, HBO, and Showtime


I'd consider paying for HBO or Showtime because of their programming, but honestly the Starz content on its own is not worth it to me.

I'm not a fan of bundling, but I see why the cable companies do it.



Once you start paying more for a Starz package, NBC is going to want a Starz package. ABC will want a Starz package. Then HBO and Showtime will want Starz packages. Then Netflix will increase your plan $3 to make everyone help pay for these plans, whether they added the package or not, but they'll tell you they did it because shipping is expensive. Then before you can blink twice, you'll have to pay as much on Netflix to get the television shows you want as you did paying Comcast to get shows you couldn't care less about it.

No, a thousand times, NO.

Shaon Williams

As much as I love sparticus, and torchwood...NO! If it was in HD? Maybe, but only a couple of more dollars more at most.


Absolutely not. This would merely set a bad precedent and result in all prices going up. It's popular because it isn't over-the-top expensive. Make it tiered and it'll turn people to other venues.


Hahahaha. Really? NO.

If that flies, then welcome to added money for all kinds of stuff, and soon it's basically b.s. cable but with a different master.

Brian Robinson

Nope, not interesting in more Starz, especially if they can't upgrade their stuff to HD.

Showtime, maybe, since I refuse to pay $10 more a month for it...if they charge $3 more max, perhaps.

Chris O.

Hm, this would want to make me go through everything in my Instant Queue that's non-Starz before I ever thought about paying more. And I will NEVER get through everything in my Instant Queue, so....no.


NO!! really?!?! its not even Hd


My comment from yesterday, more applicable today:

"just saw on Hollywood Reporter that Starz is trying to push a second tier for original product. $2 more per month"

I'm sure will see more on this in the future, but if Starz really wants Netflix to have a $2 tier ONLY for Starz shows, then Starz should be paying Netflix for hosting it's content, otherwise let them get their own distribution model.

I still see a "premium" tier in NF future, eventually we're going to run out of old B movies to watch, but not only for Starz.


Make it a higher tier but I would only consider it if it was in HD.

Randy A

Stars has been the lowest quality stuff that I have watched on Netflix and I wouldn't pay a dime more to have it. I have HD on demand for Starz, HBO, Shiwtime and all the other stuff. I pay Netflix for convenience but I am near my limit for them.

If prices start going higher I will just cancel it and the 5 gift subscriptions that I give each year at Christmas and be happy with what I have from satellite.

The Truth

With the picture quality of the Starz programming, definitely not. In fact, no, not even if it looked pristine. My Netflix Streaming is used when I don't have a disc to watch. I use it a lot, but not for the choices.


like everyone says, no. basically right now, we are getting starz + everything else for a certain price. if you add a starz then you are technically increasing the price for everyone because you are taking what you used to offer for a certain price and increasing. and its not like the cable companies where you can call and complain and get stuff for free. i would consider dropping netflix if this happened because like an earlier commenter said, it sets a bad precedent. i mean, which company wants their own tier next, following in starz's footsteps.


I rarely watch Starz content so NO, I recently switched back to a DVD only plan because most of the BD's in my queue had a long wait.


I don't see this happening. Just use the new Reed Hastings formula on deciding Netflix strategy:

Will Wall Street like it? (50 points)
Will the media like it? (49 points)
Will customers like it? (1 point)

I don't think Wall Street or the media would be very impressed, so the answer is: not happening.




It would depend heavily on their selection and the pricing..... but probably. I live on my roku device during the week =D


Analysts are usually wrong. Netflix has said NO to tiered pricing before and they won't go for it this time. Starz will either have to settle for a package deal or go to another company. I could see Amazon doing this however or Hulu offering ad revenue to get them.


No, altho am a total Spartacus addict and loved Pillars, would just wait for the DVD to come out. The rest of their (unoriginal) programming is meh. I have pleny of other titles (300+) in my instantwatch queue. Its a slippery slope, people.


@ BP
No, I just have rational expectations. I don't expect to get everything cheap or free. It costs money to create quality programming. Besides I'd rather have tiered pricing than increasing the price for all subscribers while the amount of good content is the same or lessened as in the past.


No. No. No. 1000 times no.

Horrible precedent to set. If they go through with this after the Criterion debacle I'm going to have to seriously consider whether I want to continue supporting them at all regardless of how much I enjoy their service.

It's the principle at this point. Netflix is not cable and should not allow itself to get pushed in that direction.


No. I don't pay anything for Starz.


Definitely no. I would pay more for all of Criterion, but Starz is not worth it in the least. It's a shame Netflix is still trying to hold onto Starz when they should have been keeping Criterion happy.


No way. Not for the current selection and quality anyway. With some MAJOR improvements in those areas I might think about it. Maybe. Probably not though.


Here's my take on this subject: I should get use to the idea of Starz going away because:
A) either Netflix is will stand behind their stated mission of delivering value through the subscription-based model and will not be able to extend the Starz license contract
B) Netflix does something stupid like implement Tiered Access Pricing, in which case I will not opt-in, activate or sign-up for.


No. I might pay more for more English language subtitles on classic English language materials. I might pay more for CC on recent TV but I am not too keen on current, new programming untested by the masses.

PS3 fanboi

If it meant more shows like Spartacus, then absolutely yes.

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