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Adam Gott

I don't think that this is throttling but overuse of bandwidth by everyone in your 'cluster' or 'hub' or whatever they call it. I have noticed this for quite some time in my area and I have Cableone which seems to throttle nothing (except for torrent uploads?).

Of course this person has DSL which is supposed to be better than cable internet for this sort of thing but given the time I have always assumed that this was due to some type of 'peak' internet usage on Sunday evenings.


I think this is one of those issues that depends on where you live. I lived in 3 different places with AT&T and got different results at each location. And my best results were with my heaviest use.

But I have moved to TW since I have "cut the cord" since they have faster speeds.

Matthew R

I've had issues with streaming since at least January via ATT 3 Mpbs DSL. When I look at my router's bandwidth monitor it shows these spikes where it gets around 2 mpbs of data for a second then drops to nothing and then spikes up again. This happens on my Roku, iPod Touch 4g, and LG BD-550. However, when I play a stream on my computer, the bandwidth doesn't spike every second. It seems to be a much more solid connection. Whatever is happening, it's happening 24 hours a day for me and I can't figure out why. Seems like if it was solely ATT's fault I would have the same problem even with my computer.


I have never been able to stream at anything that is watchable - usually the picture is so fuzzy due to the slow speed that I just give up. I also have the 6.0 mbps AT&T DSL, and hate it immensely. I will be ditching it soon to go with a 12.0 mbps cable connection (that is three times the price).

Will Dearborn

Yeah as much as AT&T sucks, this doesn't seem to be a throttling issue. More likely location, DNS or server problems.


Yeah, it got so bad that I just switched to cable, but that didn't seem to help the 7pm-12pm slow-down.

I researched and found that there is a general consensus that AT&T doesn't support their old dsl networks in areas where they have or are going to roll out U-verse. But my AT&T would slow down to less than 1 Mbps!


Netflix has been running better for me with the Silverlight Hack of Ctrl_Alt_Shift_M together at once and selection either 250 or 500 or 560 streaming manually it still kicks off but not as much and buffers within seconds instead of minutes for
AT&T DSL Lite ....

I like the Netflix TX Viewer third party application to Netflix: I can even zoom a little with the video for 4x3 screen -- but frustrated that they have not fixed the consolidated episodes listed in the new TV format.


I'm on a 3 Mbps line and notice my bandwidth drops dramatically in the evening. I'm very frustrated with AT&T. After dropping the home phone service, they forced me to sign up for DSL again rather than just rolling my account forward and dropping the landline. It took three support calls and two weeks for them to figure out they had me capped at 1.5. I'm going back to Time Warner. As much as I hate TW, I never had a problem with speed.


I changed the headline from "Throttling" just after posting the story. - Mike


I'm on 3 Mbps plan, lately ATT has been slower than normal, and netflix buffering seems longer, only recourse is to reset the router, and sometimes it takes reseting it up to 3-4 times before I get back to normal speed.

Lars Barlow

I had the exact same issue with UVerse 12 (UVerse is just a faster iteration of DSL). I got a technician out and this guy calls me while working on it and says he found nothing in the box that would cause that. Then he asks me about the wiring in the house. He tells me that there is a common issue they have with DSL above 3 Mbits. Basically if your DSL router is not on the END of the internal wiring in your home they get signal loss. His remedy was either to move the box to the phone jack that IS the end of the line or to cut the line inside the phone jack box to make it the end of the line. He cut my lines free and the problem has not come back since.


I have cable 100 mbps and i still get a crapy picture when i do try and stream! I again say i can't stand streaming blu-ray is the best and i will stick with it.


I've had the same problem here in Los Angeles. AT&T denied that anything was wrong so I switched to Time Warner Cable for my Internet.


What's with all these people who have never posted here before all showing up to post that this isn't traffic shaping / throttling while simultaneously peddling a more ludicrous theory that AT&T aren't maintaining their hardware or lines in an effort to push people into using a service that is both faster and cheaper? Do you not realize how fucking stupid that line of thinking is? Further, considering the fact that resellers require AT&T to maintain many of the lines they use for transmission, why aren't their users reporting the same sorts of problems in legion like AT&T users are? Do you not think there would be some sort of major reseller backlash if this was found out?

I have had AT&T DSL in (at varying times) Los Angeles, Chicago (2008-mid 2010) and Dallas (mid 2010). Now I'm on U-Verse. At no point in Chicago or Dallas did I ever experience problems with the service. I chalk this up to the fact that AT&T are the government-sanctioned telco monopoly in Chicago but that they have to play hard ball because they are actually losing the battle to Comcast. In Dallas? No idea, maybe they don't like shitting on their home turf.

The point is that I never noticed any throttling or slowdowns until the FCC approved, dun dun da dun, throttling and traffic shaping. That's just too much of a coincidence to not be true. It is also worth mentioning that users of STBs (like the Xbox or blu-ray players or PS3 or etc) are having legion of issues whereas PC users aren't. Hmm, could that be because they're traffic shaping a device that you can't trace a connection with so that when you DO use a PC to see if you are being throttled it shows up as working fine? I've tried every trick in the book - changing my DNS, utilizing various CDNs at various locations, resetting my router, using an unencrypted VPN to tunnel to my hosted server, and etc. Every single time, my STBs are traffic shaped/throttled while my PC is not, and there is NOTHING to blame but throttling/traffic shaping as U-Verse is a completely unshared connection with nearly infinite bandwidth at every point within the intranet.

A conspiracy theory, sure, but that's well within the letter of the law, whereas selling a strictly regulated service to both businesses and users that is being intentionally sabotaged would be guaranteed corporate suicide. Not even the FCC or Congress could look past that and I damn well guarantee you there are enough smart people out there that could easily prove it.

Just like those smart people WILL prove that AT&T is throttling and traffic shaping.

And most likely sock-puppeting websites. You know, like the Pentagon is. (Sometimes truth is stranger than conspiracy or fiction.)

@ jv42

I call bullshit that you have a 100mbps connection. Very few providers offer those and even less offer it without a bandwidth cap that you would hit in less than seven hours at full saturation.

If you hate streaming so much, which is the next most bandwidth intensive thing you could possibly do after bittorrenting (which would see your cap obliterated), then why do you pay so much for internet? If you have a business class service with no cap, which would cost a minimum of $350+, could you please bother posting your reason for maintaining such an expensive line? Hosting servers? Fat chance, you could host a faster server within a colo for a tenth of the cost.

You are so full of fucking shit that it hurts. It speaks volumes about Mike's character and his desire to have a free and open community that you haven't been banned yet. You're a vile cancer.



@things, I absolutely agree with you. It is "location,location, location".

@jv42: 100mbps is the ethernets maximum capacity, it is not your internet speed.

You can go to sites like speedtest.net to get an approximate estimate of your internet speed.


I'm on U-Verse 6 mbps, and I've noticed no problems with Netflix(Im in Austin, TX).


Perhaps there is more problems with AT&T streaming now because more individuals are downloading more stuff more excessively due to the caps starting 5-2-11. Maybe the streaming will even out somewhat after 5-2-11 with AT&T DSL internet without so much disruption in buffering.


Same symptoms here, but with Verizon provided DSL service (3mbps). Everything works perfectly in the morning and during most of the day, but video websites just don't work well after 6pm.

Brad Toy

I have AT&T DSL 6 mbs package. I have had tons of problems. First my speed is really about 4.2 mbs and often even lower. Also, the speed fluctuates so much the Netflix at times has to stop to rebuffer or adjust picture quality up or down ever few min. On top of that they over charge me almost every month and I have to call them to fix it. These complaints are just the tip of the iceburg.


I have a 15 mb TW line. I still get resets on Netflix. But not as much as when I was on TW with just their standard 8 mb.


I was having streaming quality issues for almost 2 weeks, which Netflix adamantly blamed on my ISP as they claimed they were not having any issues at all with their servers. Then their servers went completely down for an entire evening (the last big outage). When their servers were finally brought back up, mysteriously all of my streaming issues were gone and have not returned since.

Hmmmmmmmm...imagine that.


I have AT&T DSL in Florida and for over a year I always got 4 dot quality on my Roku. Now I only get it in the early morning or mid-day on weekends. Evenings DSL slows down so much it is unwatchable. My only other choice is Comcast. I HATE having to go to them but I will have no choice. That is the problem...no choices in high speed service.


@BP Not speaking for the poster but a friend that worked for Comcast got a 105mbs line to his house just for working for them. Granted he never mentioned any issues with streaming, but that could be an explanation of someone having that kind of connectivity.


I have AT&T DSL 6 mbps also and notice the same issues during peak times....usually Fri/Sat/Sun nights. It gets so bad I can't even load the DVD covers on the menu. Oddly, I can access the Internet with a laptop at the same time and browse without problem. This would lead me to believe there was a problem with Netflix (I guess throttling is also a possibility).

On a similar note, AT&T has never EVER admitted it was their fault when my DSL died (Maybe 1-2 times per year). They always blame my equipment...but the connection magically fixes itself shortly after I hang up the phone with them.


bp your a fucking moron its dicks like you that make me sick! Go on optimum and read if you can about optimum online ultra i get 101 mbs for my home business and i pay a lot for! but its losers like you that can't afford it!!I don't have to explain myself to a fucking loser like you!


I noticed problems streaming for the past couple of months and I do have AT&T DSL but I didn't know what the problem was. I show 4 bars on my network so it is very unusual to have these problems but they are consistent every night now...the slow down and resetting of my streaming video. I live in a rural area where overcrowding on a 'cluster' is not a problem. This shouldn't be happening. I pay for the highest available streaming speed that AT&T will allow me to buy.


@MIKE WHY HAS BP NOT BEEN BANNED YET?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


I've been having problems too. My roku player said I've lost connection a few times, but its not AT&T's fault, its the communication between netflix and AT&T.


I have AT&T 6.0 and have NOT had the problems he mentioned. Overall, a pretty seamless move with my first router & roku.

I have been having some slow internet issues on my computer but not my roku.

Might be due to 3+ years worth spyware & malware.

I read about them starting to limit us or charge more for more content but I havent gotten anything from them yet.


@ jv42

You need 101mbps for your "home business"? What "home business" would that be? Are you a graphics designer sending massive TIFF files back and forth between publishers? Are you a record engineer sending complete SONAR projects to mastering engineers across the country? Are you violating Optimum's TOS by running a hosting company out of your own home? Are you violating Optimum's TOS by running your own server out of your own home? Do you have a gigabit router with a gigabit ethernet card that is actually capable of supporting a connection that fast? Do you have a hardware ethernet card that doesn't rely on the Windows software stack? If you stream from your Xbox 360, Roku, PS3 or Blu-ray player, you ARE aware that they are only 10/100 ports, right?

From what I can tell you are a sock-puppeting troll that lies through his teeth in an attempt to piss off this community. If you are legitimate then you'll say and do anything to turn people off of Netflix.

You DO have to explain yourself when you are trying to make a point about Netflix's service using near hyperbolic exaggeration. You say you have 100mbps service for your home business but refuse to say what that business is, refuse to admit whether or not your hardware configuration supports those speeds, refuse to clarify or expand beyond your original statement because you know it would further out you as being nothing but a near-illiterate lying sack of shit that isn't intelligent or creative enough to have a job that warrants that high speed of internet. Even when you tell the truth (if you ever have) you tell it in such a way that belies your agenda.



@ jv42

Wow slow down there Cowboy....


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@ Mike (Site Administrator)
so these comments like the ones jv42 are making "bp your a fucking moron"

and the ones from BP "You are so full of fucking shit that it hurts. It speaks volumes about Mike's character and his desire to have a free and open community that you haven't been banned yet. You're a vile cancer"

These comments are to be considered ok but others IP address are to be banned for making personal attacks. Just to clarify I am allowed to tell people they are fucking morons?


Hey flawed your a fucking moron to! Don't worry i banned myself from this site what a bunch of cry babies!


Good take BP with ya


i live in IN and yes my bars bounce up and down constantly while watching netflix anytime of the day on dsl 6.0


Perhaps possibly there is some kind of problem on Netflix servers not all Internet throttling issues. I have noticed my streams kick off more now that they share resources with Amazon.com. Possibly also having more streaming users such as the Canadians unless they have their own servers. Possibly Maybe Perhaps theses all could be issues affecting the streaming continuation for Netflix users too.... :-)


OK to clarify on my end to issues of Netflix. I love my Netflix it the best. Great variety of choices and DVDs rule. Would like some things changed but still think they are the best ... when I post it is constructive opinions more like a wish list of hopefully Netflix is looking at this to improve there system for their customers such as streaming issues if it is on their side of the coin instead of the Internet server or work together etc. I hope Netflix is around forever as affordable Video On Demand service but wish that they improve the system for everyone's benefit where possible.

I do call in Netflix Customer Service and Twit Netflix Helps but I think this sight might be helpful to for members and possibly feedback to Netflix if they are scanning the site too. :) :-)


@ jv42, flawed

Are you a schizo?

Serious question.



we don't have cable or satellite, just phone and internet from AT&T: we have had problems since we switched from Comcast. AT&T says we shouldn't be having problems and told me that other people were not experiencing problems...guess that's not right! It really is a huge pain, esp BC Netflix is our main entertainment resource.

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