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Getting dangerously close to Comcast's 250GB download cap with a week or more left to go in the month, thanks to Netflix streaming marathons. Grr, Comcast!


This is yet another stupid media meme. Is iPad and iPhone syndrome still hip, or was that last month's flavor?


yes to all of them lol... the insomnia thing is a big definite if its a good series with stupid cliffhangers...

Randy Kitchens

Add "extreme anxiety if power goes out", and "managing to squeeze in an enthusiastic endorsement of Netflix Streaming in every conversation and post", and I'm there!


Reminds me of when I got my first DVR together with a full DirectTV channel package. That was the first time I was able to skip commercials - I don't think I looked away from the TV for the first 8 hours.


It is true, that's all my wife does is stream. She watched all gazillion episodes of "Married with children" one after the other for weeks

paul kelly

yah it's a disease drop it before it kills you


@Todd - Wow! How many people in your household stream Netflix? I watch Netflix almost every day and have never gone over 60GB.


I was watching a show on (free) hulu a little while ago, with lots of pauses as I was doing other things at the time. After the second episide ended, instead of just auto-playing the next, a message popped up that said something like "You've been watching stuff for 3 hours now, would you like to take a break?" I thought that was a pretty cool idea, try to discourage overconsumption.

Of course Netflix doesn't have autoplay (sigh) so maybe it doesn't need the watching-too-long warning.


I recently put my Netflix account on Hold and I am amazed at how much free time I now have. I don't think I'll go back! I'm enjoying spending time catching up on reading, writing and actually going outside and getting exercise.


Not terribly. I'll marathon through a season or so of a show I'm enjoying, but not to the extent of ignoring family and friends. Housework? Wellll, that's a different story.


All but the "Blackouts" Can you say "agoraphobia"? Oh well, it has been snowing a lot lately..


Not really a problem for me - I tend to hit large blocks of a series (Lately I've been catching up on Joss Whedon stuff that I never saw at the time. For those scoring at home, when watched in order, Firefly makes actual sense! Also, Fox can screw up rainbows and kittens.) on weeks when The Daily Show/Colbert Report are on vacation (Oh, wait, that's every fourth week now so it *is* a problem - {G})

My bigger problem is the 500 title queue limit and lousy Wii interface.

Steve A

You know everyone talks about the "limited" selection. Man, I don't know what I'm going to do if HBO and Showtime adds their shows one day. Being able to consume at will is indeed addictive. I am currently "Lost" in the middle of a great series!


I tend to tackle a TV series at a time and plow through it and then take a short break and tackle the next one. I finished Firefly in March and am now working on Jericho.


I've been doing the Series:Pilot-2-Finale deal with shows for the last 5 years. Obviously renting DVD's but now it's quite easier with Streaming, if available. It's an undertaking in time, especially for long format shows that go beyond 3 years, but the 3-Out DVD's taught me to pace myself. I'm currently Instant Watching through Veronica Mars (though had to take a break to blast through Pillars Of The Earth since Starz is getting flaky with Netflix.) I'm even one to plan this activity in advance - as soon as AMC's Breaking Bad wraps, I'll be Streaming or DVDing that series.


Every episode of Hoarders I watch streaming sends me running to clean some part of the house, so that is self limiting and positive. If every episode of every season was available there might not be a house left.


I've been cruising through Cheers and enjoy the variety of content for my kids. The deals they have been making have been nice to see with some movies coming on that I haven't seen yet or movies I have wanted to see again. I finished Prison Break and Nip/Tuck a while back. Both were series that I wanted to see but never got a chance to when they were on. I am streaming if there is nothing on regular tv that I like...which is almost every night now. I check out feedfliks for new movies that are still a month away (Iron Man 2 comes on June 25th). I'm checking this out at work. I guess I can say I have some kind of syndrome. I just need to lose the cable tv syndrome.

InstaFlicka Podcast

Yeah, I totally have that.

Perkins Cobb

Dumbest thing I've ever heard of.

I have, however, spent some time making lists of titles on Instant Watcher that I want to see, retrieving them on Netflix, and then deleting 90% of them from the list because the aspect ratio is wrong or the image quality blows.

Does that count?


Comcast sucks..... only reason I use Comcast is I'm stuck with them as Qwest only has 1.5mbs in my area.


I am not only suffering from this disorder, I am also in therapy. I had to seek help after my wife found me nearly comatose after watching every episode of "The X-Files", straight through...only took me 8.5 days.


BUZZ. Even if the X files episodes were 50 minutes long, that would only be a shade over 7 days.


HAHA! This is so true. "when you can't watch what you want to watch when you want to watch it". Nailed it.

I've had a problem with raging cpu usage + netflix, but I've digged a little bit more, and I'm sure it's either Silverlight or DivX. Not sure where to go from there.

Last week I created a dent in my mattress from laying down, watching netflix series til i'm about to have an anxiety attack because the last episode of that series is next.

Scary true. Scary true.

Perhaps I do need to go outside.


I have the dreaded "Netflix afflixtion".


Hoping to develop this disease, a bit, as I'm upgrading the home connection (after finding out all I had to do was add a land line with AT&T) to a Netflix-able speed next week. Can't wait.

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