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Julie S.

My kids' multi series shows are at the top of the queue but they keep moving all by themselves to the bottom of the queue. What's up with that??!


It's not good because one season of a series may be wonderful, while another stinks. A good example of that is Chef! from the BBC where the first two seasons (series) are great, but the third is and was terrible. I rate the first season at 5 stars, the second at 4 stars, and the third at 1 star. That's pretty dramatic a difference.

Still, I like the format itself. I did call Netflix and they told me if I wanted to know when new episodes become available I'll have to keep the series in my queue, or remove it and search for it from time to time to see if anything new has been added. That isn't really very efficient in my book, either way.

So, yes I like the new general format but dislike some of the functions, or disfunctions.


This is perfect for our completionist, sequential watching of a show from episode 1 to the end. Hopefully NF will bring back the multi-season for those who of you who use it, but thats not me.

They did list to the consumer when trying to remove the multi-queue....


My biggest complaint is not being able to rate the different seasons. I would be pissed if I had a streaming device that this change complicated things for.


The first thing that comes to mind is, to hell with getting accurate information for recommendations. I mean really WTF.

Bring back the original ratings system from 2002 where I can choose recommendations based on what everyone else likes or doesn't like instead of the present algorithm Netflix provides.

A point of interest, I can rate an individual or could rate individual episodes in my streaming viewed queue, so that may be an option, but once again WTF? What is the purpose Netflix. Can't find anything to do for your Webineers?


I like the consolidation, cuts down on searching through years of episodes under separate headers or not having the next year added. Works for me.


On Netflix devices like Samsung the UI only support up to 100 shows in a folder. So now there is no way to watch shows that are 100+ in a series. I have to hope for a UI change if netflix doesn't change it back.


It's a pain on Media Center now because at times you have to use the remote to arrow through hundreds of episodes to get to the later seasons.


I like the idea but they should tweak it some more.

They should let us have an entire series rating, as they do now, and then when you go onto the series page and see the season tabs, there should be stars there where you can also rate each individual season.

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