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u still haven't mentioned how this affects watching shows on Roku! Like i've said b4, "Married with Children" is 262 ep's & u must search thru ALL the ep's if u r looking 4 a particular ep. Very frustrating...Cheers has many as well...go back 2 old way NF, pleeease!

Ben L

So shows that I've previously rated by individual seasons have suddenly appeared as one combined rating encompassing the entire show. Where are they getting that rating from? Is it an average of all the season ratings I set before?

In any case, this is ridiculous because as someone else pointed out in another thread, the quality of a show can vary greatly from one season to another.

Tony Bullard

I agree about the season difference, but one thing this WILL change is being recommended the same show a billion times.

If you don't want to watch The Simpsons, you've got you "Not interested" 20 some seasons.


I use the Internet Movie Database (imdb.com) for season episode descriptions which helps me navigate..


Organizationally, this format seems to make sense. I don't like what it does to my ratings since I give different star ratings to different seasons, but I'll have to adjust.

One complaint I have has to do with "hidden" seasons of a show that aren't yet streamable...is that a word? What I mean is this, take "The League" for example. When you first view "The League" page ( http://movies.netflix.com/WiMovie/The_League/70157187?trkid=2361637#height1290 ) you are shown that season 1 is streamable. However, you might not even realize that there is a season 2 unless you click "episodes on disc." I seriously disagree with this design choice. I know Netflix is constantly pushing streaming more and more, but this could easily confuse someone in my opinion.

Perkins Cobb

Let's take the example you've used for illustration: WEEDS.

When I go to the WEEDS page on Netflix's site, it defaults to the episodes available for streaming -- which is Seasons 1-5 only. I have to click on another, not very prominently displayed tab to view the episodes available on disc, and only then does the page indicate that Season 6 is available on Blu-ray & DVD. If I wasn't looking specifically for Season 6, I wouldn't even know there WAS a Season 6, much less that I could get it on disc.

So, while there may be other reasons behind this change too, the new page layout is yet another trick to force customers away from disc rentals.


Netflix went ahead and combined all their tv seasons without listening to their consumers. Apparently no one tested this system before rolling it out. I'm very annoyed by this because they "say" they're people friendly, but they "force" us to go along because they have cornered the market and there is no recourse for us to make.

Netflix should use the KISS system. Keep It Simple, Stupid.

Isaac Church

The reason they are doing this primarily is that people like my Grandma don't know how to use search. So they finish a season and don't know how to get to the next one. Apple TV 2 includes a cool feature that allows you to see other seasons of the same show, but to my knowledge it's the only one of the players that does this.

There are problems with the consolidation approach (mostly UI issues), but I think they are solvable. Overall I prefer this, to having a ton of separate season entries.


Love the streamlined approach to handling TV series. Good job Netflix!


Just another example of Netflix dumbing their site down. Expect less text and bigger pictures in all future site "updates".


This is the dumbest thing I've ever seen NF do.

It's extremely arrogant of them to do this without warning. Not to mention that this new combining is horrendously inefficient, borderline useless, for shows with more than 2 or so seasons.

Change it back Netflix. Now please.


Not sure if this is related to new TV show DVD organization but I have been having problems with Instant Queue. I watch NF on an Xbox 360 and when I go to insatnt queue it fast forwards to the end of the queue over and over. I can't use the queue because of this. Anyone else?


I think it is great idea to have only one icon in your queue for a series. BUT.... when you click on it, you should be able to choose a season not just a list of 200+ episodes. Still I prefer the approach. I just hope it is not done being tweeked :)


Yes, love this. Nice and streamlined now!


There's also a big flaw in the Streaming vs DVD section. For Psych, I can watch/rate the first four seasons which I did do before the merger. However I didn't rate season 5 before the merge so every time I log in, I'm told I would really enjoy Psych even though it's rated and season 5 isn't available.


I wouldn't mind this on my Roku if I could choose a title, and then the next screen is the title broken down by season. If there were a series of sub-categories I wouldn't mind this, otherwise I REALLY dislike it.

Nik Mastromarino

ok, i noticed this happneing lately, the only problem i have with is how when it happens sometimes the show i watched ends up back on the ruglar stuff list, and is gone from my qeue so that i need to add it again, an example is sprtacus, for some reason it was just gone, and since the artwork had changed i had to search it again, and add it back. same thing happend with dhani takeso n the globe.


I don't have a big issue with this that hasn't already been mentioned. There may have been easier ways to do it, but I do like that there is only one title in my queue instead of 5 or 6 or however many seasons of a show there are.


Don't really like the idea that I can't rate individual seasons anymore. Some seasons are just better or worse than others. Not to mention, rating individual seasons help me keep track which ones I've seen (either on disc, via streaming or from my own collection).


I just saw the new design on a TV series i've been watching. It looks good on my setup (laptop to tv). I can now see all the seasons on one page and with a click, the single episodes. I also like the episode descriptions on a popup instead of needing to remember to select "show details".
Maybe they will soon address the concerns others have with the rating problem.
It appears they've also fixed the problem with tracking what has been viewed.


I don't like it. I can't add an entire series to my queue at once.


I like it, just because it's much cleaner and more organized, which is very useful for an instant queue or just searching for a show. Now instead of having your queue cluttered with multiple seasons of a show or having to search and add each season 1 by 1, it's all there in one package. I know there are some definite negatives to it, but I still prefer it overall.


I love it. My instant watch queue went from 497 down to 312. Now there is plenty of room to add more movies that one day I may actually get around to watching.


I like it... My only problems with it are that I can't seem to move shows to the top of my queue and get them to stick without moving back to the bottom on their own accord...

...And I use Feed Flix to keep track of when instant queue items expire and become availble, and all of the shows in my queue show up as "no longer streamable." I wouldn't mind that, except that since they appear as "no longer streamable," they don't have an actual expiration date. I fear that I would pick a show to go through and be somewhere in the middle of the run when Netflix's rights to stream it expire and I won't know until it's yanked out of my queue.


if they are combining shows with multiple seasons into on page they need to update the UI's on the netflix devices to reflect the change. I hate having to scroll to episode in a particular season. I just want select a season and go to the episode I want.


I love how people like Matt think that they speak for everyone. I for one, have been waiting for this feature for quite some time. I just wish they'd start doing this for MST3K as well, regardless if the dvds were released as stand-alones.


Well that fix was quick. Just got home, turned on the tube and blu-ray player, went to NF and now when you click on a show (i.e., Stargate SG-1) in your queue, you get the first season, can click on a box that says "Show all seasons" and there they are separated by each season. Sweet.


I don't like it. you can't rate individual seasons.


I am not a fan. I rate seasons of TV as I see them. Besides this, shows have varying quality when it comes to seasons. Sometimes a show diminishes in quality as it continues and I want to be able to rate that.

Christian Calaway

I hate it! I'm all right with you combining seasons into a show page, but PLEASE allow the rating of individual seasons.


I absolutely detest this change. I like to rate by individual episode.


I don't like not being able to rate individual seasons. Boo Netflix.


This is a vast improvement. It reduces clutter in my queue and recommendations and allows me to move from episode-to-episode across seasons in a much smoother manner.

I'm not that interested in ratings -- since they don't improve my viewing experience (the recommendations are useless in my experience -- I use instantwatcher to find new shows).

Well done Netflix.

Brad Toy

I didn't like it at first because I use the ratings to know what seasons I have already watched, but then my queue got full and this opened up like 150 spots so I could add more to my queue so I have made peace with it now.


I am of somewhat mixed opinion on this. I don't like that I can't rate seasons differently. I do like that when a season ends, I can move onto the next episode directly without having to select a different season in my queue.

However, at present I can say I really don't like what this change has done to my instant watching devices, TV and Bluray player. With this change I can't see all the episodes anymore if a series is over 100 episodes. Everything is still okay with shorter series, but with the greater than 100 set, like 3rd Rock from the Sun, I can't see all the episodes any more. This has me PO'ed.


reading all the comments i see many love the changes, many do not, some are okay either way...ConclusionL no matter what NF does it will NEVER satisfy everybody...


ya know i been readin this blog for awhile now and it seems that you people just like to complain did you ever stop to think that maybe by consolidating series into one that they can fit more shows and movies now whose saying da i never thought of that


Now I won't have to see every single friggin' season of the Simpsons and King Of The Hill in my recommendations. It made me just ignore the front page of the website.

Plus I really like how it is set up with all the seasons on one page. Click whichever season you want, then choose an episode. Before, when finishing one season, you'd have to go searching for the next one, if you hadn't already queued it, before you could watch it.

My favorite feature of the Hacking Netflix blog are the perpetual "THE SKY IS FALLING" comments from the peanut gallery. People have been complaining about everything that changes for years and years now. Every little change is THE WORST MOVE EVER and Netflix is RUNING ITSELF. My favorite has always been I AM SWITCHING TO BLOCKBUSTER!

And yet Netflix keeps picking up more subscribers every year.


Big thumbs up from me.


I like the change so now X files instead of taking up 11 IW spots takes 1. Nice change just takes some getting used to.

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