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Bad move.

A) New combined series view does not work across browsers/platforms.

B) Combined rating distorts total rating. Example: I've only watched seasons 1 and 2 of the X-Files. Liked them enough to watch them again, so had given them both 5 stars. Suddenly I gave a 5-star rating to several YEARS of TV that I have not seen. Another example: I did not enjoy the 8th season of Smallville, but did the rest: new combined rating overvalues the 8th season. As a result I removed all ratings for all shows I haven't watched in their entirety, reducing my engagement at the NF site. Their technical definition of failure -ie the opposite of success, from their technical blog

Algorithm/feature/design X will increase member engagement with our service, and ultimately member retention.


So if I start watching a show that's still televised, how will I know when new seasons are added? This seems dumb to me.


I don't mind it. I think it's funny how upset some people are getting over something that might cause some minor inconveniences at best. The biggest potential problem I've heard is the one foryourhealth mentions above, and I'm sure they can figure out a way to handle that. I don't care about separate season ratings, and I'm glad I won't have it suggesting multiple seasons of shows I already know about. I also don't have to crowd my queue or else go searching for the next season of a show when I'm finish one (which I'm usually doing from the Roku and the search is kind of a pain in the ass).


I don't care about ratings or Roku. This is a brilliant idea and should've happened long ago! It's way more organized this way.


Overall it's a good change. Based on NFs continuous improvements over the years, I have faith that they will continue to refine the UI and hopefully reinstate the ability to rate individual seasons. As someone who spends at least as much time on TV series as films, cleaning up the clutter in my streaming queue is very beneficial and it saves a bit of time going through search to get subsequent seasons of a program too.

That said, NetFlix should be working on ways to provide MORE community sourced guidance, not less. If users articulate to NF, calmly and respectfully, that they want more fine control of ratings, I think NF will figure out a way to make it happen.

Personally, what I REALLY want, is for them to figure out how successfully reintegrate the program preview that was briefly available in the first roll-out of NF on PS3. I can fathom the reasons why they pulled it, but it had a LOT of potential.


I REALLY wish they went ahead and added a play all function. I hate how it plays a 20 min episode then goes back to the damn title screen on shows.


i have roku and I like it, I do hope the navigation gets improved in some way down the line, but so far it cleans up space and i don't have to go searching season to season.


Regarding TV series, why are certain episodes only available on DVD? This is VERY frustrating for those of us that were watching an entire series from beginning to end. Who wants to wait a day for shipping when WERE able to simply click "Play" and watch instantly??? Am I missing something here? What is the point???


I don't like the new view. It's messy and overcomplicated to use. If that was the only problem, I'd shut up and deal with it, but I *hate* not being able to rate individual seasons of shows.

Having a single page view for a series is an idea that sounds good on paper, and if it were implemented right, it'd be a change for the better. But taking away the ability to rate individual seasons of shows is a deal-breaker. Netflix should revert to the old way until they can come up with something that works.


@Brian - I always figured it had to do with rights, like maybe music was used that they couldn't get the streaming rights for, or something like that.


I like the fact that each season does not take up space on my limited number that I can have in my queue, but I don't like the fact that you are no longer to rate each season individually now and yes it does take a while to search through episodes to find a certain one you wanna watch but I can deal with that if it means I can have more titles in my instant queue now. I like it this way but please NF let us rate each season individually again.


I don't get why people are upset about not being able to rate seasons separately. Rating them does nothing on it's own, is it that you want to be able to mark seasons as watched, or do you have some reason to know how other people rated a season? And if it's the second one, why not push for separate episode ratings instead?


I love it personally. Its easier to keep things streamlined... we don't have cable so rely on netflix and hulu. I love that there are not 6 seasons of Blues Clues hogging the queue.

John Kimble

Regardless of any and all negative features the fact that I have 450 instead of 500 spots in my queue makes this a success in my book. One of my biggest complaints is queue size so any way to pack more titles in is fine with me. And yes we need every inch possible and would prefer 750-1000 queue spots.


Has anyone noticed the new streaming bitrates? 250, 560, 1050, and 1750 for standard def and 2350 and 3600 kbps for HD. It used to be 500/1000/1500 and I don't remember the old bitrates for HD.

Also, the Silverlight player is overly conservative about automatically selecting a bitrate. I have a stable 8 megabit connection and the player usually only selects a 1750 kbps stream. If I force the 3600 kbps stream, it still works fine.


it WOULD be helpful for shows like Frontline and Nova, instead of having a whole page for each episode, which is impossible to find unless you know the title


here's how this stupidity by Netflix has affected me. After a month of bullshit excuses from Netflix, including several denials there was even anything wrong with the instant queue, my problem still exists.

It does not remember what episode I'm on within a series, nor does it remember where I left off within an episode or a movie. Just goes back to episode 1. It's a major PIA as I'm in the first half of a 48 episode series. I have to write down the last one I watched so I know where to start off again.

Sad part is that Netflix could give a $hit less. "minor issue for a few users" they say. When they're not denying there even is an issue... I use a Vizio and it has the NF web app on-board.


Marv, I think you may be correct, I have heard that is also why some shows like The Wonder Years haven't even made it to DVD, just too expensive to get the music rights compared to the number of DVD sales that would be expected. I am sure that is the same reason in some cases, but I am not sure that explains why every other episode of Columbo or Murder She Wrote is available for DVD only.


Way better. Reduces my queue size and puts all the seasons in one place in viewing order. Could care less about rating. I've rated enough stuff that Netflix already knows what I like.


foryourhealth, you'll now when new episodes are added because netflix adds a "new episodes" banner to the icon. Several of the shows in my queue have this banner.


I don't get this bitching about ratings. Do people seriously use netflix just so they can rate movies? I've rated 17421 titles and it hasn't done a single thing to help or improve my netflix experience.


Music rights are the one of the biggest deterrents for TV shows hitting DVD.

In the 1990s, producers jammed their shows with commercial songs and since DVD didn't exist, there was no need to secure the music rights for home video release.


Wow people are actually complaining about not being able to rate individual seasons? Is that really more important than usability? Infact why the hell would it be important AT ALL?

This has dramatically cut down the scrolling I have to do when choosing a show on the PS3, I wasnt able to add all seasons to some shows because it would have cluttered my queue so much that I couldnt use it. I think its ridiculous that this wasnt implemented from the start, its one of those common sense things. I expect them to add seasons under "more episodes" eventually, yet another thing the brainiacs at Netflix should have realized they had to implement from the start.


This makes finding streaming titles so much easier. No need to hunting for the next season when I finish one.

Tivo user

On the Netflix app for Tivo, a maximum of 100 episodes will show for any tv series.


I've had all the problems posted. For me, movement of titles in the instant queue was solved by switching from Firefox to the Opera browser. I will probably have to uninstall/reinstall Firefox. All others are fixed except viewing episodes past 100. Don't like the rating thing either as I use that to help keep track of what I've watched, and some seasons are better than others. But that's true for episodes too.
I called and was told that as I watch episodes my queue should begin showing eps past 100. Sort of like word wrap or something. I don't buy it because as a previous post pointed out it goes a couple of episodes in the next season, and the next. Try the 100 count down, I got from 100 back on different series something like this:
s7e2,s7e1,s6e2,s6e1,s5e14,s5e2,s5e1 then s1-4 pretty much in numerical sequence.
What I don't get is if I can't access those episode past 100 I'll have to watch them on DVD, and how does that help push streaming?

Special Ed

I've spoken to this about them and they said the only way it will change is if people call and voice their opinion (which I have done on 2 different accounts)...so call them up and let them know how you feel!


Perkins above is correct. It is a way to force you into accepting streaming as the default option and make you search for DVDs. Streaming is an inferior product: Streaming does not always work, it lacks subtitles,the format of displaying seasons and episodes is inferior, and I don't have streaming on all my TV's [they do all have DVD players]. It's a great option but I don't want it as my default option.


Yet another backwards step for Netflix, hate it!


The New Interface is great if your a person who has a lot of tv shows in their queue in the past two weeks ive dropped 50 items from my queue because of combining--it makes nav my queue much easier--P>S> netflix will probably fix the season ratings once they finish changing everything over


I like to keep track of which seasons I liked and which were not so great, as well as keep track of the ones I haven't seen yet. I watch mostly TV shows on Netflix so I was greatly disappointed with this change and hope they READ THIS. Change it back! I agree with whoever said it's lazy of them. Indeed.


The only complaint I have about the change is the single rating for a series instead of for each season. I just hope they still have the data for the season ratings. Because there are a few seasons I rated lower that others of some series' and I don't recall which ones. Hopefully they well reintegrate season ratings once the condensing is complete.


I dislike the combined pages. Maybe if some of the logistics were worked out it would take away some of the dislike.

For example:

1. Bring back rating for individual seasons. Having rated close to three thousand titles, Netflix is usually petty good on predicting within a star of what I will rate a title (it isn't that good when it comes to comedy, but it seems close for everything else). By rating individual seasons, as the seasons vary in quality, the ratings can vary in quality, and Netflix can show that. When all the seasons are combined into just one rating, how am I going to find out that a given show's season 1 is 5 stars and season 5 is 1 star, instead of thinking the entire run was 3 stars? Also, I use the ratings to tell me whether or not I had actually seen that particular season. Two years from now, how am I going to remember if I had watched season 10 of Smallville, or if I had left off at the end of season 9? Old way: red stars for Season 10. New way, ???? (If the last activity was to rate the show, you don't get a clue unless you had been streaming the show, but I often get DVDs instead of streaming.) And don't tell me to just check on "all DVD activity"--having watched 3400 discs, "all DVD activity" is unwieldy and would take a long time to render, if it doesn't crash the browser first.

2. You have to jump between "Streaming episodes" and "episodes on disc" to see if there are new seasons, and if there are disc-only episodes, the new layout makes it more difficult to find the discs with the disc-only episodes, whereas the old way of having the discs and the episodes on the same page allowed you to see instantly what discs had the disc-only episodes.

I had called and voiced my displeasure, and it took a couple of minutes to convince the person I talked to that the new implementation doesn't work well for me.

Maybe FeedFliks or some other site would some day add some sort of season watching tracker and notify us when there is a new season of a show available when we had watched (DVD, blu-ray, or streamed) the previous season and rated it at least 3 stars. The way Netflix is going with their web UI, I can't use Netflix for tracking which seasons had been watched.


I definitely like it. My queue was way too cluttered before with all the seasons of a show. Who cares about rating different seasons? Just give an overall rating for a show.

I love, love, love the new combined seasons and I hope Netflix doesn't change it back...it's way too much to manage especially when I had over 300 items in my Instant queue.


This has broken Boxee Windows Netflix app - all TV shows with multiple seasons are simply missing from my Q. They are still in my Q on the web site, and they are still there in Windows Media Center (Windows 7), but my main method of viewing Netflix, Boxee on Windows, is now broken badly... :((


I like the combined multiple seasons.
Everything together.
Good job NF.


I saw this on my blu-ray player too:
"s7e2,s7e1,s6e2,s6e1,s5e14,s5e2,s5e1 then s1-4 pretty much in numerical sequence.
What I don't get is if I can't access those episode past 100 I'll have to watch them on DVD, and how does that help push streaming?"

I also noticed that If I watch something like, s7e2, then sometime later... not sure how long it takes, but I think it was a few hours, but I've also seen it update after I leave the app and come back, s7e2 is in the middle and that season is expanded, while the early seasons show up like that season used to.



Yep, that's right. The reason some episodes aren't available is because NF doesn't yet have licensing rights to stream them.


I'm really pleased to find that a large portion of my instant queue is no longer taken up by multi-season shows.

However, I'm in agreement with others who may want to find a specific show and will have a hard/tedious time getting to that one episode.

I feel that in instant watch, when a user clicks on the main TV Show image they should be taken to a secondary screen that lists/displays each individual season (and rating). I also think that a "favorite episodes" queue should be added for for easier access to specific episodes.

On nf.com all seasons should be displayed on the show's main page with an IW or DVD symbol next to them for easier browsing


Ever since they started combining the seasons, whenever I add a TV series to my queue I'm only able to play episodes from the first season from my LG BD390 player. This is very troublesome.


Top Gear is missing over a dozen episodes due to the 100 episode limit. I have yet to find a way around this in order to be able to watch these missing episodes on my LG BD550. In other words this new feature has rendered my Netflix compatible device useless for watching TV series in their entirety. i refuse to sit at my laptop and watch episodes that I should be able to watch on my big TV. 100 episode limit? What were they thinking??

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