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I can't wait for a little Tron Legacy action!


Better Add Tron Legacy early, I am expecting it to have a pretty long wait!


"Sarah Palin's Alaska: Season 1."

Nobody will truly rent this right? I mean...surely they bought 1 copy just to have but no way does it ever get rented.


Just keep putting Sarah Palin down? Are you scared of her? You libtards will do anything to try and make her look bad. You're scared because you know if she is President one day she'll bring this country back to where it once was. How's Nobama doing these days? All time low in the polls? Keep spewing you're anti-Palin hate, it's going to hurt your cause in the end.


LOL, things, you pushed someone's button there...

So much fail in your comment, Bernard, that I don't even know where to start...


Republicans/conservites is a party based on fear and anger.

Daniel M

New to streaming is Toy Story 3. That was a pleasant surprise this morning!


No Tron Classic (BR)?


Netflix's recommendations for movies like "Sarah Palin's Alaska" include "Cops: Bad Girls" and a reality show chronicling a pornography company.

Ah, Netflix.


I know this isn't really the place for a political discussion, but im a conservative and along with many others I know believe that Sara Palin is the what is wrong with politics today. She just simply does not have the intelligence or gravitas to be a true politician. She is petty, vindictive and low class. She speaks of only ideology with no understanding of how and why. Sure she can say constitution and Reagan over and over again until people are on her side but she should stick to being a celebrity clown and leave politics to the people that are qualified. Im no fan of Obama in most respects but if it truly comes down to him and Palin in 2012 ill vote for Obama and wait till 2016 when the republican party will easily win.

Sandra Bellezza

I'm going to go out on a limb here and state that I wouldn't watch Sarah Palin's Alaska. Hopefully I don't get attacked for it, but I'm going to attempt to defend "things" here for a quick moment. Like me, maybe that type of program doesn't entertain him/her. I'm not "anti-Palin", nor am I a "libtard", I just don't enjoy reality tv. This shouldn't be a politcal discussion, let's keep it to Netflix and movies.


I heard that "Sarah Palin's Alaska" was originally supposed to produce twice as many episodes but she quit half way through.


I've heard that liberals can never shut the f*7k up about Palin.

Siefer Kutherland

My dad is a huge Palin fan I will rent her Alaska show and burn it in front of him then pay netflix for the costs of the dvd.

Like DUDE!

Zombie Palin: http://www.upcominghorrormovies.com/sites/default/files/images/n3d25.jpg


I'd vote for Elvira as Sarah Impalin. She'd give a dog a bone. 2012 Erection day vote for her: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D7ySAPhslJM

Elvira for President: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HAtbh9FULwo



@Chris - They can, they just don't want to because it's so funny to see conservatives get their panties all in a twist. But I for one will stop talking about her when she goes away.


Elvira. Woof, woof!

Uh back on er topic.

Now I can watch Tron 1 & 2.

Show me the discs

Well, for some reason, today Netflix didn't receive the discs I mailed back on Saturday. So I guess I can expect to get Tron:Legacy sometime around September. :(


Nevermind politics, I'll check out "Sarah Palin's Alaska" just for the heck of it. That's what Netflix is for and should be its slogan: "Rent anything just for the heck of it."


i want to see TRON LEGACY, but i never saw the original TRON - i wish NetFlix would get it - so stupid, it seems, to have the sequel but not the original avaiable

Show me the discs

Okay, now they've recieved the discs, but it's noon and my queue is still showing, "We will send your next available DVD as soon as possible," for all slots.

If they wait much later in the day, it'll be at least Thursday before I receive anything.

Are they having problems in some of their distribution centers or am I being throttled (again)?


Nailin' Pailin

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