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These are burned into the ground by SpikeTV, USA and TNT. BUT I'll still watch them on NetFlix.



I feel like the recent Casino Royale was the best bond movie, it was a mix of great action and story. Too bad no bond movies on Netflix Canada :(


Fine and all, but I just want The Wonder Years that was announced days ago!


just started jericho, can't keep up :)


I think The Spy Who Loved Me is probably the best overall, followed by Goldfinger and Goldeneye.


From Russia With Love but I see that it is not available for streaming.


The "unofficial" Never Say Never Again is also streaming.


I have all of these on DVD but netflix is much more convenient most of the time.


Its been a looong time since Ive seen 'Moonraker' but I remember a scene of badly acted "zero gravity" with everyone moving slowly and pretending to hold on to things to keep from floating.

Time to see if that scene is as bad as I remember it.

Daniel M

I agree with the other guy, this is nice and all, but where's my Wonder Years Netflix promised?

Ryan P

"On Her Majesty's Secret Service" is one of the best Bond films ever made. It is unlike all the others in that it is more of a detective film rather than an action and effects movie.


Goldfinger was the breakthrough movie in the series. It enabled the following but much inferior Thunderball to garner great box office. I believe Thunderball was the biggest hit even though it was no where near the best film in the series. Underwater action is an oxymoron.

After Connery retired from the series there was a long fallow period in which the Bond was played by Moore as a debonair but totally unscary and nonathletic world famous secret agent. Dalton and Brosnan revivified the series with just as much polish but more testosterone.

Ugly little Daniel Craig however is the real hero. Like McQueen or Bronson he's not a conventional pretty boy but he has real presence and exudes danger. He's the first Bond since Connery who looks like he would not just slap around a woman but actually enjoy it. If he doesn't actually do his own stunts, he looks like he could.


You Wonder Years people are kinda creeping me out...



Fudgecicles! I'm on the tail end of getting through all these movies on my DVD queue. I wish I had waited.


I think it's two and out for Craig. I remember reading somewhere he wouldn't do the next one. Might be wrong about that, but I think I read it.

Didn't somebody post here that Frasier was coming to streaming soon? I don't see that as an upcoming series on the FeedFlix site. Anyone know if it's true?


Sorry BP, but it's a huge deal to us because TWY has never been released on DVD and likely never will be. And like I've said prior, it's my favorite television show ever. It's a very special show to me.


Daniel Craig is in for the next one, and it's being directed by Sam Mendes (American Beauty). Can't wait.


I really want to watch these, but I wanted to watch them in order of production and it appears the first 3 or 4 are not available for streaming. Bummer.


I mentioned this last Friday in the Glee thread, my favorite Bond flick is The Spy Who Loved Me. The best opening scene and it has the submarine Lotus, not to mention Jaws(the character not the fish) makes a debut.


@ PatB
Meh..craig looks more like a bond villain than bond himself. They should have kept bronsnan until a more suitable replacement. IMHO the best bonds: connery > bronsnan > moore...who cares about the other ones.


Pierce Brosnan should have gotten Casio Royal. He got shafted with some lame Bond scripts.


James bond movies were all stupid right from the start


CFO resigns, Investor Relations head resigns, who's next?
Looks like everyone is leaving this sinking ship.

And all during this time, Goldman and Fidelity and Piper Jafray have been pimping this stock harder than I've seen them pimp anything since pets.com in 1999- right before it collapsed to zero.

The fact remains that anyone who can do basic math can see that Netflix has NO WAY IN HELL to pay for all the content deals they've already made, much less the ones they might make in the future.

The company is technically bankrupt.

The Investor Relations woman left because she literally had no job to do- the public was not allowed to speak with her, because anything she would say would have to be a lie.

This is the next Enron.

Google YouTube Overhaul: ‘Significant Threat’ to NetFlix.




OMG!!! i thought i would get through one of these without Jolly showing up.

Connery is the best bond, followed by Brosnan. The first time I saw Brosnan in Remington Steel i thought he would be a perfect Bond.


@mrmanmac sadly, I think jolly's here to stay. At least until he covers his short. The funniest part is that his evidence is never an original comment, just dumb copy/paste from other sites.

I agree with Brosnan, although I am impressed with Craig's recent gritty performances.


First of all Connery has always been the best Bond. Most agree with me on that. Second - why is Netflix spending all this money for rights to stream extremely old movies we've all see a million times and may even already have on disk. If we're to subsidize all this can't we get better content? How about some of the content that's been in my "saved" queue for a damn yr.



You must be a woman because you sound like my wife, if you are a man then you need to turn in your man card.


I am not sold on Craig's performance as bond just yet..... He seems extrememly pissed off.

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The fact remains that anyone who can do basic math can see that Netflix has NO WAY IN HELL to pay for all the content deals they've already made, much less the ones they might make in the future.

John Petrey

"Moonraker" (My favorite) and "The Spy Who Loved Me" is the perfect 007 Double Feature!

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