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I hope the dubbed versions will also be available. I'm not one that believes dubs are always inferior - different yes, but not inferior.


But it's Funimation they need subtitles for. That studio employs the worst voice actors in existence. The partnership with Viz is cool, though!


I prefer subs, I just like listening to the original language, and I've never watched a dub unless it was right with the series like LR and Cowboy Bebop. I wish there were multi-audio tracks on the existing series to allow us to make a choice as to what we like to watch.

Steven Hoober

Even with big-budget imports, that have first-run theatrical releases with name stars... I never like the dubs. The original voice talent is (almost always) far better. Yes, even if I need subs to tell what they are saying exactly.

Also wish NF had gone with a technology that was mature enough it included multiple audio tracks and captions, in a single source file.


Having already noted a few threads down my preference for subs over dubs, this is welcome news. Having both options available (by whatever means) is ideal.


MORE of it? How about LESS?


It's about time... Crunchyroll is already offering subtitled versions on the Roku. Anime should always have the option of subtitling (IMHO).


yes, i'm pretty excited about this!
now they need to expand their relationship/partnetship to other anime companies! :)


As a guy with some vision troubles, I'm good with dub. But I do appreciate the original intent of the director, and the original voices.. .just MOAR streaming, guys! I'd LOVE to catch up on Naruto!


we need some One Piece & Hellsing Ultimate on there!!
it would complete me & my friends anime night we have every Saturday

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