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And here I thought you meant that they were bringing back "buy now". That would be the much better approach. You should be able to buy any Blu-ray/DVD you rent on the site, and receive the case for it within a few days after you decide to keep it.


I have to wonder if the buy now button will still be there after the 28 days have passed and if putting it on there might have been some sort of compromise with the studios for streaming content.

Ryan P

Am I the only one who misses the old Buy program they had? I used to pick up quite a few DVDs for $5


@Ryan, I remember that. It put me in mind of the Blockbuster bargain bin, where they would sell off the used DVD's. Did Netflix send you the case with it?


I also miss buying used DVD's from Netflix and yes they sent the original case. Netflix said they stopped selling them because it took up too much space at their warehouses, I still think they made a deal with the studios.


I used to buy used DVDs from Netflix but got too many cracked disks. When I got a threatening "we'll review your account' message after reporting three cracked purchases (a warning that I thought was completely unjustified- they had to have shipped them cracked in their cases) I stopped.


yeah I bought some of the dvd's in the past...2 days later you get a cover in perfect condition. Great deal.


Also interesting to note this happens after the block buster crash....wondering if netflix sold them DVD's out of the public eye.


I would much rather have a "Buy Now" option for titles that are not available to stream. Let me buy a streaming version and manage it through my Netflix queue.

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