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I don't know. But then again, I just started getting Blu-Rays. The first 2 films I got on Blu-Ray were Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2. Both of them had blue stripes on the sleeve.

Dan N

I got three new releases this week and all with a blue stripe.


Nice try. =)


Sort of related. Netflix sent me two movies that were supposed to come in Blu-ray but instead they sent me the DVD. I thought maybe they had gotten rid of the blue strip too but the third movie had it and they said dvd disc.

Called customer service and they sent out the right ones the next day. I wish there was an always send blu-ray disc unless it is unavailable option.


Awful awful movie


Also got three new blus this week, all with the blue stripe


Blu stripes too. Could it be that daredevil is an old title?


I find it hard to understand how this is worthy of posting. I emailed this site weeks ago about how Netflix is not prompting users to move certain titles to the top of the queue when they are added and nothing has been posted about that.

Big Dave

You people need to get a life. Clean up a bit; go get a job; then, move out of your mom's basement. Seriously.

Chris Utley

Luis are you being sarcastic?


I think this happened to me with "The Terminator." The sleeve looked normal, but it was a blu-ray disc inside.


Yes, I turned on blu-ray to try out the service, and first movie they sent me was a DVD. I checked the actual disc.

I reported it as a wrong format disc, and then re-sent...the same DVD.

I canceled the blu-ray service. If they have that many problems, it's not worth the extra money.

BOB SAggot

Perhaps they just use plain sleeves for POS movies like Daredevil. Daredevil? Really?


This is news?!!!


Daredevil, LOL.


Yes, the true question here is why would you rent an awful movie like Daredevil?


Daredevil sucks.


Netflix is certainly not discontinuing the use of "blue stripe" sleeves for its Blu-Ray movies. What you have there is simple human error that occured either at the hub (when a replacement sleeve is made for one that is too damaged for reuse) or from Central Operations.

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